Friday, February 8, 2008

My own little Skippyjon Jones...

Well, above is a picture of the cover of Sonya's favorite book, and down below is a picture of my little Snowflake, our own little chihuahua kittyboy...

Little Snowflake really does look and act like the character. And if you hadn't noticed he is sitting on my monitor and only takes up about 1/2 the space on top, so that should show you how small he really is. None of my other kitties can sit up there like he can. They tend to get jealous of him and all the special treatment he gets.

Well, it's really time for lunch now, so more later.

Pictures and Videos!

Well, I think I've got this picture thing figured out, let's see if I can post a picture of the kids...

Yes, there they are. This picture is from when they were in the Christmas Program at their school. They had to wear either a red or green shirt, but Sonya wanted to be a little more festive, so she had to wear her little Christmas hat.

Now let's see if I can download the video my husband shot of me, with the kids, getting ready to judge at the Texas Horned Toad Chilli Cookoff. A friend of mine helps put it all together, so I have to help judge, problem is it's always first round, and you really don't know quite what you're gonna get. But so far, it's all been pretty good. Let's try to add that video...

Not exactly where I wanted it, but it'll do! Now that I know I can put little videos on here, I'll have to take more of them.

Well, enough for now, getting close to lunch time. More later!

The flu is here!

Not me, yet, and hopefully not this season, but Sonya. She has had a nagging little cough that has gotten worse over the last couple of days, so yesterday, since hubbie left his cell phone at home and didn't take it with him to work, I told my son to tell him to take Sonya to the medical clinic after he picked them up at the sitters. Well, he called me up at work using Nathan's (formerly my old) cell phone, and asked what was wrong and why did I want her to go to the Dr?

Well, he can be a little oblivious sometimes, but I told him I was concerned her cough was now bronchitis and I wanted the Dr. to check her over. So, after work, I drove by the clinic and they were still there. I parked and went in and she was just leaning over onto her daddy, half asleep. I felt her forehead and she felt warm, so I knew I was right pushing him to take her in.

So, I sent him and my son home, and stayed there with Sonya. She cuddled up on my lap and fell asleep for a quick nap, poor baby! She had really taken a turn for the worse during the day and by the time we got back to the room, she was running a 102 degree fever. So, after checking her over, the Dr. diagnosed the flu. And we didn't get the flu shot, but he said that even if we had, the flu that we have had out here isn't part of the mix in the flu shot.

The Dr. said that if 30 kids had been diagnosed with the flu, then they are supposed to shut down the school for 3 days to stop the spread of it and to let the kids who do have it, to have time to get well. So far that hasn't happened, even though the Dr and his nurses said that they know of at least that many who have had the flu, or have it currently.

To make a long story short, after Sonya and I got home, I told William the Dr. ordered some medicine for her and that she had to stay home from school Friday, but should be able to go back on Monday and asked him if he could stay home with her. NO! was the short answer and I won't bore you with argument that followed.

Needless to say, I ened up back at work from about 6:45ish to 9:15ish so I could get done what had to be done. We did have court this week, so I have tons (and I really do mean tons) of work to do, letters to attorney's to get out, notices of hearings to defendants, bondsmen, etc. to get out. And we also had a Grand Jury called in, so I had Indictments to send out to the defendants and their attorneys. That's what HAD to get done, so I finished those to the point where my boss could check them and left a note saying I'd be in for a little bit so I could make sure that those got out today.

So, after running up there, fixing a couple of the documents I made little booboos on last night, Sonya and I are home for the day, or at least until it's time to pick Nathan up from school. I guess this gives me some time to figure out how to post photos, etc. on my blog.

I've got some cute pictures of the kids at the park we went to a couple of weeks back. I'll try to post those, and maybe some of my adorable little kitties. Well, they aren't all little, except for my little Snowflake, when he was born, he was half the size of his littermate and he is still only 1/2 the size of our cats that are younger then he is. So, he's a little runt, but he's so cute and looks like the character Skippyjon Jones in the childrens picture books with the same name. I'll have to find some pictures of him and put pictures of both up here for everyone to compare.

Anyway, I should be doing some housecleaing etc. but since I did still take my medicine this morning, my brain wants to actually focus on something and since I usually am at work at this time, on the computer, I'm just doing what I normally do at this time.

Oh well, I'll try to post a few pictures, and then time to get back to housecleaning etc. More later.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

RE: Last Post

As I was rereading my last post, I realized I didn't note that what took me, probably 10 minutes to type and edit, etc. actually took my brain split seconds to process.

Sometimes I kind of throw people off because someone will make a comment during some conversation, and then my brain will process it very quickly and come up with some comment that I may say in return and they just don't get where the comment comes from. I used to spend a lot of time explaining myself.

I've been getting the confused looks from people a lot less often now that I am on my medication than when I wasn't. And I've noticed it's easier to carry on conversations with people because my brain isn't constantly trying to pull up information that might be just barely connected to what the conversation is about. It's been nice just to talk to people .

More later, Nikki

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