Monday, August 17, 2009

My Backyard is a war zone!

Or at least it looks like one!

Yesterday morning hubbie was doing dishes, I had just finished a shower when he hollared at me to look in the backyard. Well, I looked and didn't see anything, so he told me to come to the kitchen window and look from there. If I didn't know any better from the odor, I would have thought we had black gold bubbling up from the ground. So, any of you who have had the same problem have figured out that we had a busted sewer pipe. Oh joy.

So we spent the next few hours on the phone tracking down our insurance guy, then the guy who might do the job, then the lady who works for the city, then back to the guy who might do the job, then back to our insurance guy to double check and make sure that "No, your home owners insurance won't cover it cause it's not IN your home" then calling the guy who might do the job back and ask, "Do you take payments?", and he said yes, so, now my backyard looks like a war zone.

There is a HUGE backhoe back there (think goodness I have a big double gate in my fence or they would have had to take down part of the fence to get it in), and then in the lot that we own next door is another not as huge backhoe that the city is using to dig up another pipe. So there is a big trench down the middle of the backyard and a big hole dug up on the other side of the fence.

From what my hubbie said that the contractor said, the city drainage pipe plugged up or something causing my pipe to backup and eventually break causing all the backed up stuff to bubble up into the yard, therefore my backyard smells like, well, kind of a cross between the litter box and my doggy's poop. Oh joy.

So, don't know what's going to happen, will my insurance cover anything-don't know yet, will the city pay for it since it's their pipes that are supposed to be maintained by them that caused the problem to begin with-don't know that yet, and am I still going to be sane after it's all over with-don't know that yet either, but I'll keep ya posted!

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