Monday, September 8, 2008

Rough week and weekend...

I have to say, it's been a rough week for me. Work was just court after court with tons of filing and paperwork to do, so may have to come in some this week to get it all done, oh well, getting used to that.

But one of the worst things this past week was learning that the father of the family we bought our house from, committed suicide. Boy, that was a shock. There's really no words that I can think of to describe how devestated our little community is by this loss. From everything I knew about him, he was always a happy and involved person in and around wherever he lived, but seems there was another side to him that most people never knew. Anyway, we are all so sorry for his wife and 2 sons left behind and I know that everyone who knows them is thinking of them and keeping them in their prayers.

Now for the second worse thing, my little Snowflake (my little kitty I blogged about before who looks like Skippy John Jones) has gone missing. We were on our way out to the car to the Varsity game on Friday evening, and he ran out. He's gone out before, but only during the day, and it didn't dawn on us that we wouldn't be back till after dark. Well, we came back, looked for him, called for him, and nothing. Looked the next day, still nothing. No sign of an attack, no clues, no tracks, nada, zero, zip. We've heard stories about there being maybe an owl around town that has been attacking and, well, eating small dogs and kittens, but didn't even think that something like that could happen to my little boy, but now we're thinking maybe it did. My hopes of finding him safe and sound are fading very fast.

So, I've been very down all weekend and tonight I get to be one of the hostesses for the Garden Club meeting. I was looking forward to it, until all this happened. I know everyone is going to want to mention the suicide, well, I do live in their former house ya know, but they won't cause they don't know the extent of my families relationship to his, which was really no more than just us buying their house. That's it! But, I know they'll think it was more, cause that's what I had to deal with on Friday night at the football game, everybody wanting to ask, but nobody wanting to be the ones to do it, so, nobody does and they just end up pretending they don't see you in the first place and avoid the whole issue. It must be a small town thing, I guess.

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Mabunny said...

Oh Nik, I'm so sorry for your kitty. I'll say a small prayer and hope the owl didn't get him.
I'm also sorry to hear about the guy you bought the house from. That is horrible that he didn't or couldn't get help for whatever was bothering him.

I didn't have a chance to call you this weekend, but Chris broke his collarbone - he almost got hit by a car on his way to work friday morning, he swerved and flew over the handle bars of his bike, landing on his shoulder. He is in alot of pain atm...
He's also working half a day right now. Hopefully will ttyl:)
love you and hugz to all!

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