Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well, it's been a while...

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as often as I should, it's been rather crazy out here. Kids out of school, trying to keep my garden growing, new appliances, oh goodness where to begin!

Let's see, guess I'll start with Barbados! For those not around these parts (which means pretty much everyone), Rankin has a Barbados Cookoff every year the Friday and Saturday before Memorial Day. It's a lot of fun, kind of like one BIG outdoor grill festival. There's stuff for the kids to do and parents usually spend most of their time visiting and cooking. There are usually about a dozen different types of cook-offs, from brisket, chicken and of course barbados, to bread and ice cream. I talk about them last because 2 years ago, my hubbie won First Place in the Ice Cream catagory (using my Dad's recipe which all of us in the family all knew was the best, now everyone knows it's the best) and last year I won First Place in the Bread category for my homemade Cinnamon Rolls (you take for granted your family telling you they're good, non-family saying they're good is something else!).

The kids had fun running around and eating junk food and they were even in the little Miss and Mr. Barbados contest. What's nice is that all the kids get participant trophies and then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place kids get bigger trophies! There are so many little girls in Sonya's age group, she only got one trophy, while Nathan got 3rd place out of the 4 boys in his group.

Here's one picture from Barbado:

Aren't they cute! This is before they got all dirty and dusty from running around everywhere!

What else been going on, oh yes, boy my kids seem to be losing teeth left and right. Nathan has lost 3 since he got out of school, and my Baby lost her first tooth just a couple weeks ago. I'll have to download the picture I took of her from the camera and post it later. She was actually scared to go to bed that night cause she lost her tooth while at the sitters and then actually lost it and couldn't find it. So, she thought the tooth fairy was going to be mad at her and not bring her anything. But we told her the tooth fairy always knows where lost teeth are and she knows who they belong to so she didn't need to worry. She was still a little apprehensive, but when she saw her money in the morning, she LOVED the tooth fairy.

I also did my Patriotic duty and spent my Economic Stimulus Check by buying some new appliances. Rex Appliances offers package deals on Kitchen appliances, so I got a new fridge, range, dishwasher and over-the-range microwave. My dishwasher went capute within a month after we moved into the house, so we've been handwashing dishes for the last 2 years and the oven in my range died a few weeks ago, so I really needed a new one since I love to bake (eg. prize winning cinnamon rolls).

So, needless to say, we found out our kitchen wiring was probably put in by the 3 Stooges, it's so weird, but after lots of cursing etc. from my hubbie and his brother, there is only the microwave left to install. Got to go get a few more parts from Lowe's this weekend and maybe it will all be done. It's so wonderful to have nice, matching appliances, but it makes the rest of my kitchen look a little shabby, but I think some nice bright white paint on the cabinets and trim, maybe some new handles on the cabinet doors and new pulls on the drawers to match will make things look much better. Hmm, maybe I could just do new doors on the cabinets, a nice wine rack in that odd corner by the fridge, not that I drink it, but don't know what else could go there. Maybe make it into a cookbook nook or something, it's just an odd corner in an oddly designed kitchen. Like I said, think the 3 Stooges had a hand in it's design. Oh well, just a few ideas for when I have some spare time and money someday.

Part 2...

Today at work, we had our Fourth of July Feast. We try to have some type of potluck lunch at each of the main holidays and so, since probably 1/2 of the people who work in the building will be taking off at least 1/2, if not all of tomorrow, we had our feast today and I made my mother's (and her mother's and probably her mother's) recipe for Potato Salad. When Nathan wanted a taste last night I practically had to tear the little bowl away from him so I could get at least one bite, he liked it that much. And when I went back down to get some desert, all the ladies were just oohing and aahing over how good it was. Like my Dad's ice cream, always knew it was good, just nice to have a little extra proof!

I'm also a little melancholy about the Fourth of July, that was the day my son came home from the hospital 11 years ago. He was born on June 25, 1997 at 9:04am by emergency c-section. He had breathing problems from the start. When they pried him out of me, he didn't cry. Scared me 1/2 to death, but then he squealed a bit and then he coughed, he would then kind of cry and then cough again. I knew there was a problem, but they didn't tell me until I was in recovery. His little lungs just hadn't quite developed yet and he was going to have to take CareFlite to a Fort Worth hospital NICU ward.

Only parents who have gone through that can understand the complex emotional impact that type of situation has on you. The wonderful birthing experience you had anticipated just goes out the window and you just live from moment to moment, waiting to hear if they got the breathing tube in, if the helicopter is there yet, if the helicopter arrived at the other hospital safely, what the specialist at that hospital thinks, etc. etc. You don't even stop to think about yourself and your own recovery from the c-section. You just want to hurry and get well enough to get to the other hospital so you can finally hold your little baby boy.

(Couldn't write this earlier, but wanted to add it now to help ya'll understand a little more about what happened that day. After they finally got his breathing tube in and had to give him a tranquilizer to keep him from pulling it out {to this day he has some scar tissue in his esophagus from the ordeal}, the Careflite crew brought him to my room in this huge incubator and told me where they were going, what was going to happen etc. He was just laying in there, all spread-eagle with tubes everywhere. Since I was still recovering from the c-section just a few hours ago, I couldn't move, sit up, hardly anything to get closer to him and my tears just started falling. I think the onboard nurse realized I hadn't even so much as touched my child and she asked if I would like to. Of course I said yes, and it took some maneuvering of me, my bed, the incubator and pretty much everything else in the room, but I was finally able to put my hand into the little hole on the side and put my finger in my son's little hand and feel his strong grip. To this day, when I think of that moment, I start tearing up, fighting them even now. Like I said, if you don't go through it, it's hard to understand, but maybe this might help.)

I finally got to hold him 5 days after he was born and two days after I was released from the hospital where I was at. After he was off the ventilator and on regular air, eating well and all that good stuff, he finally got to come home on the Fourth of July. Boy, my husband and I remember that night, crazy apartment neighbors were shooting off illegal fireworks, firecrackers, all that stuff, and it kept waking Nathan and us up. Think my husband got on a first name basis with the 911 operator trying to report all the bangs going off around us!

Well, this year should be much better! We're going to go watch Wall-E at the local Big Sky Drive-in Theater. With tickets being only $6 per person and kids under 5 free, and lots of good food, it should be much better than the $8.75 per person and $4 for a small coke at the regular movie theater. Can't wait! They'll even announce his birthday for us. Since we only got to do the cake and present thing on his actual birthday this year, this is his actual BIG treat. We couldn't do anything until this weekend cause his Daddy had to work last weekend, but he's off on Friday and so am I, so we should have fun! I'll have to let everyone know how it goes!

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