Thursday, April 9, 2009

More updates...

Just wanted everyone to know that Oscar seems to have made (hopefully) a complete recovery from Parvo, YEA! He seems to be feeling so much better, running around the house, playing with the kids, cats, anything he possibly can, and having regular puppy poops, here, there, and everywhere. Ugh! The joys of puppy potty training when everyone is out of the house for most of the day. He HATES being in his crate, and if we lock him in the bathroom with a puppy pad to go on, he'll hold it until I come home for lunch and I'll take him outside to go potty, then I wait and wait for him to go, then I'll think-well maybe he doesn't need to go. That's when I'll take him back in and then he'll get a few feet in the door then promptly pee on the floor. He just doesn't quite get the doggies go potty outside thing. Anybody got any suggestions?

Anyway, he has a check-up with his vet tomorrow morning to make sure he's recovered and to hopefully get his second series of shots and maybe set up an appoint to get him fixed. He's not going to like that one bit, but we're getting a little tired of him trying to make dittens (cuppies?) with our spayed young cat Joy (I'll have to do a blog on her since I haven't mentioned her much). He loves to "have fun" with soft fuzzy things, like the cat, and Sonya's poor pink stuffed bunny that is just Oscar's size. Anybody seen that movie "Click"-then think about their Labrador and the yellow duck scene and you get the idea. (By the way, love that movie, very funny and very true about many men and their relationship with the remote control).

The kids are having their Easter parties today at school and then are off tomorrow, along with me and their Daddy. But since Oscar has to go to the vet tomorrow, Oscar and I are the only ones who will be going to town tomorrow, but maybe we will all do something on Saturday. Just got to wait and see, I guess.

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MaBunny said...

I'm glad Oscar is doing better. That is funny that is is trying to ride everything - he is an active little boy!
Hope you have a great Easter! Maybe we'll actually get to talk this weekend!

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