Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goodness, it's been a while since I last posted anything. But, not a whole lot has happened lately. I had a check-up visit with my Dr. and everything is still going fine. Now, I switch to monthly visits instead of every 2 weeks. He's keeping me on same medications since everything seems to be working, so now I guess it's just kind of maintenance.

I did go after my appointment to get my prescription refilled to a Major discount retailer, but they said they had a 2 hour wait. I couldn't wait that long, I had to get to work! So, I left and went to the other discount retailer with the Bull Terrier in it's ads and they only had a 20 minute wait. And the pharmacist came right out to talk to me, made sure the medication was in stock and checked my insurance before I ever even left the window. Unlike the other retailer, who when I dropped of my first prescription a month ago, didn't check my insurance at the moment I dropped it off, so when I came back to the window to pick it up later, they hadn't filled it cause they didn't have a copy of my card! So, took another 45 minutes to get it filled, good thing I wasn't in a hurry that day!

I tell ya, what was up with that!

Anyway, I've been working on redoing my daughter's room, she has decided she wants it all butterflies and flowers in all different rainbow colors. So, I've been working on making her some sheers for her room that are a sheer organza in rainbow stripes, they faide from purple to pink and all the other shades of the rainbow. She can't wait til I get them finished! Got the last little bit of stuff I needed at the Hobby Lobby that is right by my dr's yesterday, so I'll be working on getting them done this weekend. She'll be so happy! Then on to here evergreen and taupe striped bathroom. OMG! Don't know what those people were thinking, it's awful!

There is some dark green accent tile in the tile surrounding the tub, but only one row, but I still am going to have to put some kind of dark green in there somewhere. Maybe I can find a nice wallpaper or something, maybe put up a chair rail type thing and then wallpaper on the top half or something? Anyone got any good ideas, let me know!

My son's room is just about finished too. Finally found some fabric he likes for a valance, so just have to run them through the sewing maching and his stuff will be done too. I also have some more border I have to put up in his room, then his room will be done and then on to his bathroom. Don't know what he wants in there, think I'm just going to go masculine neutral.

Once they are all situated, then it's time for rest of house, like my husband's office, oh boy don't even want to think of that right now, so bye for now!

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