Sunday, September 21, 2008

Junior High Game and Picures

The Little Rankin Red Devils Junior High pulled it off again and won again this past Thursday! Go Devils!

This first picture I took of the Junior High team at their Pep Rally on Thursday afternoon and it gives you a pretty good idea of the differences in the size of our players. On the far left are the 8th grade boys then it goes to 7th and the last 3 are the 6th graders, including my own Nathan #54 at the end.

Now considering he is probably the youngest one on the team, since he just turned 11 this past June 25th, he is one of the biggest 6th graders. Must be in the gene's cause I was always one of the tallest kids even though I was probably the youngest with my birthday at the end of August. So, like me, he will probably be just 17 when he graduates, that's if he passes his classes every year. I tell ya, this year has probably been the toughest for him so far, they are changing classes, like regular Junior High, and now with practices etc., it's been hard getting him back in the swing of things, but he's getting better!

On to the game, the Devils played against Robert Lee and originally, the coaches thought the team was going to be an easy win for the J.H. guys, but when they came out on the field, the coaches had a bit of a surprise. Robert Lee had several big players and their 6th graders weren't as little as the guys from last game. And they were more experienced then our players.

The second picture is our guys warming up before the game. The coaches don't usually put the little guys up against the big guys, mainly because they just don't quite have the experience yet to protect themselves from someone who is possibly 100 lbs heavier than they are. So, that's the little guys in the middle, hopefully learning by watching.

Since, the Robert Lee team was so experienced and so much bigger then our 6th grade guys, I could tell our little guys weren't going to get much play time, and since they got to play so much in last weeks game, I know our youngest players were starting to get a little frustrated. I took the picture of Jon-Jon the water and football boy giving my son a little pat on the back and giving him a little moral support. I'll have to print that picture out and give it to Jon-Jon's mom next time I see her. It always makes a mom feel good when she sees her son doing something nice for someone, especially when they haven't been told to do it!

Finally, at 2 minutes til the end of the game. the coaches thought the Devils were far enough ahead that it was time to bring in the 6th graders. So, there is the picture of Assistant-Coach Gamboa giving Nathan some final instructions before he sends him out as a Blocker. And boy what a good Blocker he is. In the next picture, you can't really see him, but he is right in the middle of all those players, he's about to pull one guy down, then he turns around and gets another. That's the part that I saw when the whistle blew, he was just hanging on to that guy and not letting him go anywhere.

All in all, the team played really well and as you can see from picture of the scoreboard, they won 34-0! Yeah, Devils!

I just took another look at the list of all the players for the Junior High Red Devils and just realized, over 1/2 the players are 8th graders! Eight of them will be going on to either the JV or Varsity teams next year and that will leave only 5 players from this year's team! Oh boy, those
coaches better get busy getting those little guys trained cause I can only think of maybe 3 of the 5th graders who might play next year!

That's just about it for now, oh wait, Nathan has really enjoyed wearing contacts and even his coaches noticed that he was doing better at their practices. Certainly helps when you can see who you need to hit, or where the ball is!

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