Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm drowning in work! AAAAAGGGGHHHH! So, much to do, don't know where to start and then the computer people are updating something that I NEED ASAP, and now I can't do part of my work until that's done. OMG, I hate it when it gets like this cause my ADD really kicks in and I can't find a place to start and it all just runs around in my head and I really start stressing out! UGH! What to do, what to do?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Latest updates.

Latest on my nephew is that he had surgery yesterday afternoon and sounds like everything went well. The did keep him in the ICU last night to keep an eye on him, but I'm assuming that no news is good news since I haven't heard anything else from my family yet this morning. Hopefully I'll get a chance to call them at lunch and find out more about how everything went. So, if I do, I'll add on some more to this post later today, til then!

Monday, February 2, 2009

We got a puppy!

I want to introduce to you Oscar Mayer Hill, the newest member of our family! As you might be able to tell, he's a sweet little dachshund puppy who's about 2 months old and he's just too cute and adorable! The kids absolutely love him and I think hubby likes him, too. I'll try to get more pictures of him on here later this week, just gonna be really busy this first part of the week with work, and then Garden Club meeting tonight. So, more later about Oscar.

I do still need thoughts and prayers for my nephew who is going to need more surgery today. They were unable to complete everything they needed to on Friday during his first surgery and he is scheduled for another surgery later today to, hopefully, get everything that was broken bolted and screwed together after his accident last week. Then we hope he will be on his way to a speedy recovery. So, I'll update more on him, too, as soon as I here more on that. Til later!

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