Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just a quick pic of late night visitor...

We were winding down late last night, getting ready to go to bed after having a fun Fourth of July when we noticed the smell. First Oscar did and he went running to the back door, then I smelled it and decided I better grab Oscar and hold his little mouth shut or his barking might scare the stinky critter and the smell might get worse. So, we peeked through the blinds and there it was, the biggest polecat I had ever seen.

We turned on the outside light and slowly raised the blinds and we were able to get a few pictures of it. I had thought that if the outside kitty food was up on the steps right by the house, we wouldn't get assorted critters trying to eat the cat food, but obviously I wasn't right about that.

So, we've moved the outside kitty food to a new higher location that hopefully the stinky visitor and any stinky cousins won't be able to get to but that the momma cats and their kittens can jump onto fairly easily. Anybody know if skunks know how to jump?

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