Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's done...almost!

The redecorating of my daughter's bathroom is finally done! It's only taken me 2 years to try to figure out how I should redo it, but I finally just decided one Friday a couple of weeks ago, that's it, I'm done guessing and hemming and hawing, let's just get it done.

That night we went to Lowe's and I found some wallpaper border that we liked and would go with some of the things I wasn't going to change because it would have taken me forever, and just did it!

Below is a picture that I took of one side of her bathroom, I had already started painting on the other side before I decided that I should take some pictures for my blog and show the before and after to everyone, so here's a bit of the before...

Yes, that is forest green and taupe stripes with a yellow linoleum tile floor and all white fixtures, the stripes went all around bathroom. There is one row of dark green tile near the top of the tile surround of the tub. Those colors just didn't quite work for my little one, she hated using her own bathroom and would go all the way to my room just to go potty. It reminded me of being in a very ugly circus tent or inside an exteminators tent when they cover the whole house to fumigate it for temites.

Needless to say, it was time to do something about it. So, the next pictures are of the actual work part of the process...boy, I used so much painters tape to go around all that dark green trim and dark green cabinetry, what a pain, but I think it would have been even more of a pain to repaint EVERYTHING in there, so for now that stuff is still green. In the last pictures I think you'll see why I went ahead and left the green...

Sonya decided she wanted a Tinkerbell in the Forest theme, which works out great cause it had the dark green, in it and then we could lighten her bathroom up with a Tinkerbell Dress green color. I found the lime green sheers at the Family Dollar store in Crane, and I think I am going to go back and get the longer ones in the same color and put them up around the bath tub so that it brings more of that color in there, and it will just make it look prettier and girlier for Sonya.

Well, here is the almost final product, just a few more touches, like maybe some posters or something like that, just whatever we find that Sonya and I decide might fit in...

Whatcha think?

I decided to paint the bottom of the walls just plain white, goes with the plain white tub, toilet, and sink. Might someday add beadboard around the bottom half of the bathroom. Would fit in with the craftsman kind of style of my house. The curtains are kind of a lime green, but it goes with Tinkerbells dress in the little border. The light green paint is more the color of the background in the border.

The pictures don't really do it justice, her bathroom is so much better in person, not quite an Extreme Home Makeover, but she likes it so much better.

My next project is going to be to add a stripe of the green paint down the middle of Sonya's room where she has been tearing off the wallpaper border that I had put up in her room (when she gets in trouble, she gets mad and a little distructive and the wallpaper border suffers), so I'll put the stripe there and maybe add some smaller stripes on top in a bright pink and purple. So many of the comforters I've seen and those sorts of things have those colors in them, I think I'll have her covered that way at least for the next hopefully 5-8 years, or at least until she can paint her room the way she wants, on her own.

Eventually, we are going to have to redo the floor in there, so we will be laying tile in there, real tile, not the linoleum stuff. And I want to do something about the counter top. That color and style of counter top is the same throughout the house, including the kitchen, so we are eventually going to change all those out too.

I think above the toilet we'll be adding a big poster or group of pictures or something that goes with all the tinkerbell stuff. Sonya will have fun picking out some posters for that area I think.

Anyway, she is much happier with her much brighter and cheery bathroom. At least she doesn't use my bathroom all the time anymore. She actually enjoys brushing her own hair and teeth in her own bathroom now and stays out of my tiny one. Her bathroom is twice as big as mine, maybe that is part of the problem about why she doesn't like being in there, might just be a bit overwhelming for her.

Oh well, at least that is mostly done and Sonya is happy in the mean time. This weekend I'll be tackling her room and getting it all spruced up. She wants butterflies and flowers in there, and we're slowly getting that all worked in there, a bit at a time. Let me know what y'all think of the mini transformation and talk to you later!

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Mabunny said...

wow Nik, that is a job well done. I've seen your makeover work and you always come up with something brilliant. I suck at doing that kind of stuff. Its like any part of artsy creativity has left me, lol. We are cuurently working on Nicoles bedroom to get it like she likes it. Might put pictures on my blog if it ever gets done:))

Take care and have a great weekend

Your BFF:))

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