Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my BFF and Happy Birthday to me!

First of all, everyone needs to head over to my BFF's Blog HERE and wish her and her hubbie a Happy (slightly belated) 13th Anniversary! Hope they had a great one and definitely better then my Birthday which was yesterday as well.

I got plenty of Happy Birthday wishes and thanks to everyone for those, they were greatly appreciated with the day I had yesterday. The insurance adjuster was supposed to show up yesterday, and since my hubbie wasn't going to be off work in time to meet him, I took a 1/2 day off work so I could be at the house when the insurance guy was going to show up.

I'm glad I did take off work cause my stomach was just being awful and not cooperative at all yesterday, and doesn't feel much better today. So, as I was running between the potty and waiting on the insurance guy, my hubbie showed up and asked where was the insurance guy, I didn't realize it was already 30 minutes past when the adjuster was supposed to show up.

Well, hubbie wasn't to happy about that so he gets on the phone calling our agent and having him call the adjuster, then the adjuster called us and pretty much said "Ooops, I forgot. Can we reschedule for tomorrow?"

So, the adjuster had better show up today during my lunch time cause I'm not taking any more time off if I can help it.

And why do we have to have an adjuster come out anyway, you may be asking? Well, after the contractor fixed the busted sewer pipes, he said it appeared that the "stuff" might have gone up under the house and affected the footings that our wood frame house sits on and that, of course, would make the house unlevel and could cause cracks in the floors, walls, etc.

Those of you who have ever had foundation problems know the troubles that can come with it, so I don't really know if I want him to find something or not, if he finds something, then it will have to get fixed, but what all would that involve?

Something else I need to ask him is, what do I do with my backyard now? I'm afraid to even let anyone go back there. We have no grass where all the work was done and well, there is several blocks worth of sewer "stuff" mixed into the soil now. What do I do? Can I put grass seed out, grow some new grass and everything will be OK, or should I be worried that something in the "stuff" might cause health issues for the family or the pets? (Especially if it all dries out and starts blowing up into the air, etc.)

I just don't know, that's why I want to talk to the adjuster, he might not have all the answers, but maybe he can reassure me about some of those issues.

Oh and another thing, our contractor happens to know one of the City Council members and he mentioned our sewer troubles and that it appeared to be caused by one of the city drainage pipes breaking and making everything drain into our sewer pipe, etc., so my hubbie and I are on the next City Council meeting agenda to present our bill from our contractor to the City Council.

They may not pay it, or they may pay all of it, anyway, at least it will get the city thinking more about possibly retrofitting the pipes around town before they all start breaking and having problems, etc. If us going before them and bringing attention to this issue helps prevent more families from having the same problem, then I'll do whatever I can to help

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MaBunny said...

Thanks for the HA wishes! Sounds like your bday was so great - hope your tummy feels better!
Good luck at the next council meeting !

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