Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, It's been awhile!

Long time no post, I guess. To be honest, I just haven't been in a "posting" sort of mood. But decided maybe if I did a nice fun post, it would make me feel bettter. So, I'll put in some of the pictures we took when we went to visit Fiddlesticks Farms on their Opening Day (you can visit their website HERE).

Ok, kids, wave to everyone and pretend that you like each other!

Whee, down the big slide they go! I remember seeing a picture (or was it an old home movie) of my mom on one of these when she was probably younger then I am now. They looked like fun then and (since I even went on it a few times) they are still fun for all ages now!
Wave at the camera everyone while we go bouncing along in the barrel cow train pulled behind a big John Deere tractor. That was pretty fun, but boy, my sittin' end was sore after bumping along in that thing! One suggestion to Fiddlesticks Farms, put some cushions on those seats, then I might have taken more then just one ride. Ouch, my poor behind!

Sonya taking aim with the Corn Cannon! Get em, Sonya!

And now Nathan gets to take aim, too! Behind Nathan's head you can see the Pumpkin Blaster. Boy, never knew that shooting an ear of corn or a little pumpkin out the barrel of a pressurized air cannon could be so much fun! Destruction at it's best, when no one gets hurt and still something goes BOOM! No wonder it's what all the kids want to play with when they visit Fiddlesticks Farms!

And finally sliding down the tube slides!

Boy, we had fun out there opening day! Only problem was that Nathan and his Daddy went into the "so extremly difficult, don't expect to see your wife and daughter for at least a couple of hours" part of the Corn Maze, while Sonya and I went into the "so easy my 7 year old daughter got us through in about 10 minutes" Corn Maze. Which left said daughter and I going to do everything several more times while poor hubby was left to trudge after the lost son for about an hour and a half in 90+ degree weather, with no water, uphill, all the way, through the blazing desert and quicksand, with a naggy wife on the dying cell phone asking "how much longer are you going to be in there?" He, he, he! I'm glad I went with Sonya!

Well, next post I'll have to post my pictures of when the Monarch Butterflies came through our little town of Rankin on their way to Mexico. There were thousands of them roosting all over town for about a week! It was AWESOME! Until next time!

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