Thursday, May 14, 2009

Root Canal and other things

Sorry I've been out of touch with the blogging world, my internet has been down so haven't been able to do much blogging, since my only internet connection is at work and don't want to do entries there.

So, to catch everyone up on everything. Let's get the most painful thing out of the way first, my appointment with the endodontist for a root canal, or should I say triple root canal since it was on my # 14 tooth which has 3 roots on it. I'm just glad that my endodontist is petite with small hands so that my poor mouth didn't have to stay all stretched out for an hour and 1/2. Thank goodness!

To be honest, I'd rather have a root canal then labor pains or really bad cramps, at least with the root canal I can ask them to turn up the nitrous oxide a/k/a laughing gas and can just sit back relax and kind of zone out for a while. Not so with the labor pains or other feminine pains that can be so painful you just curl up in a ball and pray that the 3 Aleve hurry up and start working, but enough of the painful stuff and on to the interesting stuff.

Look at what my husband found next to our shed back behind our house after he got home from picking up the kids yesterday afternoon:

Anybody know what they are? I certainly didn't. I had gotten home just a few minutes before my hubbie and kids and I was working on getting the water hoses out so I could water the front yard and the kids had gone into the house to start their homework when my husband hollered at me to come look at something by the shed. I went towards the shed and noticed 4 little black things trying to hide in the sliver of shade that was left up against the shed. It hit 101 degrees yesterday so I'm sure that the concrete slab that the shed sits on was very hot from baking in the sun all day and I could tell the little things were hot and exhausted.

As we examined these little things my hubbie and I were trying to figure out what they are. I asked were they some kind of wild dog, 1/2 breed coyote or what, all he knew was they weren't the raccoons leaving tracks in the mud that he saw over the weekend. Then, upon closer examination, I noticed that their paws were like a dog's and that they were panting, so I could see itty-bitty teeth. Well, whatever they were they needed help. They were hot, tired, and probably very thirsty, and we couldn't see any sign of a mama anywhere, so we called our local Animal Control person. While we waited for him to show up, we moved them into our doggie crate so that they would at least be in some shade and might cool off a little bit.

When our Animal Control guy showed up, he had no clue what the little animals were either, but he hasn't been on the job that long, so it's understandable. Anyway, he went ahead and took the animals with him so he could find out what they are and find out what he would be able to do with them. Maybe there was some kind of animal sanctuary, humane society or something like that which would take the litter of critters.

Well, about 45 minutes later, he brought them back. Why, I don't really know except that he didn't know what he could do with them, but he did find out what they are, so without any further interuptions, I introduce a Gray Fox Pup:

This little one was not happy to have his picture taken, but they're still pretty cute. They are about the size of 6 week old kittens, and I can verify that since I currently have 6 week old kittens in my other shed that is up near the house. But on to our little conclusion about the foxes.

We ended up calling the County Animal Control Officer who has more experience with handling wild animals and what the laws and regulations are regarding them. So, she made a few calls for us and called us back to let us know that the Game Warden was going to contact us. He did and we found out that since currently there is some kind of Rabies Quarantine in effect in our county and many of the surrounding counties, if we are in possession of an animal that is part of that quarantine, which foxes are, then we could get fined $100 per animal that we have in our possession, but he knew we were only trying to do what was right and get wild animals back out into the wild, when he came to pick them up at about 10pm last night, he only gave us a written warning.

Now don't go and get all upset about us getting a warning, the man was going back to his office with a litter of fox pups, so he had to have some type of paper trail and believe me, I know all about having to keep the paper trail going since I work for the government too! Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, and CYA, that's our motto in my office!

Anyway, hard to believe that the little critters pictured above will turn into the Gray Fox shown below, at least I think they will. The Warden told us that he wasn't even sure what he could really do about them or where they would end up since he had never had this happen before. If we were like most people around here, which are mostly ranchers or farmers, then they would have just been shot without a moments hesitation, no matter how cute they are. But my husband and I both hope that they will be given to some animal sanctuary, maybe a rescue agency that will take care of them and then maybe release them some place where they might be needed. Maybe an area currently overrun by varmints like field mice, rats, or even rabbits or ground squirrels. Natural pest control is always best!

And speaking of varmints like rabbits, while I was waiting around for the Animal Control Officer, I noticed why we probably had a fox family running around our back lot:

Can you see the eye on that baby bunny glowing? It was very cute and less then 10' from me just grazing away on all the weeds in my back lot. It's momma was about 20' away to my left and they both just were grazing away without a care in the world. I guess they knew I wasn't the one they needed to worry about.

Well, guess I better close for now. If I hear about what happened to the baby foxes, I'll let y'all know! Until later!


MaBunny said...

Hope your mouth is feeling better after your root canal!
Those pups were cute, but a bit odd you have alot of fox problems there? and 101? ugh, it hasn't gotten past the low 90s here yet.

Nikki said...

Yep, no pain in my mouth, teeth, anywhere, up there, just my behind from having to sit there for almost 2 hours. And no, this was the first time any of the Officers or the Warden has had to deal with foxes within the city limits. New stuff for all of us to deal with!

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