Friday, August 1, 2008

New site about AD/HD..

Well, I haven't touched on it in a while, but I went back and looked at some of my first blogs and realized, I haven't really mentioned my ADD in a while, but I guess I haven't mentioned it lately, because it's really been controlled very well with the medications my doctor has prescribed for me. So, I decided to find one of the lists of symptoms of ADHD in adults that I used to to check my symptoms when I first decided I needed to see a doctor because I just couldn't keep it all together. So, I found it again and here it is Symptoms of ADHD in Adults.

When I first looked this list over, I couldn't believe that I had had these symptoms my whole life and never realized what it was. I was never a "normal" person, and I knew it! I wasn't dumb, I didn't mean to be forgetful, not pay attention, or stay up past midnight reading. I just couldn't really help it! Same with the impulsiveness, how impulsive is going to get a tattoo with your big sister! I had thought about it for a while, but one afternoon we just did it.

It was eye opening for me and maybe it will for you. You may not have ADHD, but maybe if you read the symptoms, you might recogonize someone you know in those words and maybe it will help you to deal with that person and understand them a little better.

Now on to my NAME THAT MOVIE! last hint, this is for 3 of the songs, so here goes. These songs are from a recent non-animated musical that takes place in the City of Lights, at a very famous place of entertainment, that has something to do with a Windmill on it. The actual location in that city has had a resurgence of sorts because of the popularity of the movie, and now draws tourists in droves!

So, this is your last chance to enter, get those guesses in and I'll be doing the judging tomorrow arfternoon. Good Luck!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Simply Be Well!

As you can tell from the picture, I just bought, for myself, some of the Simply Be Well Bath goodies I'm giving away as the prize for my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest, and boy are they awesome! I bought the Pomegranate Body Butter and Body Wash, a fragrance free Moisturizing Body Bar for my hubbie, as well as some Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm and finally a bottle of Rosemary Mint Moisturizing Hand Wash.

I'm really glad I bought the Hand Wash, because after I brought my stuff in the house during my lunch hour, with my kitties right behind me for their lunch too, I started smelling something not so sweet. So as I went from cat to cat, sniffing them each in turn, I finally found the culprit and carried her by the scruff of the neck, back outside. Seems like Nipper has a thing for playing with skunks. Now she didn't REALLY smell like she was actually sprayed, just like she went over for a visit. The two of them probably had a cat to polecat chat for a while and then she came back home. Kind of like when you go to visit someone who smokes and when you leave, you end up smelling like you did too, that sort of thing.

Anyway, Rosemary is supposed to cut the smell of a skunk when you either put some of the essential oil into some shampoo, or use something already made with it, like my new Rosemary Mint Hand Wash! Happy coincidence there! And when I washed her a bit ago, only a faint trace of skunk stink was left.
Thank Goodness!

Oh, and I've found the next items for next months contest, some wonderful Texan made candles! The name of the company is Pear Flat Candle Co., they are Made in Texas, and have wonderful Texas scents. I just bought the "leather" one, OMG, I had burned it for only 15 minutes and I swear it smelled like I had just walked into Bag and Baggage. I used to work at a mall and every time I went to lunch I'd walk down to the food court, but I'd walk real slow past that store and just take a big whiff of that wonderful leather smell! I'll post a list of some of the scents before I start next months NAME THAT MOVIE! contest so that everyone who enters can start daydreaming about the TWO candle jars they will get to pick out if they win!

Keep those answers coming for my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest, and good luck!

Question on NAME THAT MOVIE! contest

First, let me say thanks to everyone who's visited , hope you've enjoyed some of my favorite movie songs and I hope you enter my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. I've got a great box full of Organic spa goodies for whoever gets the most song = movie match-ups!

All ya have to do is listen to the songs on my playlist and just guess what movie the song is from. Say ya hear "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins and think, oh yeah, Footloose the movie. So, there's answer number 1. Then perhaps you saw Mamma Mia this weekend and hear Meryle Streep belting out the tune and say, I know that one too! Or maybe you hear "Let's do the Timewarp" and say, Oh I saw the clip for that on Mabunny's site when she posted something about, um, virgins (not what you think, the link will take you right to that post), so, that makes answer number 3.

Now to enter, just send me a comment with something like;
Footloose = Footloose
Mamma Mia = Mamma Mia
Timewarp = ???? , etc.

To listen to a lot of songs, just minimize my blog while continuing to do your things and it'll keep playing! I always have to have some type music going on while I work, part of my Attention Defecit Disorder, but that's how I came up with the NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. Actually Playlist is a cool site, I log in to my playlist in the morning, pop it out to my MediaPlayer, and it will play my music all day from there. That way I don't have to be online all day and even better-IT'S FREE!

Well, on to some more hints, let's see, OH here's a good one, 2 of the 3 famous actors I mentioned in my previous post, have been in several of the movies on my list, with one movie that they were both in, for a total of 4 of the movies on my list. And since I've given y'all 3 answers already in this one little post. That's it for today!

So, good luck, keep those answers coming!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Big Thank You and More Hints...

First I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mabunny over at AblesAntics for my first blogger award! It's just too cute and since you know I'm a big Disney fan, I absolutely love the picture and of course thank you for such a sweet comment to go with it. Made my day! Thank you!

So, here's my first award to share with everyone, along with Mabunny's quote:

To Nikki-my dear , sweet, loving BFF. and since it shows Mickey/Minnie walking and holding hands like friends, I think its pretty self explanatory. And yes, a post will be coming soon detailing our 20+ yrs of friendship.

And since this award shows some characters from Disney, I guess my next NAME THAT MOVIE! hint is in regards to a recent movie from that company with it's song being sung by an artist who was critiqued by a cranky Brit. That should be enough for that hint and if you haven't seen the movie, it's really cute and my 6 year old daughter loves it!

Staying with the Disney theme, the company that created this next NAME THAT MOVIE! was bought by Disney several years ago, but this movie was made long before that transaction took place. And for an extra little hint, I guess I can also mention that this was the first movie for the singer of this song even though said singer had been doing Public Television for many years before that.

Now, put those thinking caps on and get those comments in, if you only know a few of them at this point, go ahead and send in your comment and if you think of some more after you see a few more hints, send those in too and I'll add them all up on Sunday to get your total.

Don't forget, the person with the most correct answers is going to get a bunch of cool, Organic Bath goodies in either Natural (which would be good for guys) or Pomegranate scent. You will get several different spa quality items, I'll have to go look again for specific names, but I know that Teddy J's had things like body butter, lip balm, bath bubbles etc. all that good stuff. I think I'll have to buy some for myself tomorrow and post some pictures of what I buy so y'all will have a better idea of the treat that you will be in for if you win!

Oh and one more thing, the winner of this contest, will get to pick a theme for the next contest! The next contest will start on Saturday, August 30th and run through the next Saturday, with judging taking place on Sunday September 2nd. Ideas for themes are movies like Chic Flicks, Sci-fi, Animated, Oscar Award Winning, Musicals, or maybe have one famous star in common, like Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, Meg Ryan, or something like that. I love to research stuff, and it would just be fun! So, send those answers and Good Luck!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's a couple of hints....and fond farewells.

Hints first for my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. First, we all know Bryan Adams creates great songs for some awesome movies. So, only goes to show that of course he shows up twice on my list. And for one of them, well, if you look at the playlist, you'll see what it's from, has something to do with horses. The other is a little harder, but here's the hint-the lead actor in this movie, from many years ago, has recently had a lot of practice parading around as a 1/2 drunk, but brilliant pirate.

And for your second clue, that 1/2 drunk pirate, ran around with someone else on the pirate ship who previously performed in 3 other movies that have several songs on my playlist, too. When you send me your answers, make sure you're very clear as to which specific movie of the trilogy the song went with. Those in the know will know what I'm talking about.

So far, Mabunny is in the lead with 13 right out of 14 answers, sorry, but you didn't get that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tough one my hubbie came up with. He was the one with that soundtrack, if that gives you a hint. ;)

To enter, go to my NAME THAT MOVIE! post and enter your answers in a comment. I'll keep moderating those comments and reply to you and let you know how you're doing. The contest ends on Saturday, August 2nd, and all comments will be posted on Sunday. My Sunday post will also announce the winner! The prize will be a gift pack of organic bath spa goodies, in either a Natural scent for those with sensitive skin, or fruit juicy Pomegranate (those plants are EVERYWHERE out here, must of been a Johnny Pomegranate instead of Appleseed who came through Rankin).

Now on to other matters-MY NEPHEW IS GOING TO THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS-YEAH! OK, just had to get that out, I'm so excited for him, he is going to do so well there. GOOD LUCK JUSTIN AND CONGRATULATIONS!

I do have to confess though, I've been borrowing one of his graduation presents for a little while before I send it to him, so I could read it. Now I'm really glad I did because-and I'm going to spill the beans on this part, but I'll keep my nephew wondering on the rest of his present-I got all the graduates on my list The Last Lecture and now Professor Randy Pausch has died. His book is awesome and I feel privileged that I can pass this information on to the next generation and I hope that it will inspire those who have received and will receive this book.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and students, as well as with all of those whose lives he touched with his wonderful works and accomplishments, even while he faced his own tragic future of terminal pancreatic cancer. Thank you Professor Pausch for showing us how to live!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another contest...

But not mine, check out the adorable pink and leopard print button to the right of my blog entries and you'll see the logo for the ladies at The Secret Is In The Sauce who are having a last Six Weeks of Summer contest for an Apple Nano. Those things are so cool! What would I do if I could down load 1000 songs? Wow, the possibilities are endless!

Of course, I'd have to download all my Playlist songs. Oh and how are you doing on figuring out some of those movies? Yeah, I know some are pretty easy, but I hope I have ya stumped on some of those older ones where the movie, at the time, was considered a flop. Now, though, a few of those flops are cult favorites, kind of like the movie mentioned by my BFF over at Ables Antics. Now if that's not a big hint, don't know what is!

I know, I've been shamelessly plugging other blogs, but just need to plug one more, my hubbies over at Anime and Manga Toons. He's just starting out in the blogging world, so give him all the support and comments you can. His blog's all about Anime etc., so some of you ladies might pass the info. on to your spouses, brothers, boyfriends or significant other who might enjoy reading and yaking about all those cool animated shows.

I remember watching Voltron in the afternoons after school and then my best friend Chris and I would act out what happened later. He was usually the bad guy, and all the other male Voltron cast members, and I was the girl who seemed to always get in trouble, like getting kidnapped, trapped somewhere, etc.
Well, better get going, keep working on those movie titles and I'll give more hints to them and to what all will be included in your West Texas prize package later this week! Got to go visit our different shops that carry cool locally made things, like candles, soaps and the cool wind chimes, rings and other jewelry my neighbor makes. So, until next time, keep those comments coming!


Well, as you can hear (if you have speakers on your computer) I have a new playlist of songs! I've actually started 2 different play lists, but the one on right now is all actually Soundtrack Songs. So, for a little contest, let's play NAME THAT MOVIE!

Now some of the songs are very famous and kind of gimmes, but if you can figure out some of the really obscure songs, then you really know your movies! Leave a post with the Name of the Song and the Title of the Movie in my comments and I will review all the comments on Sunday (I've hidden them for now, so there will be no peaking at other peoples answers). Whoever has the most correct answers-WINS! If there is a tie, I'll have my husband be Judge on who correctly identified the most of the Obscure Movies. The contest ends Saturday, and I'll review the comments and post the WINNER, and what all they've won, along with a list of the songs and the movies they go with.

The winner will get a box full of West Texas Goodies, I'll work on rounding them up this week. Maybe it'll be an original work of wearable art from my neighbor, or maybe a gift box full of Texas themed spa goodies. Hmm, I'll have to get looking, we've got all kinds of neat things out here!

So, try to figure out the songs without scanning through my playlist and start guessing! Have fun and enjoy!

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