Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been Tagged!

Well MaBunny over at Ables Antics has tagged me for a MeME and at least, the rules are simple, go to your picture folders, to the fourth folder, and NO EXCEPTIONS pick the fourth photo and post it and tell the story behind it.Then tag 4 others. Simple, right?

Where I'm at I only have 2 folders of pictures so, I'll use the 4th picture from it and here it is:
Ya'll should of known it would have been my kiddos! Aren't they cute! Nathan looks just like his Daddy, but with my family's coloring, all the guys on my side have gorgeous BLUE eyes and fair hair, even though in this picture he looks like a brunette, but like the nurses said when he was born, his hair is really a TAUPE color. While Sonya is starting to look more like me features wise, but she has her Daddy's HAZEL eyes and the GOLDEN BLONDE like her Aunties on her Mommy's side of the family. Neither of them got my coloring:(

I remember going to the store when Nathan was still a baby and my BFF from Ables Antics would come with me. I would be pushing the cart with him in his carrier and people would still turn to my BFF and ask HER how old HER adorable baby was! She would politely say something like "Well, I'm not sure since SHE'S (pointing to me) his Mother. Nikki how old is YOUR little blue eyed baby boy today?" Oh, they would get so flustered, look from me, to him, to her, and back. They must have thought we were lying.

People still ask my husband and I to this day how two brunettes could end up with two little blonde kids. I have to explain that I was the odd ball in my family, both my sisters were light blondes when they were young and that my hubbie was even light haired when he was little. Just wierd genetics.

I need to find the picture of my hubbie that his Aunt gave to me. He was about 6 months old in it and we compared it to Nathan's 6 month old baby picture. Except for the eye color, you would have thought they were twins. Same smile, same dimples, same hair color and they looked about the same weight, too! It was just too cute!

Well, I don't have lots of people to tag for this, but if you would like to do this MeMe, go ahead and do it, and just say you saw it here! Thanks and enjoy!

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MaBunny said...

I remember doing that Nik!
Where people would think Nathan was mine, lol.
Cutie pie kiddos though!

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