Saturday, August 9, 2008

Midland's Own Part of China!

In honor of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, I decided to post some pictures of something that I stumbled upon in Midland one day a few years ago. At the time I was curious as to why in the world this structure was sitting out in the middle of a big field not more than a 1/2 mile from a major freeway. So, next time I finally remembered to bring my digital camera, I took a bunch of pictures and then did a little research about it.

From what I can find out, it was a gift to the city of Midland from it's sister city Dongying in China. Now that I've seen more of China and it's architecture (especially during the cycling event today) I've really noticed how neat this little Pagoda really is, but also how shamefully vandals have treated this once beautiful little piece of China. This top picture is from the website of the Architects who designed Beal Park, where the Pagoda is located. From what I figure, the picture was taken shortly after it was installed at it's current site because it is just beautiful!

But now, the beautiful scroll work all around it along the bottom and around the base of the roof have just been practically destroyed. I am so glad that people can't reach any higher than that because it would be such a shame for something so pretty to be treated so badly.

Hopefully my pictures show how pretty the majority of the structure still is. I had heard some rumors that the City of Midland was going to either try to move it to a more secure place and refurbish it or just try to fix it up where it's at, but couldn't find anything online confirming that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy a little of our own piece of China in the middle of the flat plains of Texas!

To the left, you see my little ones posing with the Pagoda back in January of this year. In that picture and the one below you can see the damage to all that intricate woodwork on the railings and the scrollwork around the base of the roof, but the kids are sure cute!

At least the vandals haven't been able to mess with the cool detail work on the roof and inside the roof of the Pagoda! I love that gold color of the tiles and those cool dragon heads on the end. Since my decor is leaning to an Asian influence, I might have to find some paint that is close to that color for my family room. I've already painted some of my kitchen that Chinese Red color, believe me it's not as bright as you think. I've got white cabinets and white appliances, so there really isn't much red in there!

And this shows the beautiful paintings that are all around the Pagoda and the minute little details, even going so far as to imprint symbols into the ends of the ceramic tiles on the roof. Just amazing how much artistry is just being allowed to waste away. I might just have to try to do something about it.

that's an idea!

Well, till next time, enjoy the pictures and the Olympics. Have to say "WAY TO GO MICHAEL PHELPS! Just won his first Gold Medal at these Olympic Games, and "Good Luck!" to all of our Olympians!


Mabunny said...

Wow Nik, that really is pretty! It is shameful how beautiful stuff can be destroyed or vandalized, and shame on people for doing it!

Thanks for the mini history lessons! I'm loving the olympics and now Nicole is loving wathcing them too, mainly the swimming and gymnastics.

Angie's Spot said...

That's pretty cool! I love Asian architecture. One of these days, I would love to travel over there and see this stuff up close. I guess, in the meantime, I can always pay Midland a visit. LOL!

Go Phelps! I'm getting ready to watch his 3rd attempt for gold!

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