Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday! And all kinds of Stuff!

Friday's finally here! Yea! What a crazy week, just been busy, busy, busy! But now the boss is out taking care of family, and I get a minute to relax. Then, I've got to get busy, busy, busy, again cause I just have SO MUCH work to do. I'll probably end up coming up here this weekend, when it's quiet, no interuptions, no phone ringing, and I can finally get a lot of work done.

But on with the rest of my news! First got to shout out-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER! I feel awful cause I think I missed it on Tuesday, or is his birthday today? Oh, I must be getting old, my mind's just hasn't been all here this week. Had busy work day on Tuesday and got LOTS of paperwork to enter into my computer system and then file it all away. Mainly, it's the entering into my computer that takes so long. It's nice to have it in there, cause if someone calls about something, I can just look it up on my computer, instead of having to go pull the folder. But, it's almost double work, can't just put it in the folder and file it away. Then, I wouldn't have all these piles on my desk!

Oh, well, at least there is the Olympic Opening Ceremony to look forward to tonight! I've always loved the Olympics and when I was a little girl, I'd watch figure skating and would try to do all the jumps and spins in socks on my parents linoleum floor, thank goodness I never broke any bones or anything else around me! In the summer, I'd go swimming and pretend to be a freestyle competitor and go as fast as I could. Or, since I would ride my bike to the pool, I'd ride as fast as I could and try to get there in a shorter amount of time then the day before. Oh, and now they have the biking around this cool track, at least I hope it's an event this year. In Frisco, Texas, they built a wonderful biking facility and if I hadn't already been married, with 2 kids, and the baby fat still firmly in place on me, I would have loved to check all that out.

But, I think I mentioned I bought me a new bike, it's so pretty! Here's a picture of it! I got it from WalMart and it's just a plain old fashioned cruiser bike, no gears to shift, no hand brakes, just a cute old fashioned fun bike. I've decided that since the kids both have bikes too, in the morning, we'll ride to the sitters (only 2 blocks and 1 house away). I'll drop them off there, then I ride on to work (only about 10 more blocks away, not very far), but the hill to get up to the Courthouse-that's the kicker! I made it about 1/2 way up today, which is my first day riding my bike to work, and ended up having to get off and walk with it about 1/2 a block till it evened out. Then got back on and there I was at work. So, 2 good things, not using gas and putting more wear and tear on my car and I'm getting some good exercise at the same time. A big Win-Win if you ask me!

Oh and one more thing, Mabunny, I've got your spa goodies that you won for the NAME THAT MOVIE! contest and I'll try to get them in the mail Monday, like I said earlier, rode bike to work, couldn't carry my stuff, kids stuff, my lunch, and the box with all your goodies in the basket I added on front, and the post office is closed on Saturday, so, I'll send it out on Monday. Whew! Think that's it, until next time!

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Mabunny said...

Yay I will be looking for it come next week:)) Your bike is cute! and woot that you are getting the exercise now on it - the baby fat that you claim is still firmly in place will just melt off if you keep the bike riding up!! I'm so happy for you! I miss you like crazy!
What do you want for your birthday? a good book perhaps? Please let me know SOON!!!
Love ya:)

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