Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sick child and more...

Let's see, I think it was Wednesday when Sonya came home from school and said her ear hurt. Oh no! I thought, that time of year again. She has the same seasonal allergy problems as I had at her age. So, next morning, gave her some motrin and sent her to school, but went ahead and made an appointment for her at the Dr. About an hour later, the school called and said Sonya was saying her ear and her tummy hurt. I talked to them and Sonya, and since she wasn't running fever and Sonya said she would, she stayed at school. But her Daddy had planned on taking her to her Dr's appointment, so he picked her up early anyway.
And it wasn't just an ear infection, but her tummy ache was actually a bladder infection. She's always seemed to have a tiny bladder and I had noticed her running to the bathroom more the day or two before, but didn't put 2 and 2 together. But, she is on antibiotics and lots of cranberry juice and is doing MUCH, MUCH better!
Now, what else? Oh yeah, William took off on Friday to stay with her and I asked if he would dig a few holes around the yard for some plants I had bought last weekend. I had shown him where I was going to put them the day after we bought them and I thought, ok, if he just digs the holes, I'll come back and put in the good dirt I bought and plant them over the weekend.
Well, I called him later on Friday, and not only had he dug the holes, but he said he planted the plants too!
Uh Oh! I know him too well and knew this wasn't going to be good, and Saturday morning (we had gone straight to town after I got off work and it was dark when we got back, so didn't see what he did until daylight) I realized he was quite a bit off. I wanted one plant on each side of 2 gates that we have, he planted 2 plants on each side of one gate. So, today I've been digging holes on either side of the other gate, digging up the plants, filling holes there and then re-planting the plants on the other side of the yard. I hope they survive the move!
And I have a new toy! Something I've seen on DIY Network, my new favorite channel, and that William and I had a big argument about in the middle of Cracker Barrel on Friday night. I was trying to get our Lowe's list together and trying to explain about this tool I wanted to buy to cut down the big ugly bushes in the front yard. He said something along the lines of "No way those people (on HGTV and DIY) know anything about landscaping and home improvement and you have to use this blah, blah, blah, something or other thingy and you're idea is all wrong and I know everything so just forget about trying to find whatever that thing is you want."
Well, that didn't sit well with me at all, so we spent most of the meal in silence as to not cause a scene. And to top it off, we didn't get our bread until we finally asked for it, then it was stale and crunchy, then when I got my dinner, my fish was WAY over cooked and like chewing on fish jerky, so I was not very happy.
Until I got to Lowe's and found what William said didn't exist, what wouldn't work for pruning etc. I loved being able to show him right on the box of my new Powered Handsaw where it said it was PERFECT FOR PRUNING! And then this afternoon after I did some trimming, he got to play with it and chop down our biggest ugliest bush in about 45 minutes what would have taken all day with what he had in mind. HA!
Well, that's enough for now, I'll be planting my last few plants in the back yard tomorrow, then just trying to clean up the bush mess.
More, later!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Only in my tiny town...

Could you drive by the Courthouse, which is in Downtown mind you, and see 6 deer eating on the front lawn. Heck, out here you almost don't have to even mow for the first few months of spring. The deer take care of it for you! Well, almost. I did go out one evening, before sunset, to take the trash out and in the lot next to my house were 9, count them, 9 deer. Boy, that was a surprise, for me and the deer.

We just kind of stood there looking at each other, then when they realized I didn't have a shotgun, they just went back to grazing. I was enjoying just standing there watching when a car started to drive by. I'm sure they thought I was crazy just standing there, so I started kind of pointing and acting like I was counting the deer and they looked at me, then at the deer, then they waved and went on.

My kitties were having fun watching the deer too. One of them, my big Texas snowball Snowy, actually ran up to them then screeched to a halt about 5' in front of one, then decided to bow up at it in the typical "Halloween Scaredy Cat" pose. The deer just looked at him like, kitty you're nuts, and went back to grazing. Snowy finally got bored and decided he had made his point and came trotting back over to me like he had shown them. Silly cat!

Deer are beautiful, but out here there are just too many of them. It's gotten so bad that we make sure we get all of our shopping out of town done so that we will be back home about an hour before sunset. It's just too dangerous around sunset and sunrise, just herds of deer roam around from one side of the roads to the other and with our little car, it would just get totalled if we hit one.

Just one more thing about living in a small rural area that I never knew I would have to be concerned about. That's not mentioning the HUGE owl that killed a neighbors little dog one night, or the bobcat that mauled a resident about 10 miles outside of town, or the rattlesnakes my husband sees while he's out working in the oil fields. Or the vultures who are back from Mexico. Or all the little chicken hawks. Or the coyotes. Or the occasional story of a mountain lion sighting. Or the tales of the Chubacabra. Well, don't know about that one, but some people say... they see something...occasionally...on those lonesome back roads...could be after they've had a few too many beers, but ya never know!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yep, it's that time of year again, my fingers just start itching to start digging! So, of course off to Lowe's and Walmart I went to check out those garden centers! Woo Hoo! Good thing it was just me and Sonya in the car, cause we wouldn't have had room for anyone else! At Lowe's I got 3 bushes to replace the 4 UGLY, OVERGROWN, MANEATERS that are in our front yard. Boy they are awful. Just so overgrown and sickly, just can't describe them, guess I'll take some before and after pictures. Oh, I'm thinking MAKEOVER! Well, more like that show on DIY-DESPERATE LANDSCAPES. Boy ours is! We have about 1 1/2 acres and only 1/3 of it is actually "developed" rest has just been left to the deer, which are numerous-I saw about 9 of them in our lot one evening when I was taking the trash out. Really cool from a city girl point of view, but from a gardener point of view-they're pests!

So, I've been doing research, seeing what types of plants the deer won't usually eat cause they'll eat anything if they're hungry enough, looking through catalogs and maybe I have figured out what I'll be doing. It'll be slow and steady, but isn't that how some of the best gardens come together? Plus, since I know I'll be the one doing most of the digging, planting, watering etc., it will take a little more time then usual, but that's OK, I enjoy it and the rewards of lots of butterflies, hummingbirds and even the deer, make it worth it!

Time for bed, this poor girl with a green thumb is ready for to hit the sack, more soon!

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