Monday, June 22, 2009

All my pets!

I know that by now you've seen my sweet Grandma kitty, Jadzia. Well, she's not really a Granny kitty since she was spayed, but we call het our Granny kitty since she's gonna be 15 years old this year. She hasn't always had all that gray abound her face, she used to be a pretty dark calico, many years ago.

And I think I've introduced you to Joy, she's William's Marbled Bengal kitten. In this picture she's probably 6 months old, but size wise, she's larger and heavier then Jadzia, who of course is a full grown domestic cat. You can't really see all Joy's pretty markings in this picture, but I love the cute expression on her face, plus you can see her slightly rounded ears. To get a better idea of what Bengal Cats look like, you can go HERE.

Just note that Joy is still a kitten and hasn't gotten all here stripes and colors yet. Kind of like how Dalmations don't get their spots until they get a few months old. She has gotten darker in the last few months, but I don't think she's going to quite as dark as the kittens on the website.

And of course everyone knows about Oscar Mayer Hill, my mini weenie dog. Don't you just love his little Patriotic outfit! Too bad he didn't, now his hat is being proudly displayed on my concrete dachsund that I got to go on my front porch. Being that the statue is of a regular size dachsun and not a mini, it's bigger than Oscar is. I'll have to get a picture of the two of them together for comparison.

Now we also seem to end up with some extra's running around all the time. Like the two little ones below. Sonya's calling them Dora and Diego. Their momma had them in our storage shed and they've gotten very used to us. I'm sure us feeding them and making sure they have a big bowl of water hasn't contributed to that one bit. Yeah, right.

I'll admit, we're suckers for cute little critters. Guess that's why we couldn't stand to see those, previously blogged about, poor baby foxes just lying around in the heat, knowing that if they didn't get some help from someone, they weren't going to make it. Haven't seen the game warden lately so, don't know if they did make it, but we at least have the peace of mind knowing that we at least tried to help.

And on that note, on to our latest little poor pitiful critter. Oscar and I were doing our walk about the house and we were greeted at the front porch by a little black baby kitten. He was absolutlely COVERED in fleas and is very skinny, but at least after his bath he's flea free, and hopefully after a few good meals, he won't be so skinny. But we just have to see how he does tonight. When he starts to get a little better, we'll try to get him in to our vet for a check up when we take our other latest addition in, Stubbie.

She's just like the little orange kittens above, except she's missing about 1/2 her tail, hence the name Stubbie. She's a very sweet, very chubbie kitten that Oscar loves to try and play with, but he does get a little rough with her, so he has supervised visits with her until she gets a little bigger. Joy on the other hand adores her and treats her like she's a well loved little sister. In other words, they beat up on each other most of the time and play the rest of the time.

Now add in the bunny Bridget, that Oscar remembers we have every now and then and tortures us with his constant barking, until we distract him and he forgets about her again for a few days, and we've ended up with quite a motley crew of critters running around and in the house.

So, keep our little black foundling in your thoughts and prayers, and my sanity too for that matter and we'll enjoy our little slice of chaos out here in Rankin. Until later.

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MaBunny said...

yuppers Nik - you are definitely the crazy cat lady, lol! They are adorable though and they are lucky to have someone like you to care for them:)

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