Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tough days

Pardon my typing errors for now, trying to type with a rambunctgions weiner doggie in myh lap. He has seriously missed his momma the last few days since I have been so busy.

Normally I come home from lunch and we make our rounds about the house, water plants here and there, dead=head petunias and check on the kittens and their momma in the storage shed. Then we come in, I make my lunch while Oscar eats his, then he comes and sits in my lap while I eat my lunch. Just Momma and Oscar time and he loves it.

Well, yesterday, I had to leave work at 4pm so I skipped my usual lunch hour so I could leave early so I could take Sonya to have her dance class to have pictures made. They had 3 costume changes, 10 little girls running around, and no air conditioning in the building. So needless to say, it was pretty chaotic, but the girls sure were cute and can't wait to see their recital at the end of the month. Oscar was very happy to see me when we got home, but not happy that I had been gone so long, so he didn't let me get much sleep last night.

Which wasn't too good, since I had a dentist appointment today and again, had to skip lunch, and will have to take shorter lunches later this week to make up the rest of the time, and now I'm pooped and missing Sonya's first Pee-wee game of the Season and Nathan's first Little League game of the season. But I'm just too tired after barely getting any sleep last night, plus the stress of the dentist appointment, plus the novacain, and add to that the pain pill I'm about to take since the novacain is starting to wear off and you get one momma who's gonna be in bed in about 45 minutes.

But who ever heard of a Little League game running from 8pm-to whenever, on a school night! Oh well, Oscar is very happy I'm home, right now he's sitting on his little butt, begging for me to pick him up, snuggle up with him and let him get a nap. Well, he's just gonna have to wait a little bit longer, I gonna get in something comfy, grab some popcorn, and find something to watch while I chill in bed and wait for the pain relievers to start working. Then the puppy and I are gonna crash for the night. Just gonna have to hear the play by plays tomorrow.

Oh, and as for the dental prognosis, I get to have my first (hopefully only) Root Canal on the 13th, oh joy. At least they aren't going to have to extract it (it wasn't as bad as they thought it looked on the x-rays) which the dentist said would really hurt since it's on the top. Guess I'll have to take his word for it.

Till later

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