Thursday, July 31, 2008

Question on NAME THAT MOVIE! contest

First, let me say thanks to everyone who's visited , hope you've enjoyed some of my favorite movie songs and I hope you enter my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. I've got a great box full of Organic spa goodies for whoever gets the most song = movie match-ups!

All ya have to do is listen to the songs on my playlist and just guess what movie the song is from. Say ya hear "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins and think, oh yeah, Footloose the movie. So, there's answer number 1. Then perhaps you saw Mamma Mia this weekend and hear Meryle Streep belting out the tune and say, I know that one too! Or maybe you hear "Let's do the Timewarp" and say, Oh I saw the clip for that on Mabunny's site when she posted something about, um, virgins (not what you think, the link will take you right to that post), so, that makes answer number 3.

Now to enter, just send me a comment with something like;
Footloose = Footloose
Mamma Mia = Mamma Mia
Timewarp = ???? , etc.

To listen to a lot of songs, just minimize my blog while continuing to do your things and it'll keep playing! I always have to have some type music going on while I work, part of my Attention Defecit Disorder, but that's how I came up with the NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. Actually Playlist is a cool site, I log in to my playlist in the morning, pop it out to my MediaPlayer, and it will play my music all day from there. That way I don't have to be online all day and even better-IT'S FREE!

Well, on to some more hints, let's see, OH here's a good one, 2 of the 3 famous actors I mentioned in my previous post, have been in several of the movies on my list, with one movie that they were both in, for a total of 4 of the movies on my list. And since I've given y'all 3 answers already in this one little post. That's it for today!

So, good luck, keep those answers coming!

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