Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My baby girl's Birthday!

My Sonya is 6 today! Can't believe it, she's getting so big and tall! And now that she's lost that 2nd bottom tooth, she looks so cute! Well, she was just absolutely adorable before, but she's even cuter missing those 2 front teeth.

Yesterday I sent an email to our local channel 2 news telling them that today was Sonya's birthday and I attached a picture. They have a little segment at the end of their program announcing people's birthday, if you email the info to them in time. So, I kept it on channel 2 and was nonchalantly ironing when they got ready to announce birthday's and guess who was first, my little baby. The young weather guy even said what a cute picture. So, here's the picture and I'll try to poke around online when I get a chance and try to see if they have the segment on their site and I can add a link or something. (Need to get with Mabunny at AblesAntics and ask how she gets the videos on her blog.)
Sonya was so surprised! She just gasped and said "IT'S ME!" and then just started bouncing about the room she was so excited. I had set up our satellite thing to record the program, that way Daddy will be able to see her little Happy Birthday wish from the News Station.
Nathan is hoping to get on the news tonight for News West 9's Under West Texas Skies program that they are having here in Rankin this afternoon. They are going to broadcast their 5pm and 6pm news from Rankin and they have all kinds of things for families and kids. Nathan wants to win the hot dog eating contest, and if he does, they'll interview him on the news. So, maybe I'll have both kids on the news on the same day, that'd be cool!
Here's a link to News West 9 who is doing the program and they have all kinds of little clips up and interviews about the towns they have visited, usually they put them up shortly after they do the program. I'll let everyone know if they put anything up with one of the kids or someone I'm acquainted with. that way everyone can get to know my new little town.

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Mabunny said...

Happy Birthday Sonya! Yes, you are adorable! Glad you had your 15 seconds of fame, how cool was that ?
Hope to see ya'll soon, and will check out the link toinght of the news broacast and see if Nathan is there!

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