Friday, May 22, 2009

Field Day and Barbados!

My kids are going to Field Day today! Wish I could be there :( but gotta work. They travel to Garden City and there are several of the smaller school districts that all get together and have their field day there so that there are enough kids to have a nice competition. So, they are out there on their way and I'm having to stay here and work. Darn it! But did get a few pictures of them this morning before they headed out and I'll get some more pictures when they get home. Then it will be off to Barbados! YEA!

William is setting up our little home away from home, that way we'll be close to all the fun and the kids will have a spot to hang out in while I'm helping out and William does whatever he's going to do. He hasn't been picked to do anything specific, yet, but as soon as someone sees him just sittin' on his behind, I'm sure they'll start askin' for his help.

I'll add more to this post later as I get pictures etc. and I'll also keep a running update on the progress of everything on the World Championship Barbados Cook Off Fan Club facebook site, so keep checking back for all the fun!

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