Friday, August 1, 2008

New site about AD/HD..

Well, I haven't touched on it in a while, but I went back and looked at some of my first blogs and realized, I haven't really mentioned my ADD in a while, but I guess I haven't mentioned it lately, because it's really been controlled very well with the medications my doctor has prescribed for me. So, I decided to find one of the lists of symptoms of ADHD in adults that I used to to check my symptoms when I first decided I needed to see a doctor because I just couldn't keep it all together. So, I found it again and here it is Symptoms of ADHD in Adults.

When I first looked this list over, I couldn't believe that I had had these symptoms my whole life and never realized what it was. I was never a "normal" person, and I knew it! I wasn't dumb, I didn't mean to be forgetful, not pay attention, or stay up past midnight reading. I just couldn't really help it! Same with the impulsiveness, how impulsive is going to get a tattoo with your big sister! I had thought about it for a while, but one afternoon we just did it.

It was eye opening for me and maybe it will for you. You may not have ADHD, but maybe if you read the symptoms, you might recogonize someone you know in those words and maybe it will help you to deal with that person and understand them a little better.

Now on to my NAME THAT MOVIE! last hint, this is for 3 of the songs, so here goes. These songs are from a recent non-animated musical that takes place in the City of Lights, at a very famous place of entertainment, that has something to do with a Windmill on it. The actual location in that city has had a resurgence of sorts because of the popularity of the movie, and now draws tourists in droves!

So, this is your last chance to enter, get those guesses in and I'll be doing the judging tomorrow arfternoon. Good Luck!

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