Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wacky Wednesday....

Well, not too wacky, but at least it sounds good! Actually, it's been a pretty busy work week, just seems as soon as I file away one days work and I can get to work that has been sitting in my "to-do" pile, triple the amount comes in and I never get to do my "to-do" stuff. Oh, man, what can I do? An 8 hour day just isn't enough, and my medicine just doesn't last quite long enough.

I have talked to my Dr. about that, and I'm actually on one of the longest lasting medications for ADD, but when I take it at about 7:30am, the ADD fog starts to roll back in about 3:30-4:00 in the afternoon, and it's just downhill from there for my concentration and accuracy.

I've learned not to try to do anything that requires too much brain power in the late afternoon. I try to save all that for the AM while my morning Diet Coke and Focalin are working. It's a good thing our office goes to get the mail shortly after 10am so I get my new stuff sorted and figured out before lunch, then in the afternoon I do the mundane tasks, like filing that sort of thing. Even then, I'll still find the occasional folder out of order within the next few days.

And now onto a different tangent completely, has everybody done their civic duty and Early Voted? At least for those of us in Texas it's early voting time. I finally voted today, not that I didn't know what party I was going to vote for, out here in our little town there is only the Democratic party. So, anyone who wants to run for any county position, has to register as a democrat so that they will be on the primary ballot.

I know, your wondering how can that be? A whole county of Democrats, well, to have a Republican Party in a county, you have to have a Republican Party Chairperson, and no one in the county who has tried to be the chairperson has ever stayed in the position that long. Out here, us outsiders (people who have moved into the county, even if they have lived here for 20 yrs or more) have noticed that people out here just don't want to be the ones to do the work. They say "well, someone really ought to do this, or someone ought ta do that," but they don't want to be the ones to do it.

It's really hard to get work done at all, sometimes. Take our local gas station/convenience store, there are lots of women who stay at home all days and whose kids are all in school and occasionally think to themselves, ya know, it might be nice to have something else to do during the day then sit around and eat bon-bons (I'm just kidding here, just work with me for a minute)and a little extra spending money would be nice too, maybe I should go work at the store. So, they get a job there and start to work, within a few weeks, they quit.

They have finally gotten the experience of a "real" job and they decide, ya know, the bills get paid without the extra money and I don't come home smelling like gas and a frying vat, so, I think I'll just stay home. And they do, they don't want to help with elections, they don't want to help other mom's by watching their kids afterschool, they don't join any of the little garden clubs or sororities or book clubs, they just don't really get involved out here.

Even Little League has suffered, it's so hard to get people to work in the little snack bar, that occasionally last year they had to keep the snack bar closed. That was just awful for the kids cause the money that the snack bar raises goes back to Little League.

I've just joined the Garden Club and out of a town of 800+ people, there are only 13 members, I'm lucky number 13. Oh well, at least we are going to be doing Walk Across Texas, we have our kick off on Sunday and I think this is going to be great for me and the family, if I can get everyone to come with me to the track, it certainly wouldn't hurt anyone in my family to get a little extra exercise.

Well, better get going, my evening medicine my dr. has me on is starting to kick in. For those of us with ADD, it is extremely hard to get to sleep and if I wake up during the night, it could be hours before I can get my brain to slow back down and get back to sleep. My brain just takes forever to slow down, stop replaying everything that happened during the day and to finally relax into sleep.

Which is what my medicine that I take at night does, and now that my brain is starting to relax, it's time to go. Until next time.

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