Friday, January 23, 2009

A quick answer to a comment question

This is to give a little clarification to konnie in my last post. When I was a child, ADD wasn't even realized as a medical condition, didn't even have a name for it, I don't think. It wasn't until I was in High School that it was identified as a true medical issue, and then they believed it was something only boys developed. Wasn't until I was in college and read a book about ADD that I learned about the different types of ADD. I have the type that is typical for most women and that's where we Internalize it.

Instead of the typical outward signs of AD/HD, hyperactivity and lack of concentration, sometimes I can be so into something, say a really good book or TV program (or blogging), I exclude everything else that is going on around me. My poor family and teachers, as I was growing up, would sometimes actually yell or have to touch me to get my attention back in the real world. It's not daydreaming cause I only do it when I read or watch TV, something along those lines.

But, the hyperactivity does come in when I'm trying to get things done. That's the hardest part, I'm trying to think of all the different things I have to get done and prioritize and then one thing I'm doing triggers another line of thought and on and on....A good example is if you start at one website, then see a link for one you think sounds interesting and open another window for it, then you see another link and another and another, pretty soon your computer is covered with all these open windows and you want to read them all, but you soon don't remember where you even started and then, well, I think you kind of get the idea.

Where my medication helps is that I don't get all those thoughts streaming off in 1000 different directions and I am able to focus on the task at hand, without being so "into" it that I tune everything else out. Don't know how it works, but it does. Thank goodness, my Diet Coke bill has decreased dramatically! I guess I'm one of the many people who stumbled across the fact that a stimulant, like the caffeine in Diet Coke, helps with the symptoms of ADD.

In college I was no good in any of my classes until I had at least 2-3 Diet Cokes, learned I was just doing kind of a self-medicating thing. Until this past year I would still have at least 2 or more diet cokes (cans) per day. Man, I should have bought some stock in Coca-Cola a long time ago!

Well, there ya go, a perfect example of my ADD, I went from explaining about my past history of ADD all the way to buying stock in a soda company! Oh well, that's part of it, my co-workers are always kind of amazed at how I can associate things so quickly. The sheriff loves coming into the office I work in and visit with me. He comes to yak about some generic problem he's having and then after a few minutes, I'll figure out another angle that it can be tackled at right off the bat, then he just looks at me funny and mutters something like "Hmm, I think I better go check something out, thanks" and off he goes.

Well, speaking of off I go, hope you've enjoyed a little insight into the brain of an adult woman with ADD. I have a link to the Adult ADD Association to the right with my favorite links and they have a wealth of information for people who have ADD or who know someone with ADD and would just like to learn more about it. Til later!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I want a puppy!

That's what I told my hubbie I wanted for Valentines day this morning. But not just any puppy, I want a Pomerainian. Now many of you don't know that I used to help my dad handle his Staffordshire Bull Terriers and the lady who taught me handled one of my dad's dogs Sire. She actually handled quite a few dogs for the show rings, Staffies being one, as well as Rotweilers, but the breed that her and her family actually bred and showed in the rings were Pommies.

While she was training me and my dad's puppy, she was also training some of their Pommie puppies and I just fell in love! They were bred to be companion dogs, meaning, they are pretty perky but are perfectly happy just to sit on a lap and be loved on. Now, I have several cats, but since my sweet little Snowflake (that's his picture sitting on the monitor) went missing(still no sign of him and no idea what happened that one night he got out), none of my cats has stepped in to fill the empty space he left behind. He was probably more like a little dog then a cat cause he was my constant little companion. He loved to snuggle with me at night and play with me when the mood struck him and when I would go outside to garden, he would just follow right behind me like my little shadow.

So, a few weeks ago, a co-worker asked if anybody wanted a puppy because she knew someone going back to college and they couldn't take the puppy with them. Well, I asked lots of questions and turned out it was a Pomerainian. I told her I would be glad to take the puppy off her hands, but then she looked online, saw all the adorable pictures and said well, maybe they might keep her. That was 2 weeks ago and they still have her.

I've been a little depressed ever since. So, I told my hubbie today that I want a Pomerainian puppy for Valentines Day, actually it would probably be a gift to me and the kids cause they want a puppy too. And I don't think at this point they would care what kind it was as long as it's cute, but even Great Dane puppies are adorable! So, since I've been around Pommies a lot and know what to expect from them, I think a Pommie would make a great addition to our home.
Heck, even one of our neighbors has a pretty blonde pommie and he takes her for a walk every night and one of our cats waits at the corner and she and the pommie play in our yard for a few minutes before he makes his pommie move on. So, she probably wouldn't mind having a pommie of her own to play with! And I don't thing the rest of us would mind either! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can find someone way out here in the boonies who actually breeds nice quality Pommies. Might be looking for a needle in a haystack, but I'll bring me a magnet!

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