Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, well, time to buy a new mouse...

I was going to download lots of new pictures that I took over the Valentines weekend and post them this morning, since I got up bright and early with my hubby who had to go to an early meeting for work, but while I was working on my computer, all of a sudden my mouse quit working. Looked down at my feet and there was my Valentine's present, Oscar the dachshund puppy, just spitting out the cord attached to the mouse. He had just punched a hole in it and that's all it took for it to go kaput.

Like I said, oh well, at least I've got to go to town already for my Dr. appointment this afternoon and I can get a new mouse at the Target close by. So, I'll try to get those pictures and another blog finished up tonight. Til then!

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