Monday, March 31, 2008

Only in my tiny town...

Could you drive by the Courthouse, which is in Downtown mind you, and see 6 deer eating on the front lawn. Heck, out here you almost don't have to even mow for the first few months of spring. The deer take care of it for you! Well, almost. I did go out one evening, before sunset, to take the trash out and in the lot next to my house were 9, count them, 9 deer. Boy, that was a surprise, for me and the deer.

We just kind of stood there looking at each other, then when they realized I didn't have a shotgun, they just went back to grazing. I was enjoying just standing there watching when a car started to drive by. I'm sure they thought I was crazy just standing there, so I started kind of pointing and acting like I was counting the deer and they looked at me, then at the deer, then they waved and went on.

My kitties were having fun watching the deer too. One of them, my big Texas snowball Snowy, actually ran up to them then screeched to a halt about 5' in front of one, then decided to bow up at it in the typical "Halloween Scaredy Cat" pose. The deer just looked at him like, kitty you're nuts, and went back to grazing. Snowy finally got bored and decided he had made his point and came trotting back over to me like he had shown them. Silly cat!

Deer are beautiful, but out here there are just too many of them. It's gotten so bad that we make sure we get all of our shopping out of town done so that we will be back home about an hour before sunset. It's just too dangerous around sunset and sunrise, just herds of deer roam around from one side of the roads to the other and with our little car, it would just get totalled if we hit one.

Just one more thing about living in a small rural area that I never knew I would have to be concerned about. That's not mentioning the HUGE owl that killed a neighbors little dog one night, or the bobcat that mauled a resident about 10 miles outside of town, or the rattlesnakes my husband sees while he's out working in the oil fields. Or the vultures who are back from Mexico. Or all the little chicken hawks. Or the coyotes. Or the occasional story of a mountain lion sighting. Or the tales of the Chubacabra. Well, don't know about that one, but some people say... they see something...occasionally...on those lonesome back roads...could be after they've had a few too many beers, but ya never know!

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Mabunny said...

WOW, life in a small town huh Nik??
Sounds pretty though. And pretty exciting. I so have to get to your house sometime this summer... It's been too long since we got together for some girl gab.
So hows the gardening coming??
Love ya

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