Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I quit!

Seriously, I did. I quit my job. I know, how could I just quit my job. Well, it wasn't a decision that I made on a whim, believe me. Back in September I had tried to turn in my letter of resignation, but I allowed my boss to talk me out of it. But this time, with the stunt my boss pulled on Friday, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I worked for an elected official and she is up for re-election. Well, one of my co-workers is her opponent, so as you can well imagine, the last few months have been extremely tense. Not to mention that there are another 15+ people on the ballot for other various elected positions. So, tension, on top of stress and then all the pressure, well, I think you get the idea of how bad it has been up there.

So, another co-worker (not the one on the ballot) and I have been doing everything possible to maintain the legality and integrity of this election. I had been in constant contact with the Party Chairperson and the Secretary of State's Election Division to make sure that everything our office was doing was by the book correct, that way there wouldn't be any doubt whether proper procedures were followed and there wouldn't be any chance that a disgruntled candidate could come back and sue the county for any perceived irregularities.

Well, I guess on Friday my boss got it into her head that she didn't care about all that anymore. She took the Early Voting ballot box out of the office and disappeared for about 45 minutes. My co-worker and I looked everywhere for her and the box and couldn't find them. Who knows what she was doing to the box and those ballots during that time? We certainly didn't!

So, when she finally reappeared, I asked her where the box was, she said she had it. What? Umm, according to the attorney I spoke with at the Election Division of the Secretary of State's Office, she shouldn't be touching the box, let alone the ballots, it's just not proper procedure for someone who is a candidate on the ballot. So, I reminded her of that fact and she just blew me off and went and made a phone call. WTF?!

I stomped back down to the office to wait and see what she was going to do and didn't have long to wait until she appeared with a Tax Office employee and a Sheriff's Deputy and demanded to know where the key was for the box. I told her I had it and why did she need it, she is a candidate and shouldn't be touching the ballots, ballot box, etc. or it could put doubt regarding the legality of the election into the minds of the voters and all those other candidates. Well, she said she didn't care and that "I AM THE BOSS AND WHAT I SAY GOES!" Oooook! Fine! I gave her the key and she and her entourage left.

Wow! I couldn't believe that she would jeopardize the election like that after my co-worker and I had worked so hard to keep it fair and equal for all the candidates involved. And then bringing a Sheriff's Deputy in there with her as backup was uncalled for. If she had just called us in her office, talked to us like the grown adults we are instead of treating us worse then the inmates in the jail, well, I don't think I would have gotten so upset and decided, that's it.

Now as I said before, it wasn't a last minute decision. I'll be honest here, if she was re-elected on March 2nd, I was going to take her the election results and a letter of resignation that was going to be effective as soon as I walked out of the courthouse that night. Just the thought of continuing to work for her for another 4 years makes me physically sick, seriously, my stomach is turning even now as I type this.

My husband and I had had MANY discussions regarding my job and how long I should stay there and I lucked out that on Friday my hubby was already waiting for me at the local restaurant with lunch ready after the big fiasco so that I was able to tell him everything that happened and that I wanted to quit right then and that I couldn't wait another 2 weeks. And after he had heard everything, he tried to call her and chew her up one side and down the other. Good thing for her she wasn't in her office at that moment, but I still took his phone away from him before he could talk to her anyway. It wasn't his fight to fight, it was mine, but he helped me make my final decision.

I promptly went back up to work. My boss was walking across the parking lot for some reason and I stopped her and said I needed to speak to her in her office NOW. Well, she mumbled something about having to finish doing something mumbmlme... "Ok, then", I said, "I quit. Here's my keys." She said something about if I needed help...personal affects .. mumble.. mumble.. mumble. I said don't worry about it, I'll take care of it and stomped off.

Now, if she had actually come back in and we had sat down and had a nice adult woman to adult woman conversation could she have talked me out of quitting, hmmm, we'll never know I guess because she has never been one to have any real work conversations with any of us lowly employees.

All I can ask anyone now, is to do what I'm doing for my former co-workers, pray. Pray that things up there will get better for them. Pray that maybe my former boss will finally realize that you can't treat people the way you have been treating them without there being some kind of consequences.

As the Golden Rule states, treat others the way you would have them treat you. That has always been how I have tried to live my life. I showed her all the respect and courtesy that her position dictated, but when she treated me and my co-workers as if we were worse then criminals, I lost all respect for her and decided I just can't work for someone that I don't respect because doing so would cause me to lose all respect for myself too.

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