Friday, October 10, 2008

They just keep winning!

There is just no stopping our Junior High Rankin Red Devils! They have won all their games so far this year! WAY TO GO GUYS! The picture above is from their latest win in Fort Davis. They won 55-16 or something like that according to my own little Devil #54. But, hate to say, this may have been his last game if he doesn't get his grades up. He didn't pass Science this last 6 weeks, so now he won't get to play the next 3 weeks, which is when the progress reports will then come out and the coaches will see if they are passing or not.

So, let's see what else has been going on....Well, not to much. We are going to go to a Motorcycle Rally in Big Lake tomorrow. It's sponsored by the VFW over there and my neighbor and Justice of the Peace is a member, so he was selling raffle tickets for a 2009 Harley Sportster, and since I bought 2, and my hubbie would LOVE to have a Harley and he would LOVE to find out if he wins or not as soon as possible, we'll probably be some of the first ones there tomorrow. My father-in-law owns a Goldwing, many of our friends and neighbors around town own Harleys or Goldwings, so Hubbie REALLY, REALLY wants some form of motorized 2 wheel vehicle and winning that Harley would be perfect, for him.

It's really pretty neat out here, there are long stretches of old highways and lots of pretty scenery, so there are many people who have motorcycles and go ridding around the area on the weekend. Unlike in the big cities where you get the gangs of kids on the, well around here we call them, "Crotch Rockets", you get mostly middle-aged and up men, women, and couples riding nice cruising style bikes. Sometime you get groups of them, sometimes it's just a few, but they all enjoy just nice long rides around some of the prettiest scenery with very little other traffic.

So, I'll let everyone know if we win, but either way, I'm taking the camera tomorrow and maybe I'll get some good pictures of some pretty motorcycles and nice classic cars, cause they're also having a classic car show too!

Until then, have a great Friday!

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