Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 4th and Beyond...

We had a great 4th of July hope everyone else did too! Since the 4th is the day that my son came home from the hospital, it's kind of like a second birthday around our house, so we went to the Big Sky Drive-In in Midland to celebrate. This one is actually only a few years old and I had heard great things about it, so off we went Friday evening to see Wall-E and Kung-Fu Panda. It was as fun as I remembered!

We took a couple of boom boxes, stocked them full of new batteries since this theater broadcasts the soundtracks over the radio and parked right up front because right below the screen is a large playground for the kids. After we got parked, left hubbie to unload the chairs etc., and the kids and I hit the snack bar. Well, it's not just a snack bar, it's actually more of a diner, with burgers, fries, and all that kind of good stuff. And it's a heck of a lot cheaper then the regular theater.

So, after we got our goodies, we went back to the car and settled in to watch the movies. Sonya and Nathan wanted to play at the play ground, so off they went, but since I had bought them some little light up necklace things at the snack bar, I could see their little flashing lights running around after it started to get dark, so no worries there.

Wall-E is AWESOME, everyone needs to go see it. It was just so much cooler to see it at the drive in, since so much of it takes place in space, it was cool seeing the wide open Texas night sky behind the screen. We even saw shooting stars go by. Oh, and since the theater is only a few miles from the local Minor league Baseball team's Ballpark, they had fireworks after the game and we got to see them just a little to the left of the screen. Our little town usually lets people shoot off fireworks in the big high school parking lot under the watchful eye of our volunteer fire department, but it's been to dry, so those were the only fireworks we got to see this year.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, too bad Saturday didn't end up as nice for William. I had gone back to Midland to do all the big shopping and William called and asked me to pick up an Ace bandage for him for his ankle. He said he had stepped onto the steps heading to the carport, turned to shut the door and heard a pop and when he put his right foot down on the next step, major pain shot through it.

Well, he thought he just strained or sprained it and if he put the wrap on it,he'd be fine. Well, since he was b****ing and moaning so much about it Sunday morning, I told him to go the the hospital and have it looked at, sure enough, he broke his foot. The doctor is probably late 50 something and been in practice for a long time and he said he had never seen a break like it. From their description, a piece of bone popped out of the other part. Maybe kind of like a piece of a knot hole popping out of a piece of lumber. That's how I imagine it to be, I didn't get to see the x-ray, just going by what hubbie told me.

So, that was the 6th, and he tried to go back to work on the 10th, but said it hurt to much and hasn't been back since. I took him to his follow up appointment yesterday and the Dr. said, well, only thing is to try an orthopedic dr. and maybe go that route to help the pain, but couldn't get hubbie in until 2-3 weeks from now. So, he's still at home. No appointment with another dr. and he's about to run out of sick and vacation time.

Maybe I'll get a part-time job at the local convenience store, not just for the money, but cause he's driving me NUTS! Men are the worst patients!

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Mabunny said...

Hey there BFF:)) Talked to your hubby last week. I was missing you and left a message on your machine and in about 10 mins he called me back so I knew about his foot. Im dealing with a hubby with a summer cold. So he is kind of pitiful.. and is off work for the second day because of the fever and he has no voice! His boss told him to stay hom becasue she doesn't want to get sick but she is giving him the option to work saturday to make up some hours.
ttyl and love ya

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