Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Big Thank You and More Hints...

First I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mabunny over at AblesAntics for my first blogger award! It's just too cute and since you know I'm a big Disney fan, I absolutely love the picture and of course thank you for such a sweet comment to go with it. Made my day! Thank you!

So, here's my first award to share with everyone, along with Mabunny's quote:

To Nikki-my dear , sweet, loving BFF. and since it shows Mickey/Minnie walking and holding hands like friends, I think its pretty self explanatory. And yes, a post will be coming soon detailing our 20+ yrs of friendship.

And since this award shows some characters from Disney, I guess my next NAME THAT MOVIE! hint is in regards to a recent movie from that company with it's song being sung by an artist who was critiqued by a cranky Brit. That should be enough for that hint and if you haven't seen the movie, it's really cute and my 6 year old daughter loves it!

Staying with the Disney theme, the company that created this next NAME THAT MOVIE! was bought by Disney several years ago, but this movie was made long before that transaction took place. And for an extra little hint, I guess I can also mention that this was the first movie for the singer of this song even though said singer had been doing Public Television for many years before that.

Now, put those thinking caps on and get those comments in, if you only know a few of them at this point, go ahead and send in your comment and if you think of some more after you see a few more hints, send those in too and I'll add them all up on Sunday to get your total.

Don't forget, the person with the most correct answers is going to get a bunch of cool, Organic Bath goodies in either Natural (which would be good for guys) or Pomegranate scent. You will get several different spa quality items, I'll have to go look again for specific names, but I know that Teddy J's had things like body butter, lip balm, bath bubbles etc. all that good stuff. I think I'll have to buy some for myself tomorrow and post some pictures of what I buy so y'all will have a better idea of the treat that you will be in for if you win!

Oh and one more thing, the winner of this contest, will get to pick a theme for the next contest! The next contest will start on Saturday, August 30th and run through the next Saturday, with judging taking place on Sunday September 2nd. Ideas for themes are movies like Chic Flicks, Sci-fi, Animated, Oscar Award Winning, Musicals, or maybe have one famous star in common, like Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, Meg Ryan, or something like that. I love to research stuff, and it would just be fun! So, send those answers and Good Luck!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i came to check out the contest cause mabunny said I must :) but I am either way too tired or something has been moved and I am just not figuring out how this works... help... I wanna play I love to play :)
grins Laura Peach

Nikki said...

Thanks for comming by Peach, I've put a post up describing, hopefully, in better detail, my NAME THAT MOVIE contest. So, come on by, sit and listen for a spell. Hope some of the songs trigger some happy movie memories for you like they do for me!

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