Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I admit it!

I am not a housewife. I have worked at some job or other for most of my life since I was 15 years old. There have only been a few times over the years that I haven't had a job and that is when I was waiting the few months until Six Flags re-opened in the spring, or I was on maternity leave, or the few months I wasn't employed shortly after I first moved out here to west Texas. But, during that time, I was still being a full time mom. My daughter was only 2 at the time, so I was running after her, etc., and then during the summer, when my son was out of school, we were running to the pool, park, everywhere. So, it was never just me and the house, ever. Until now.

How do housewives do it?

Maybe it's the ADD, maybe it's just me, I don't know. I have tons of things I could be doing and need to be doing. After almost 5 years of living in this house and with both me and my husband working full time during those 5 years, we have accumulated a lot of clutter. Well, maybe a lot a is a slight understatement, but we won't go there right now. So, along with decluttering on my to-do list, I also have a lot of home improvement projects I want to tackle.

I've done some, like painted my son's bathroom and got it all fixed up. It looks much better and he's actually pretty proud of it himself, which makes me happy too cause he is now taking better care of his bathroom and making him keep it clean is much easier. Thank goodness!

I've also been able to do some yardwork and gardening around the house. And I do mean that literally. I've made raised beds for the empty spots on the front and side of my house and boy does my house look better.

I've planted Elephant Ears and Caladiums in the front boxes and they are coming up nicely and I've got Knock Out Rose Bushes and various annual flowers in the boxes that are on the side of my house. Since it's the south side and gets total, unrelieved, West Texas sunshine ALL day, I hope that since they are supposed to be extremely hardy, they might actually survive out there. Sonya picked out the annual flower seeds that she and her brother planted in the flower beds, so since they are zinnias, nasturtiums, marigolds, cosmos, and sunflowers, hopefully they will survive too.

So, anyway, I was saying that I am not a housewife. I have already done the things I have wanted to do and that really needed to be done, namely the gardening since that needed to be done in the spring and I had bought the paint for Nathan's bathroom a little bit ago, so that had to be done pretty quick as well. Now, I am down to the the icky things that NEED to be done, not HAVE to be done.

How do housewives do it? How do they spend most of the day cleaning, doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. etc.? So far, I haven't had any luck getting those chores done on a regular, scheduled, basis. Like I said, maybe it's me, maybe the ADD, maybe a bit of both.

Hmmm, ya know, I've really had no problem at jobs keeping things clean and doing what needed to be done. In a way I was almost too much of a perfectionist when it came to that sort of thing. Messes and cluttered areas actually bugged me when I was at work, but at home, well, I have kids, pets and a messy hubby, so I have learned to accept a certain amount of "stuff" at home. I guess I have picked up Phyllis Diller's philosophy "Cleaning up after kids when they are still in the house is like shoveling snow during a snowstorm." Throw in the cats and the dog and, well, I think you get the point.

Not much seems to get accomplished in my household cause as soon as I get the floor vacuumed and mopped, the table cleaned off and polished, all the dishes done and the counter wiped, etc., the dog has pooped on the floor or a cat has knocked over something and dumped it on the floor. And as soon as that happens and I start to get that cleaned up, my hubby walks in the door with the kids and well, between the muddy shoes, backpacks, school papers, pens, pencils, homework, well, all my hard work goes down the drain and nobody gets a chance to appreciate it.

Guess that's why I like gardening. After I've done all that hard work, I have something to show for it and to show off to the neighborhood. Makes me feel good seeing all my hard work bloom and to have neighbors say how nice everything looks. Now if only I could make myself feel that way about the inside of my house, but no one comes to visit. Well, shouldn't say that, the Avon lady comes by every other week to drop off my order, but other then that, well, the Jehovah's witnesses come by every Monday or Tuesday, really guess that's about it. Pretty sad I guess cause I have a nice big home that's perfect for entertaining. Oh well. Maybe someday.

Until then, I've got to find a way to make myself work on my house and I think I've come to a solution. It dawned on me a little while back that for most of my employed life, I have had to wear uniforms to work. Maybe not a literal uniform, like what I had to wear when I worked at Six Flags, but something that I put on showing that I was "working". Like the bright orange t-shirt I had to wear when I worked at Garden Ridge, or the smock I wore when I was a floral designer. That sort of thing.

So, when I went into Hancock's the other day, they were having a sale on patterns. Well, I was looking for a sweater or t-shirt pattern for Oscar since he gets a little chilly while laying on my legs and the fan is blowing on him (thin skinned little wiener dog, hehehe) when I came across some patterns for some really cute aprons. Ding! The little light bulb went off in my head and I realized that that might actually be what I need. I mean, I worked at TGI Fridays and we all had to wear aprons, so I already have the habit of wearing an apron while working in a kitchen so my idea was if I had a cute apron to put on when it is time for me to "work" maybe I will actually work.

Hey, it's worth a shot and since I got the pattern for just a couple bucks and found some cute fabric on the dollar table, at least I'm not spending a lot of money on something that may or may not work. But to be honest, I really think it will. My mind is already programmed in a way by almost all the jobs I've worked over the last 20-something years of my life to go into "work" mode when I put on the "uniform" so if I use the apron as my uniform to go to work around my house, maybe I will get more accomplished.

I have already learned that I can't have the TV on if I want to get anything done, but I also can't work when it's absolutely quiet. I have to have on the radio or music to really get anything done. I learned that when I was trying to do homework back during my school days. That is part of my ADD, if it's too quiet, I focus on all the little noises I hear and don't work, but music kind of lets me tune everything else out and focus just on my work. Maybe the apron might do kind of the same thing, make my brain think "she's got on her uniform, gotta focus on work".

So, I've got a little while before everyone gets home to work on making my apron, should be able to have it done by this weekend and I'll give it the test, so that maybe, just maybe, I can get some of my more unpleasant chores done and finally actually feel like a housewife instead of just someone shoveling snow during a snowstorm. I'll keep y'all posted and have my hubby take a picture of me in my cute apron. Hmmm, maybe if it ends up looking really cute and it's not to hard to make, maybe I can make more of them and sell them on eBay? Something else to think about!

Til later!

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