Friday, March 6, 2009

News on the Midland Pagoda

Just a quick link to some information on the Midland Pagoda I've blogged about before. The City of Midland is finally going to do something about it and to see what our local news had to say about it CLICK HERE! I'm so proud I was able to help get something done about this poor little Pagoda that was just forgotten about.

Out here, so much that was built during the oil booms of the past, are just neglected and falling apart and cities seem to just not care about their pasts. Midland has torn down several large buildings in the past several years since they had been neglected, etc. for so many years and no one ever wanted to try to refurbish them. Now there is more parking downtown, but at what cost to the history of Midland?

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MaBunny said...

YAY ! I"m happy to see that you got some attention to the pagoda!How are you all doing? I hope the wildfires aren't too close!

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