Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Moans!

Hey, there's something! Monday can be about gripes and moans. Monday's are usually the worst day of the week, so If I can be of any help and complain enough on my Monday, maybe it will make your Monday seem a little easier.

So, let's see, everyone in the AddNikki household has caught a cold. It started with my daughter, her nose started running, then she started coughing, then came a little fever and now the poor girl looks like Rudolph because of her vigorous nose wiping. Poor girl and picture day is tomorrow!

Well, she promptly give it to her big brother, who's case isn't as bad as hers. But then my hubbie came down with it, oh man, He actually came home early from work he felt so icky!

And now, on my one holiday off when the kids still have to go to school, I'm sitting here suffer from it! Now I did have to go to work for a while today to get ready big day at work tomorrow, but I'm feeling so icky, I came home, gonna take a nap, then go back up there to finish up.

Why can't I be sick on my hubbie's day off or something like that. I don't know when a good sick day would be. Preferably never, but I do usually get just about everything within the first 2-4 weeks of school. Guess since the kids don't run around with everyone all summer, when they all start mingling after school starts, they just give each other everything that they hadn't already had over the summer. Does that make sense?

Oh, well, guess it's time for that nap, might not be able to have a really good one since my nose is just running like a faucet. Til next time!

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