Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another contest...

But not mine, check out the adorable pink and leopard print button to the right of my blog entries and you'll see the logo for the ladies at The Secret Is In The Sauce who are having a last Six Weeks of Summer contest for an Apple Nano. Those things are so cool! What would I do if I could down load 1000 songs? Wow, the possibilities are endless!

Of course, I'd have to download all my Playlist songs. Oh and how are you doing on figuring out some of those movies? Yeah, I know some are pretty easy, but I hope I have ya stumped on some of those older ones where the movie, at the time, was considered a flop. Now, though, a few of those flops are cult favorites, kind of like the movie mentioned by my BFF over at Ables Antics. Now if that's not a big hint, don't know what is!

I know, I've been shamelessly plugging other blogs, but just need to plug one more, my hubbies over at Anime and Manga Toons. He's just starting out in the blogging world, so give him all the support and comments you can. His blog's all about Anime etc., so some of you ladies might pass the info. on to your spouses, brothers, boyfriends or significant other who might enjoy reading and yaking about all those cool animated shows.

I remember watching Voltron in the afternoons after school and then my best friend Chris and I would act out what happened later. He was usually the bad guy, and all the other male Voltron cast members, and I was the girl who seemed to always get in trouble, like getting kidnapped, trapped somewhere, etc.
Well, better get going, keep working on those movie titles and I'll give more hints to them and to what all will be included in your West Texas prize package later this week! Got to go visit our different shops that carry cool locally made things, like candles, soaps and the cool wind chimes, rings and other jewelry my neighbor makes. So, until next time, keep those comments coming!

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