Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Contest Time!

Hi Everyone! In honor of my BFF's 200th post, we are co-hosting an awesome contest!

We have both been wracking our brains trying to come up with lines from movies that will make you think a bit. The prize, which MaBunny will post a picture of when she receives it, is a small gift basket from Connie Dubois of Bayoumoon Candles. She agreed to give away to the winner a candle and matching scent soap all made by her. I think she mentioned something about Pearberry. She makes beautiful baskets, and if you didn't see the one she made for MaBunnies anniversary present, look here...Some of these quotes may be from movies as far back as the 50's, some from the 80's , or some much more recent, but either way, hope you have fun!

And a little hint from ADD Nikki, the quotes aren't just from Chick Flicks either, so if you aren't a Sci-Fi fan, you might have to have a little help from someone of the masculine gender to help you get ahead in this contest! Also, I'll have music from some of the movies going in My Playlist this week, so if you're stuck, hang around my blog and have a quick listen and maybe the songs will job your memory!

The contest will be up for a week, and the winner will be the first one to get them ALL right , or if no one gets all of them, then the one with the most right!Get your Movie thinking caps on, and Here we GO!!!!!:

1. "I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek.."
2. " You had me at hello"
3. "Is it you?"
4. " I married Rambo"
6. " Goose, she's lost that lovin feelin"
8. " It's a big rolling turd!"
9. " I have THREE possible fathers???"
10. "Snakes? why does it have to be snakes? "
11. "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash"
12. "Ladybugs, lots and lots of ladybugs..."
13. " Whassa hoppenin' hot stuff?"
14. " Nobody puts Baby in a corner"
15. " My babys come home from the war Daddy!, My Chadwick is hooome..."
16. " dad?" "what?" "Dad" What?" "DAD?" "WHAT??"
17. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

OK, there they are! If you know your movies, you may figure out we were a bit tricky and put two lines up from the same movie:)) aren't we sneaky?
Anyway, leave the answers in the comment section of MaBunnies post here in order to be entered!
Hope everyone had a great weekend:))


Mabunny said...

Already have 6 or 7 entries ! no ones gotten them ALL right so far, but some have broken thru the harder ones!

jancd said...

Just saw your post on Homesick Texan and have to say, I have not heard the words, "Rankin, Texas" since I was growing up in Coleman, Texas. Just made me smile. Jancd

Nikki said...

Glad I could brighten your day with thoughts of West Texas! Hope you come back and visit my blog for more tales of Itty Bitty Town life!

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