Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whoo Hoo, I did it!

Remember a few posts back, when I blogged about the Pagoda in Midland? Remember when I said I should do something about it at the end of my post, well, that night I did! I looked on the NewsWest 9 site (my favorite local news station, they did the Under West Texas Skies and actually pay attention to our little town 52 miles south of Midland) and I found an email address that you use to send story ideas to and I sent them a little email about the Pagoda and how it was just being allowed to fall apart etc. Sort of a mini version of my blog post without all the pictures.

And guess what? Today, I came home and hubbie said there was a message from someone talking about the Pagoda and she left a phone number for me to call her back! It was a reporter from News West 9 who had been researching the story behind the Pagoda and what Midland is going to do about it's terrible condition! So, I called her back, to bad it was already after 5pm, and she said that they had already done the 5pm part of the story, which was just the little one, but that at 6pm they were doing the long story and thanks for the idea for the story to begin with!

Cool huh! It was the lead story at 6pm and the reporter I talked to was actually at the Pagoda site reporting from it LIVE! So, here is the link to the news story titled Midland Pagoda Restoration. I'm so excited! But, since my co-workers don't know about my blog-they know about my ADD, just not my blog-I can't really tell them I had something to do with the news story without spilling the beans on my blog. Oh well, at least I can let ya'll know!

As you can tell from article, the reporter really did some research and dug into why something so precious has been allowed to get in such a state. I hate seeing things like that just being allowed to go to waste, guess it's the former Architecture student in me. Old buildings are pretty fascinating to me too, I love to see good renovations on old buildings.

Fort Worth is one town that works really hard to keep the buildings that helped make it what it is today, like the old Train Depot and Sundance Square. Dallas, on the other hand, tends to tear down the old and replace with brand spanking new, but I have to admit, just before we moved to Rankin, I think they were finally realizing how important their old buildings were and that they needed to take care of them. The Old Red Courthouse is one example of a building that they were trying to save. Hope there were many more.

Well, I hope you enjoy the news story, but just remember, I gave them idea! He, He!


Mabunny said...

Woot Nikki,I'm soooo proud of u!
You have to send pics of the restored pagoda. Bet it will look magnificent!
Love the answers to your meme:))

Mabunny said...

BWAHAHAHA, maybe I am and maybe I'm not, lol, time will tell:))
For me to know and YOU to wake up screaming:))
Love ya:)

Mabunny said...

Come on over and visit my blog today (saturday), I think you are going to loke it:))

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