Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick rant

Just a quick rant about how you would think that if someone keeps saying to you, "Ya know, (name withheld to protect the innocent until proven guilty), that lawn sure looks like it needs to be mowed," then that person would get the hint and mow it nice and early the next morning. Well, that nameless person didn't get the hint, so the kids and I were out there working nice and early yesterday morning. The kids were picking up the sticks that had gotten blown down and I was using my nice little reel push mower. So, I got done with part of the front yard and decided I needed to trim one of the bushes. But first I had to get out some dead limbs I saw in the middle of the bush, so I reached in, grabbed the limbs and was about to pull when suddenly from my pinkie on out seemed to be on FIRE!

Yanked my hand out and stepped back so fast almost fell over! I was afraid it was a spider or something like that, but only saw one tiny hole so took a quick look back and saw several wasps starting to fly out of the bush. OH, %#$@! Hollered at the kids to get in the house, grabbed the dog, grabbed the kittens and ran in the house after the kids. Didn't know what those ticked off things were going to do!

So, inside I grabbed a bowl started filling it with cold water and ice and dunked my hand in to stop the burning, stinging pain, and yelled for my husband to go get Benadryl, and lots of it. Which, thankfully one of the little Rankin stores had it and I ended up in a Benadryl induced la-la state for the rest of the day. But, thank goodness, doesn't seem like I'm allergic to wasp stings, I am to just about everything else, so it was better safe then sorry.

Now for the rant, after all that trouble, you would think that most people would say, don't worry about mowing the rest of the yard, after the wasp killer spray kills them off, I'll finish the yard for you. Well, the unnamed party didn't. So, I'm still pretty ticked. I mowed the lawn last weekend and with the rain we had last week, everything grew pretty fast, so it really did need to get mowed again. It's just getting to be that time of year where the lawn needs to be mowed on a weekly basis. But here it is Monday, and only 1/2 my front yard is mowed. Oh well, I know what I'll be doing tonight.

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