Thursday, April 17, 2008

Regarding the election, etc.

Well, my co-worker lost the election, by only 18 votes. Boy, it's been rough, on her and us too. Starting January 1, 2009, we will have a new boss who doesn't know what all our office does. I mean, the one who won, I'll start calling her soon-to-be boss or stb for short, knows some of what we do, but it's only one small piece of the whole pie. Our office does so much more that she has no clue about. And that's where my co-worker would have had an advantage. She doesn't know exactly every little detail about everything our boss does, but she is familiar with it and it wouldn't be quite as hard for her to learn the fine details. Whereas, with stb, she has no idea and is going to be learning from scratch.

Lately my job has been tough enough. I've seen more civil and tax suits filed this year than I did in probably all of last year. So, it's going to be a rough year that way. And criminal, well, I think we are done with the jury trials, so maybe at least that stuff will calm down. So, needless to say, I am not looking forward to next year when me and my co-workers are going to be having to help train our new boss.

But still, I just know that right now I'm very glad I am here and not in Tom Green or Schlechter (think that's right) Counties. They are the ones dealing with all the CPS cases from the El Dorado compound raid. Oh, those poor clerks and deputy clerks! I was gripping cause we had about 8 CPS case going on, but those poor, poor, poor, clerks having to deal with hundreds of cases and hundreds of different attorney's! Man, just having to make copies of paperwork for the all different attorneys is going to kill their budget for the year! I'm sure the state will help, but still, poor, poor, poor, poor, clerks.

One interesting note, there was an interview I saw with an attorney who is going to be appointed to one, or possibly more, of the children and I said "Hey, I know her!" She had just been in district court last month with a real messy divorce with child support. The child involved is severely disabled and is going to need assistance for the rest of her life. If the attorneys involved had been anyone other than the 2 women they were, that divorce could have gone on for years, but both of those women only had the childs best interests at heart and did what was best for her. I had even seen the attorney who was doing the interview actually gripe out her own client because he couldn't stop mouthing off about how HE was going to make sure HE took those health and safety classes he's supposed to so HE can get visitation like he's supposed to etc. etc. It was actually very refreshing to see an attorney who was trying to do the right thing for the right person for the right reasons. Don't see that too much in my line of work. So, I'm sure she is going to do a wonderful job for whomever she gets appointed to, just hope all of those attorneys are as noble as she seems to be.

Well, better get going for now. My dear hubbie just put together his Happy Anniversary to himself present, well, he had told me he wanted it and told me he saw it on eBay, but when I finally told him he could order it, he said he already did. So, he is the proud owner of a large 6" refraction telescope, whatever that means. All I know about telescopes is you look in one end and you can see really closely whatever the other end is pointed at. I'm sure I'll be learning a lot more about them in the coming weeks. As soon as the wind isn't blowing so hard that it blows everything over.

So, heads up to my friends and family in the DFW area, lots of wind blowing that way, so that means lots of storms for you. Take care out there!

Til later!

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