Saturday, March 21, 2009


Just watched TWILIGHT and it was AWESOME! I loved the books, yep, I've already bought and read all of them, at least twice each so far, and probably will start over reading them again soon. But I digress, my ADD meds wore off a few hours ago, so bear with me here (hmm, bare or bear, don't remember and spell check won't catch it, oh well). Where was I, oh yea, the movie was great and I thought they did a good job bringing the book to the big screen.

Bella is one character I can identify with pretty well. She's a Virgo like me, so we have that worry about everyone and everything that they may think about us sort of thing going on. Ya know, when Edward tells her he's taking her to his house to meet the rest of his family and instead of being worried about being in a house full of vampires , who might try to drink her blood, kill her that sort of thing, she is worried if they will find her acceptable enough for Edward.

Not that I would ever find myself in a house full of vampires (I've worked in a nest of harpies, that counts, right?), but I do worry what people think of me, really hard for me to tell sometimes, same as Bella. And she and I always seem to be kind of clumsy, pale when we should have a tan (I live in West Texas and finally had some rain after a 6 month drought so lots of sun to tan in out here!) and there are times we both feel like we just don't ever quite fit in anywhere. Yep, I can relate to Bella.

Oh, yea, speaking of relating to characters, anybody out there watch ELEVENTH HOUR? It comes on after CSI (the original, and isn't Lawrence Fishbourne great, now I really miss the Gill Grissom character, but Lawrence's character is pretty cool and brings a new twist to things, oops, I went off on another tangent again, sorry). I finally realized why I like the show so much, the Dr. Hood character seems to have ADD! It finally hit me a couple weeks ago, the way he acts, the way he impulsively blurts things out, how he gets distracted, and how he can be so super focused on something he loses track of time and has to be brought back to reality by someone, usually by his FBI agent"handler". All of which are symptoms of Adult ADD.

See, adults just don't have the same amount of energy as kids, so the "hyperactive" part of us is usually our brains. He shows this all the time on the show, how he can be talking with someone about one thing and then that will trigger a memory about something else and then he'll just stop the conversation, blurt out something totally unrelated to the current conversation, and then hurry off (there's the impulsive, thing), leaving people wondering what that was all about.

I admit there are times I've done almost exactly that, but I tend to restrain myself from walking off, but that doesn't stop my brain hurrying off on that new train of thought. Boy, things can get a little awkward sometimes for me and for Dr. Hood. So, if you watch the show, or don't and get a chance to, watch Dr. Hood and how he acts, thinks, etc. and you will get an idea of how some adults with ADD are, maybe you might recognize some of my own actions and things I do, quirks, that sort of thing. Let me know what ya think!

Oh, well, it's getting late, been a long day, and lots of stuff to do tomorrow. Have to finish some of those projects that are still unfinished from Spring Break when SOMEONE ELSE (who was on vacation and had put off all those projects so he could do them over his vacation) was supposed to do them. For more info. on that, see my previous post on Pet Peeves. Anyway, time for me and little Oscar to go to bed, he's snuggled up here on the couch with me, barking in his sleep. He's so CUTE!

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MaBunny said...

Nope Nik, I haven't seen the movie yet, and I hope too soon! We still havent' gotten past the first book , but fully intend to get or borrow the other three!

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