Thursday, July 24, 2008

The clips are there!

Yea! They finally got the clips on the News West 9 site, so everyone check my previous entry for the website and go to UNDER WEST TEXAS SKIES and there are all the clips for my little town of Rankin. Especially check out the "Ice Cream Contest" and "Ice Cream Contest Winner" since my son won! His little sister was just to his right during the contest and you can just make her out trying to spoon into that wonderful Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Now if you don't get Blue Bell in your town, I'm so, so , so, sorry. Good thing you don't know what you're missing cause it is the absolute best commercial Ice Cream you can buy. Now, it's not as good as my Dad's blue ribbon winning homemade ice cream (mentioned in a previous blog about Barbados) but it's the next best thing. Right now I'm daydreaming about the 1/2 gallon of the new Candy Jar flavor I have in my freezer. I bought it yesterday morning, but since I got to have my son's leftovers after the contest, I didn't get to try it, but it's getting dug into tonight.

The one bad thing about living in a town that's over 1/2 an hour away from the rest of civilization-your ice cream melts on the way home, but we are blessed that Blue Bell is carried at our local Rankin Drive In. And Judy will ask the delivery person for a specific flavor for you if you have a craving for it. That's how I got my Candy Jar flavor. I saw her Monday evening, the Blue Bell truck comes on Tuesday and I had my new treat Wednesday morning. Works for us! Can't wait, getting hungry just thinking about it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Under West Texas Skies!

Well, we had a lot of fun at the Under West Texas Skies shindig thing, but Nathan had the most by winning the ice cream eating contest! So, I just checked and they haven't put his interview up there yet, but they are probably not even back at their studio yet. Takes about an hour to get to Midland from here, and since they hadn't left when we did (which was about 7pm), unless they drive like maniacs, they probably aren't there by now. But here is the link where they should add Nathan's interview: News West 9 (and Mom as you can tell Nathan's shirt fits and comes in handy when you see him in the background of other interviews).

If there is an interview with a guy about a corn patch maze etc., if you look real close behind them, you see a woman with auburn hair, a brown sleeveless shirt and a litttle tattoo on her right shoulder, you have really good eyes and you're looking at me! We bought some of his popcorn and its really good, don't know why he says something about mushroom corn, tastes like old fashioned kettle corn to me! Maybe I just haven't eaten enough yet to get the full effect ;)) lol

We didn't get the full 6pm news, our satellite lost their signal, so didn't get to see what all they showed, but FYI Sonya is wearing a pink sundress and a hot pink headband and was mostly playing on the big slide during the 6pm news and I saw the camera pan her way a few times. So, she might be there. Nathan is easy to see in his white and red stripe shirt with the black doodles all over it (Nathan loves it by the way mom!) William is wearing his usual drab black shirt with jeans and he was sitting most of the time with his broke foot propped up on something. Might get glimpses of us here and there.

Some of the interviews I saw of people I know are: Donna Bell and the Rankin Museum, Abel Armendarez and Frank Abalos about the train depot, Dot Sullivan and her dolls (I was right behind her booth when they did her interview so I might be seen there) and Don Bell with Tricia Bells Chimes, they are my across the street neighbors, so when I went to buy a set of his chimes, I got the neighbor discount. I also know the winner of the Ugliest Dog, poor little Mack the scotty hasn't been to the doggie stylist in a while, so Glenda decided to enter him, and sure enough he won. She said she's getting him an appointment as soon as she can cause he's really a cute little dog normally.

All in all, it was pretty cool having all the newspeople there running around, some were kind of snooty, but most of them were pretty cool and down to earth. And they kept saying just how friendly everyone was and how it seemed like a great place to raise a family or to retire after your done raising them! So, after I get the camera all hooked up and am not quite so tuckered out, I'll download the pictures I took and put them on here for everyone to see!

Till, next time!

My baby girl's Birthday!

My Sonya is 6 today! Can't believe it, she's getting so big and tall! And now that she's lost that 2nd bottom tooth, she looks so cute! Well, she was just absolutely adorable before, but she's even cuter missing those 2 front teeth.

Yesterday I sent an email to our local channel 2 news telling them that today was Sonya's birthday and I attached a picture. They have a little segment at the end of their program announcing people's birthday, if you email the info to them in time. So, I kept it on channel 2 and was nonchalantly ironing when they got ready to announce birthday's and guess who was first, my little baby. The young weather guy even said what a cute picture. So, here's the picture and I'll try to poke around online when I get a chance and try to see if they have the segment on their site and I can add a link or something. (Need to get with Mabunny at AblesAntics and ask how she gets the videos on her blog.)
Sonya was so surprised! She just gasped and said "IT'S ME!" and then just started bouncing about the room she was so excited. I had set up our satellite thing to record the program, that way Daddy will be able to see her little Happy Birthday wish from the News Station.
Nathan is hoping to get on the news tonight for News West 9's Under West Texas Skies program that they are having here in Rankin this afternoon. They are going to broadcast their 5pm and 6pm news from Rankin and they have all kinds of things for families and kids. Nathan wants to win the hot dog eating contest, and if he does, they'll interview him on the news. So, maybe I'll have both kids on the news on the same day, that'd be cool!
Here's a link to News West 9 who is doing the program and they have all kinds of little clips up and interviews about the towns they have visited, usually they put them up shortly after they do the program. I'll let everyone know if they put anything up with one of the kids or someone I'm acquainted with. that way everyone can get to know my new little town.

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