Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's!

First, I hope everyone has a very Happy St. Patrick's Day and since my hubbie's family is Irish, well, we won't be doing anything special for the day. My family is descended from the Scots, English, and throw in a little Native American, so, since we've been in Texas for the last couple of generations-we're Texans (notice I didn't say "just" Texans, cause there tain't nothin' "just" 'bout bein' a Texan).

Second, I think it's Pet Peeve day for me. What's your worst Pet Peeve? Mine aren't as bad as they used to be considering I'm a nit-picky, worry wart of a Virgo, but the few I still have REALLY grate on my nerves (I've repressed A LOT of my Virgo tendencies, just so I don't nag everyone to death and get disappointed when things don't get done the way I ask them to, etc., my tongue hurts all the time from having to bite it so much, heh, heh.)

Take for example, people who put things off by saying "I'm on vacation next week, I'll do it then" and then they don't do it. I won't mention names, but someone near and dear to me put off so many projects that way, I don't even know where to start. I tried to tell this person at the beginning of the said vacation that maybe he could do certain projects early in the week since the weather was going to be bad later in the week, but he must not have believed me, cause low and behold, late season cold snap, rain and icky stuff, so the project didn't get done, AND he's back at work, AND HE WON'T HAVE ANOTHER DAY OFF FOR 10 MORE DAYS!

Ok, gotta calm down now, deep breaths, count to 10.... Alright, better now. Let's see, another Pet Peeve is when I have already mentioned to certain people that I have LOTS, I mean TONS of work that I would be more than happy to show said individuals how to do, so that we can cross train and I can get some work actually off my desk and done, I mean, I've already asked them about it a few times, but they are always too busy at that moment, so I tell them just to get with me later, and they never do.

I guess that kind of falls under, people saying that they will do something and they never do sort of thing, kind of like in my first pet peeve. I think I'm seeing a pattern here. Now, I know that I'm not perfect and that I may promise someone I'll do something for them, but with my ADD and the books I've read about things I should do to help me help myself, I write myself lots of notes, so I know I don't forget nearly as much as I used to, but I mean, come on people, I hate to nag, but I don't know what else to do. Guess I'll be going in and working late more often.

Ok, rant over. Anyway, what are your Pet Peeves? From men who don't put the seat back down, to people driving with their blinker on for miles and miles and miles. What gets your blood boiling? Feel free to leave a rant on your worst Pet Peeve in my comments. Til next time!

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MaBunny said...

Hmm, yeah i hate people saying they will do something and then they don't - or it takes for freaking ever for them to accomplish said thing!
The blinker thing also ticks me off...
whining children...
whining husbands....
other peoples children, lol! ( when they aren't behaving...)
did I mention whiney children?
happy st pattys day to you!

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