Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, I'm getting there...

First, I haven't gotten my food from NutriSystem yet and am starting to get a little frustrated. I ordered my food on Friday, January 15, and received an email stating it shipped on the 19th. Well, the link in the email to track the package went to UPS, but for several days it never updated to show that there was actually a package on the way.

When I went on their site to check the status, the tracking button on their site would take me to FedEx. And still no information about any package being sent, everything was unknown. So, I called them on Wednesday and they said something along the lines of yes it's on it's way, yes it is with UPS and it will be delivered to your post office. HUH!? UPS delivering to the post office? Oooook. Well, they also took my work address for my new mailing address and said if I hadn't received my order by Wednesday, give them a call.

Now, since this is my first shipment from NutriSystem, I don't know everything that's going to be in it, but I know that there should be some frozen food in it. So, how does frozen food stay frozen without any type of freezer thing for over a week? I don't know about you but that frozen food better be frozen when I get it or it's going back. Yuck!

But as for my other Resolutions, well I've decided to add something else to my list and that is to try to spend 10 minutes during each day organizing, or cleaning, or something else along those lines. Ya know, doing some of those chores that I just hate doing. So far I thing I've done pretty good! Thursday I spent some time before work and some time during lunch pulling some old clothes out of my closet and putting them in a bag so that I can take them to a donation bin in Midland next weekend. They aren't ugly clothes or very old clothes, just clothes that I don't really like any more or that once they got washed, they shrank so bad that now they just don't look good on me. I figure instead of taking up space in my closet, they can get put to good use to someone who needs it.

And I mentioned last post about my garden boxes. Well, they were parked in the side yard by the carport where they were left after I put them together. So, today me and the kids cleaned up (well actually we just moved the pile of stuff that we cleaned out of the storage shed a while back that needs to go to the town dump) the area where my Square Foot Vegetable Garden is going to go and moved the boxes into place.

I'm still going to need to rake the area a little better, put down the landscape fabric and fill the boxes with Mel's mix, and probably would have done a better job with getting them situated, but the wind was so bad this morning, just did the minimum. I'll try again later this week to get my garden area all cleaned up. Wish I had one pretty day off so I could get caught up with the yard work, but that probably won't happen for a while. Oh well, maybe sometime soon!

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