Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is a Barbado?

I guess we should start with the question "What is a Barbado?", well techinically the definition from the Breeds of Livestock website is as follows:

The Barbado breed originated in Texas. The breed originated from Barbados Blackbelly sheep which were crossed with Rambouillet and mouflon. One of the uses of the Barbado is as a trophy animal on game ranches due to its large curled horns. It is typically tan, tan with a pale or black belly or pied. The coat varies from short hair to coarse wool with a large amount of kemp fibers. Males show the horns for which the breed was selected and the females are polled.
The Barbado should not be confused with the Barbados Blackbelly although the two are related. Barbados Blackbelly exhibit the distinctive color pattern of the breed, tan with black belly and face, which is often times absent in the Barbado. In addition, both sexes of the Barbados Blackbelly are polled while the males of the Barbado are horned. Also the fecundity level in the Barbados Blackbelly is very high with the average litter size being between 1.5 and 2.2.

Ok, now that the "technical" details are over, it's time for the fun stuff! Every year, at least for the last 16, Rankin puts on the World Championship Barbado's Cookoff and Rodeo. It's always the Friday evening and Saturday before Memorial Day. On Friday, the Barbado's cookers have to check in and pick up their Barbados, I get to help with that part this year and have to admit that the handling of raw sheep does not thrill me. So, it should be interesting.

That evening while the cookers are getting their Barbados on the grill or in the smokers, etc., there is live music and dancing. So, it's a pretty festive time, people are going back and forth trying to find out secret recipes to the best barbado, trading advice, or just trading beers, but everyone seems to have a good time.

Saturday is the big day. Cookers have to pick up their sample trays at 9am and then their is the Cooks Meeting. This year, besides the Barbado Cookoff, there will be cookoffs for the best Salsa, Chicken, Ice Cream, Bread, Fajitas, Ribs, Chili, Spam dish, Beans, and Brisket. My husband won first place a few years back for his version of my Dad's ice cream recipe and I won first place once in bread for my homemade Cinnamon Rolls.

And there are all kinds of other things to do besides cook. For the people just hanging out or helping the cooks, there is a Moon Tournament (a type of dominos game, not what some of you dirty minded people were thinking, even though wouldn't mind seeing some of the cute cowboys who compete in the Rodeo part of THAT kind of competition!), Horse Shoes and Washer Pitchin', and after some of the adults start getting a little tipsy, the Mud Pit Tug o' War.

Since I did mention the Rodeo, it starts after the Tropy Presentation with Mutton Bustin for the littlest cowboys and cowgirls, then on to the Steer Saddling and Bull Riding. I think there is supposed to be a Bull Fighter competition too, but I don't see it on the schedule, maybe it was added after this schedule was printed.

For the kids, there is the Lil Bubba & Lil Babette Pageant, well, I think it's mostly for the proud Mom's and Dad's, but all the kids do get trophies, so they don't mind being in it too much. This isn't like a beauty pageant where the kids have to get all foo-fooed up like those little beauty pageant princess's, that sort of thing. They can just wear their usual casual clothes, their favorite outfit or anything like that. Just someting they're comfortable in. As shown below by my little cuties from the pictures a friend took of them last year:
Since my little ones come from Irish stock (my hubbie), they do tend to burn pretty easily. So, they get slathered in sunblock and Sonya loves going around town with her pretty parasol. Keeps her cool, not sunburned, and she just looks cute with it! Now if you notice, Nathan has 2 trophies, one for participating and one for actually getting 3rd place in the Lil Bubba contest. Since there were only 4 boys in his age group, he was bound to get something! I think he might actully be too old this year, or he might just THINK he's to old for it, but that's ok. He'll be glad to know that I won't make him enter if he doesn't want to.

I've been thinking that there should be some other things for the kids to do, something fun, wholesome, and can be done no matter what the weather. I saw on one of my favorite blogs (The Long and Short of It All!) about the annual Wiener Dog races and that gave me an idea. Maybe some of the 4-H kids would like to help set up a Pet Race. Wouldn't have to be all wiener dogs, since there aren't that many wiener dogs around, but could be open to all types of dogs.

We'd probably have to have weight catagories, like toy, small, medium, and large, so that it would be more fair. Since 4-H has a pet show during the same time that they have their usual Stock Show every year, I know that they have lots of pets and this would give them one more chance to show them off!

Just an idea that I might have to bring up next Chamber of Commerce meeting, the proceeds from the Pet Races could go to 4-H, since they would be the ones having to help out. Hmmm, I think they would go for it, the older 4-H'ers could us it as one of their volunteer projects and I think all of them would have fun. I'll have to get a proposal and more info. before I present my idea, but I think the other Chamber members might go for it. Anything that would help keep all the kids entertained and out of trouble would be great!

Well, better get going, still got laundry to do and gotta clean the carpet, my little wiener dog doesn't like using his potty pads while I'm at work. So, lots of little messes everywhere. Ugh, I need to get rid of all my carpet.

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