Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time to vent...

Ok, I've got to vent a little here. The last time I had any time by myself, alone, no kids, no hubbie, was back in March when my hubbie decided to try to go "rescue" his younger brother. This was over Spring Break when he had taken the time off to watch the kids, since everyone else in our little town was actually going to go out of town and take a break during Sring Break, but since I don't work for the school district like 2/3's of the town, my family couldn't leave. But, anyway, he decided at the last minute, like noon on a Wednesday, that he and the kids were going to make an 8 hour run in his dad's truck all the way across Texas.

Well, since I thought he might be bringing his brother back with him, after I got off work I got to do a marathon session of cleaning house, doing laundry etc. It was so nice, I got so much done, and this poor house hasn't been that clean since. Now that hubbie works every other weekend, I don't get any time to myself or really even just some time to clean house. When the kids are here, it's like trying to shovel a sidewalk during a blizzard, or they are constantly picking on each other. Either way, I have to watch them constantly, so I can't get hardly anything done.

My hubbie, on the other hand, has that one Friday, every other weekend, that he is off, no kids, no wife, when he COULD be cleaning, doing laundry, etc. but usually when I get home from work, house is still a mess, litter boxes still a mess, etc. Well, maybe the dishes have been done, but the counters are still dirty, the stove still has spills on it, fridge hasn't had the old leftovers dumped in the trash, sigh...the list of things I would do if I had that time is practically endless.

What I wouldn't give to have one whole day, when my ADD medication is working well, when I'm not practically anemic after Mother Nature has paid me a visit, when my back isn't hurting from bending over and picking up little pieces of trash, wadded up socks, little pink shoes and the like, a million times, when I could just have some good peppy music playing and I could actually get the house clean! Then I could go on and get the decorating done that I want, like finishing the paint job in Sonya's room and bathroom or start on getting my bedroom the way I want it!

Oh well, guess I'll keep hoping and praying that some day soon a mystical day will happen, when everything lines up again and I can finally say (even if it is for just until the kids and hubbie get home from wherever) "WHOO HOO, I'M DONE!"


Anonymous said...

HI Nikki, Im a friend of Marcy's...I completely feel your pain, except I don't have kids..I usually keep a spotless house..but it drives me crazy, cause my husband doesn't clean up after himself..This seems to be the only fussin we do..I FEEL your pain! We work 12 hr shifts, fri, sat, sun..I come home and done @ least 2loads of laundry while he played on the computer, and layed on the couch..Hmm..Didn't I just work 12 hrs too? but I come home and still work!!! MEN!

Nikki said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I'm not alone! I so understand! My main pet peeve is when he does get a wild hair to try and "help" and do the laundry, he forgets the rule "DON'T DO ANY OF NIKKI'S". So, he either shrinks my brand new nice work clothes or he washes my not so dirty everyday clothes with his grubby, oily, work ones and low and behold, oil stains on my nice, new, light colored t-shirt. Can't tell you how many of my clothes end up in the rag bin!
Thanks for the morale support!

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