Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

Let's see, first want to say Thank You to my mother for having me! I was the oddball who decided to jump into this world feet first. My mom used to tell the story of her ob/gyn coming in to check on my progress, said "I see a foot", and then she doesn't remember anything until she woke up and asked if I was a boy or a girl! Oh, how times have changed in the Labor and Delivery field-thank goodness! Also, thanks for all the gifts by mail. Love my goodies, and kids love their back to school outfits. And of course William has been "sharing" his stuff with Sonya every chance she gets to sneak into his office and get one! He doesn't know how generous he really is!

Today for my birthday I've certainly "gotten" a lot, like:

I got to do the dishes and the laundry.
I got to vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors.
I got to clean out the litter box and feed the kitties, so the little pests can fill the liter boxes back up again.
I got my computer desk area finally all set up the way I like, without all the wires here and there cause I used the cable ties to make it all look nice and neat.
I got to get the kids ready to go back to school tomorrow!

And to top it all off, I got to make my own Birthday dinner and Birthday cake!

Oh, goodness, what can I say. My hubbie is a pumper with an oil and gas company out here and he only gets every other Friday thru Sunday off, and this is his weekend to work. So, maybe I'll get the "Birthday Girl" treatment next weekend, but I'm not going to hold my breath!

One present I really enjoyed and made me get all teary-eyed was from my BFF Mabunny over at Ables Antics, she did a special post about me and her and our 24 year friendship titled MY BFF NIKKI. She's so sweet and I hate that I don't get to see or talk to her as often as I'd like, but thank goodness for emails and blogs so I know some of the highlights of what goes on with her and her family. Thanks Mabunny for all the memories!


Mabunny said...

Wow you sure 'got' alot of stuff for your bday! Hey I'm spending my anniversary helpig kiddo with homework while hubby get alll nasty greasy and smelly working on our car and his cousins. Instead of Meatloaf or some fancy dinner, I'm making hamburger helper! lol. Aren't we just the life of the party?
Oh, the massage oil was GREAT!!'wink wink:))
Birthday hugs to u!
Miss You!
Tell the kiddos good luck in school!

jojo said...

Hi Nikki
Happy Belated Birthday ;) Made my way over here from MaBunny...hope you get to enjoy a "real" day when your husband is back. Take care,


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