Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and I'll try to post more tomorrow, now that the hectic holiday rush is over (yea!). Til then, enjoy my little ones and their holiday greetings!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I wanna win a purse and other things!

How about you? I love purses! I'm constantly changing out my purses, probably do at least 2 -4 times a week, my husband always has to ask which purse do I have my stuff in when he's looking for the car keys, checkbook, or things like that. So, a chance to win a purse, I am all over it! So, here's the link where you go to try to win at Handbag Planet, and good luck!

Let's see, what else is going on today....Guess not to much, but we didn't get to go to the Big Lake Bike Rally like I thought we would, so as of right now I don't think we won the Harley that was being raffled off. I'm sure if we won, our neighbor would run over and let us know. Oh well, guess I'll have to buy my hubbie something else for his birthday on Wednesday.

Well, actually I'll probably have to wait until this weekend to get him something. One advantage of living in an itty-bitty town is you can't just run out and buy something at the nearest Wal-Mart, cause the nearest one is 52 miles due north! It was so nice after we moved out here, I lost 15 lbs. without even trying because we weren't picking up fast food 3-5 times a week anymore since there are no fast food places in town.

Fast food to us now is running to the Rankin Drive In and picking up some frozen pizzas to cook at home. Oh, but I forgot, we now have pizza delivery or at least our little town version of it! The nearest pizza spot in McCamey makes deliveries to Rankin now, kind of. If you call and place your order by 2pm, the owner will bring the pizza to Rankin at about 5:30 and meet you at the Rankin Volunteer Fire Department so you can pick it up. But he only does it on Thursdays or if you order enough, and he's able to, he'll bring it over other days of the week too. He's been looking for a place to rent here in Rankins so he can open another pizza shop, but can't find the right space. Hopefully he'll find one soon cause we all miss hot, fresh, right from the oven pizza. Mmmm!

It's Almost Election Time!

Well, it's been a long, long campaign, but it's almost over (thank goodness), but have you REALLY decided who you are going to vote for? I found that even this close to the election, I still hadn't made up my mind on who I want for President after my previous choice dropped out of the race. So, I did a little research and found some websites that really helped me to make my final choice with confidence.

First of all, are you really sure about the political party you want to vote for? I thought I was until I took this quiz at VoteMatch Quiz. I had been a lifelong Democrat until I took this quiz and learned that this year is different, McCain's proposals are closer to what I believe would be best for me and my family. I was surprised to say the least.

I admit, I never really warmed up to Obama after Clinton bowed out of the race, but I would vote for him as a Democrat if I had to. Now, I don't. If I remember right from my Political Science class, much of what he is proposing to do as President, is socialist. Like Health Care for everyone (or else), isn't that like Canada's Socialized Medicine Program? And I had to add or else because if you don't get Health Care for your children, then you get fined, how much, who knows, except Obama.

But, like I said, I was going to vote for him as a faithfull Democrat, but after I took the quiz it showed that I was actually leaning more heavily toward the new Republican platform and McCain instead of Obama. To be honest, McCain is a moderate conservative and Obama is a conservative liberal, which are pretty much the same thing. So, I think that's why I was having such a hard time deciding who would be the best candidate for me and my family.

It's been a tough campaign for everyone, especially for the voters, and I'm so glad it's almost over. But if you find you're having a difficult time deciding who you should vote for, research, research, research. That's what finally made my decision an easy one. Not only did I do the quiz mentioned above, but I went to each parties website and checked out their platform. That's where you really find out what ALL Democrats and ALL Republicans are going to try to get passed in the next four years, if they are elected. The following links will take you to the respective platforms so you can do the research you need to help you make your final decision.

Republican Party Platform

Democratic Party Platform

Now it's up to you. I urge you to block out all the media hype, wipe off all the gunk from the mud slinging and take some time to really check out what each candidate wants to accomplish as President. I don't want you to take my word for it, I'm just an example of a voter who, after digging a little deeper and doing some research, found out she wasn't what she thought she was.

Friday, October 10, 2008

They just keep winning!

There is just no stopping our Junior High Rankin Red Devils! They have won all their games so far this year! WAY TO GO GUYS! The picture above is from their latest win in Fort Davis. They won 55-16 or something like that according to my own little Devil #54. But, hate to say, this may have been his last game if he doesn't get his grades up. He didn't pass Science this last 6 weeks, so now he won't get to play the next 3 weeks, which is when the progress reports will then come out and the coaches will see if they are passing or not.

So, let's see what else has been going on....Well, not to much. We are going to go to a Motorcycle Rally in Big Lake tomorrow. It's sponsored by the VFW over there and my neighbor and Justice of the Peace is a member, so he was selling raffle tickets for a 2009 Harley Sportster, and since I bought 2, and my hubbie would LOVE to have a Harley and he would LOVE to find out if he wins or not as soon as possible, we'll probably be some of the first ones there tomorrow. My father-in-law owns a Goldwing, many of our friends and neighbors around town own Harleys or Goldwings, so Hubbie REALLY, REALLY wants some form of motorized 2 wheel vehicle and winning that Harley would be perfect, for him.

It's really pretty neat out here, there are long stretches of old highways and lots of pretty scenery, so there are many people who have motorcycles and go ridding around the area on the weekend. Unlike in the big cities where you get the gangs of kids on the, well around here we call them, "Crotch Rockets", you get mostly middle-aged and up men, women, and couples riding nice cruising style bikes. Sometime you get groups of them, sometimes it's just a few, but they all enjoy just nice long rides around some of the prettiest scenery with very little other traffic.

So, I'll let everyone know if we win, but either way, I'm taking the camera tomorrow and maybe I'll get some good pictures of some pretty motorcycles and nice classic cars, cause they're also having a classic car show too!

Until then, have a great Friday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Fall in West Texas!

Finally, fall has come to our Itty Bitty town of Rankin! It's been so nice the last few days with overnight lows in the upper 40's to low 50's and it hasn't been above 90 degrees all week! Heck, it's almost a blue Norther' for us out here! It's the time of year when we can finally shut down the air conditioners over night, open a few windows to air out the house and expect cheaper electric bills, YEAH!

This time of year just makes me want to go outside, clean up the garden, and put out all the Halloween decorations. Our street is one of the few streets that gets LOTS of Trick or Treaters, so we tend to go all out for the holiday. We have some of those cool blow up things and lots of orange and purple lights to help light the way for all the little goblins hunting candy.

Man, just realized I hadn't taken my medicine for my ADD, no wonder I'm having a hard time getting this blog out. Sorry, but I'm gonna save and come back later.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rankin won again and so did Michelle!

Our Junior High Red Devils won again this week and it was the longest drive to the shortest game ever!

Sanderson is about an hour and a half to hour forty five minutes away, but I was invited to join Hal, the newspaper editor, and his wife for the drive down. Finally getting some time to chat with some great adults, and not having to listen to my children arguing in the back seat, certainly made the drive very enjoyable, not to mention the beautiful scenery.

But anyway, as soon as I saw the other team, I knew it was going to be a pretty one sided game, but never imagined it would be over at 1/2 time. Six man team rules state that if one team is up by 45 points at 1/2 time or later, the game is over. So, after watching our big guys score touchdown after touchdown for 2 quarters, Rankin was ahead 56-7 when the 1/2 time buzzer sound and the end of the game was announced.

Nathan got to play for just about the whole 2nd quarter, so he was very excited and was telling his dad and I all about it when we finally got home. I'm so glad he's been enjoying playing football, finally he talks about something other than video games!

Oh, and I need to give credit where credit is due, the picture above of my own Nathan,#54, was taken by Hal, not me. He gets to get down on the sidelines and get some awesome closeups! Way to go Hal!


And The Movie Quotes Contest that MaBunny and I co-hosted is over! Congratulations to Michelle at Honest and Truley! That was fun and we'll have to do that again, maybe for my 100th post. . . hmmmm!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Contest Time!

Hi Everyone! In honor of my BFF's 200th post, we are co-hosting an awesome contest!

We have both been wracking our brains trying to come up with lines from movies that will make you think a bit. The prize, which MaBunny will post a picture of when she receives it, is a small gift basket from Connie Dubois of Bayoumoon Candles. She agreed to give away to the winner a candle and matching scent soap all made by her. I think she mentioned something about Pearberry. She makes beautiful baskets, and if you didn't see the one she made for MaBunnies anniversary present, look here...Some of these quotes may be from movies as far back as the 50's, some from the 80's , or some much more recent, but either way, hope you have fun!

And a little hint from ADD Nikki, the quotes aren't just from Chick Flicks either, so if you aren't a Sci-Fi fan, you might have to have a little help from someone of the masculine gender to help you get ahead in this contest! Also, I'll have music from some of the movies going in My Playlist this week, so if you're stuck, hang around my blog and have a quick listen and maybe the songs will job your memory!

The contest will be up for a week, and the winner will be the first one to get them ALL right , or if no one gets all of them, then the one with the most right!Get your Movie thinking caps on, and Here we GO!!!!!:

1. "I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek.."
2. " You had me at hello"
3. "Is it you?"
4. " I married Rambo"
6. " Goose, she's lost that lovin feelin"
8. " It's a big rolling turd!"
9. " I have THREE possible fathers???"
10. "Snakes? why does it have to be snakes? "
11. "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash"
12. "Ladybugs, lots and lots of ladybugs..."
13. " Whassa hoppenin' hot stuff?"
14. " Nobody puts Baby in a corner"
15. " My babys come home from the war Daddy!, My Chadwick is hooome..."
16. " dad?" "what?" "Dad" What?" "DAD?" "WHAT??"
17. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

OK, there they are! If you know your movies, you may figure out we were a bit tricky and put two lines up from the same movie:)) aren't we sneaky?
Anyway, leave the answers in the comment section of MaBunnies post here in order to be entered!
Hope everyone had a great weekend:))

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time to vent...

Ok, I've got to vent a little here. The last time I had any time by myself, alone, no kids, no hubbie, was back in March when my hubbie decided to try to go "rescue" his younger brother. This was over Spring Break when he had taken the time off to watch the kids, since everyone else in our little town was actually going to go out of town and take a break during Sring Break, but since I don't work for the school district like 2/3's of the town, my family couldn't leave. But, anyway, he decided at the last minute, like noon on a Wednesday, that he and the kids were going to make an 8 hour run in his dad's truck all the way across Texas.

Well, since I thought he might be bringing his brother back with him, after I got off work I got to do a marathon session of cleaning house, doing laundry etc. It was so nice, I got so much done, and this poor house hasn't been that clean since. Now that hubbie works every other weekend, I don't get any time to myself or really even just some time to clean house. When the kids are here, it's like trying to shovel a sidewalk during a blizzard, or they are constantly picking on each other. Either way, I have to watch them constantly, so I can't get hardly anything done.

My hubbie, on the other hand, has that one Friday, every other weekend, that he is off, no kids, no wife, when he COULD be cleaning, doing laundry, etc. but usually when I get home from work, house is still a mess, litter boxes still a mess, etc. Well, maybe the dishes have been done, but the counters are still dirty, the stove still has spills on it, fridge hasn't had the old leftovers dumped in the trash, sigh...the list of things I would do if I had that time is practically endless.

What I wouldn't give to have one whole day, when my ADD medication is working well, when I'm not practically anemic after Mother Nature has paid me a visit, when my back isn't hurting from bending over and picking up little pieces of trash, wadded up socks, little pink shoes and the like, a million times, when I could just have some good peppy music playing and I could actually get the house clean! Then I could go on and get the decorating done that I want, like finishing the paint job in Sonya's room and bathroom or start on getting my bedroom the way I want it!

Oh well, guess I'll keep hoping and praying that some day soon a mystical day will happen, when everything lines up again and I can finally say (even if it is for just until the kids and hubbie get home from wherever) "WHOO HOO, I'M DONE!"

Junior High Game and Picures

The Little Rankin Red Devils Junior High pulled it off again and won again this past Thursday! Go Devils!

This first picture I took of the Junior High team at their Pep Rally on Thursday afternoon and it gives you a pretty good idea of the differences in the size of our players. On the far left are the 8th grade boys then it goes to 7th and the last 3 are the 6th graders, including my own Nathan #54 at the end.

Now considering he is probably the youngest one on the team, since he just turned 11 this past June 25th, he is one of the biggest 6th graders. Must be in the gene's cause I was always one of the tallest kids even though I was probably the youngest with my birthday at the end of August. So, like me, he will probably be just 17 when he graduates, that's if he passes his classes every year. I tell ya, this year has probably been the toughest for him so far, they are changing classes, like regular Junior High, and now with practices etc., it's been hard getting him back in the swing of things, but he's getting better!

On to the game, the Devils played against Robert Lee and originally, the coaches thought the team was going to be an easy win for the J.H. guys, but when they came out on the field, the coaches had a bit of a surprise. Robert Lee had several big players and their 6th graders weren't as little as the guys from last game. And they were more experienced then our players.

The second picture is our guys warming up before the game. The coaches don't usually put the little guys up against the big guys, mainly because they just don't quite have the experience yet to protect themselves from someone who is possibly 100 lbs heavier than they are. So, that's the little guys in the middle, hopefully learning by watching.

Since, the Robert Lee team was so experienced and so much bigger then our 6th grade guys, I could tell our little guys weren't going to get much play time, and since they got to play so much in last weeks game, I know our youngest players were starting to get a little frustrated. I took the picture of Jon-Jon the water and football boy giving my son a little pat on the back and giving him a little moral support. I'll have to print that picture out and give it to Jon-Jon's mom next time I see her. It always makes a mom feel good when she sees her son doing something nice for someone, especially when they haven't been told to do it!

Finally, at 2 minutes til the end of the game. the coaches thought the Devils were far enough ahead that it was time to bring in the 6th graders. So, there is the picture of Assistant-Coach Gamboa giving Nathan some final instructions before he sends him out as a Blocker. And boy what a good Blocker he is. In the next picture, you can't really see him, but he is right in the middle of all those players, he's about to pull one guy down, then he turns around and gets another. That's the part that I saw when the whistle blew, he was just hanging on to that guy and not letting him go anywhere.

All in all, the team played really well and as you can see from picture of the scoreboard, they won 34-0! Yeah, Devils!

I just took another look at the list of all the players for the Junior High Red Devils and just realized, over 1/2 the players are 8th graders! Eight of them will be going on to either the JV or Varsity teams next year and that will leave only 5 players from this year's team! Oh boy, those
coaches better get busy getting those little guys trained cause I can only think of maybe 3 of the 5th graders who might play next year!

That's just about it for now, oh wait, Nathan has really enjoyed wearing contacts and even his coaches noticed that he was doing better at their practices. Certainly helps when you can see who you need to hit, or where the ball is!

Friday, September 12, 2008

They Won Their First Game!

It was a cloudy and drizzly day here in Rankin last night when my little boy played his first Junior High football game! Well, compared to some of the other teams players, he's not that little. But anyway, it was so funny, when he got done with practice and ended up walking up to my work cause he didn't charge his cell phone (it's not that far, but it's the hill's that get ya, good for his legs though) the first thing he told me is "I don't want to play" and I could tell he was just scared 1/2 to death.

I had a box that needed to go out to the car, so I told him to help me take it out there, and then I gave him a pep talk about how I had talked to the Head Coach that morning and how he said that they probably wouldn't even play the 6th graders and how they had just needed the 6th graders to have enough boys to even be able to play this year. And I told him that he was committed to it now and that he had to go because if he didn't and they didn't have enough players, they would forfeit the game, etc. etc. and that the team was counting on him. What made hime feel much better was I said even if he didn't play a single play and the team won, they all are winners! So, when his daddy came to pick him up, he was feeling better.

Now on to the Game!

When he came out with the rest of the team, he kind of stayed back behind everyone or over to one side or the other. I could tell he was SO nervous and trying not to attract any attention so he wouldn't get picked to play. But since Rankin scored a touchdown on their 2nd play and proceeded to get 2 more in the next 10 minutes, the coaches decided to put 6th graders in, as you can see in this picture, as the coaches are pointing at the littlest Red Devils...

The 6th grade Rankin Red Devil players are:

#54-Nathan (my little boy)
and #80 Andrew (he's the son of the tall thin guy with the camera, Hal, the local newspaper editor)

In the second picture they are receiving their instructions from Assistant Coach Gamboa.

Then the 3rd, they are ready to play! Nathan was matched up against the big guy you see over the center.

He did so well his first play! He just grabbed that guy and hung on! It was like watching two rams who butted heads and just kept pushing at each other, neither one budging an inch and not letting the other get around him. Everyone after the game was very impressed with that play and told Nathan what a good job he did! He was so proud of himself!

Here he is up against another big guy, the coaches kept putting him in there against those guys and he kept holding his ground. And #80 Andrew, he surprised everyone too, he kept sneaking around everyone and almost had 2 sacks, the other teams quarterback would really quick throw the ball away to avoid it!

This picture requires a little explaination, the little guy on the other team is about to hand off the ball to the receiver right after the snap, but can you see the difference in size between their guys and our guys. Those are probably 8th graders against our 6th graders, but our guys held their ground and Rankin won 56-7!

After he got to play a few plays and came out for a break, all the bigger guys were slapping his back telling them how well he did and I could tell, he finally felt like part of the team. No more standing behind everyone or off to the side anymore!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rough week and weekend...

I have to say, it's been a rough week for me. Work was just court after court with tons of filing and paperwork to do, so may have to come in some this week to get it all done, oh well, getting used to that.

But one of the worst things this past week was learning that the father of the family we bought our house from, committed suicide. Boy, that was a shock. There's really no words that I can think of to describe how devestated our little community is by this loss. From everything I knew about him, he was always a happy and involved person in and around wherever he lived, but seems there was another side to him that most people never knew. Anyway, we are all so sorry for his wife and 2 sons left behind and I know that everyone who knows them is thinking of them and keeping them in their prayers.

Now for the second worse thing, my little Snowflake (my little kitty I blogged about before who looks like Skippy John Jones) has gone missing. We were on our way out to the car to the Varsity game on Friday evening, and he ran out. He's gone out before, but only during the day, and it didn't dawn on us that we wouldn't be back till after dark. Well, we came back, looked for him, called for him, and nothing. Looked the next day, still nothing. No sign of an attack, no clues, no tracks, nada, zero, zip. We've heard stories about there being maybe an owl around town that has been attacking and, well, eating small dogs and kittens, but didn't even think that something like that could happen to my little boy, but now we're thinking maybe it did. My hopes of finding him safe and sound are fading very fast.

So, I've been very down all weekend and tonight I get to be one of the hostesses for the Garden Club meeting. I was looking forward to it, until all this happened. I know everyone is going to want to mention the suicide, well, I do live in their former house ya know, but they won't cause they don't know the extent of my families relationship to his, which was really no more than just us buying their house. That's it! But, I know they'll think it was more, cause that's what I had to deal with on Friday night at the football game, everybody wanting to ask, but nobody wanting to be the ones to do it, so, nobody does and they just end up pretending they don't see you in the first place and avoid the whole issue. It must be a small town thing, I guess.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes! I want to share one of them I received from my hubbie, he's the one with the Anime and Manga Cartoons blog, so my Birthday message from him is very appropriate! Couldn't tell you who the character is or what Anime she's in, but I bet he could if you want to post the question on his site.

Now, turning to other things, the kids started school this week. It's been tough getting them back in the rhythm of coming home and doing their homework, reading, etc. But they are getting better. And one more thing, my son is now old enough to play Junior High football. Out here Junior High officially starts with 6th grade and High School starts with 9th grade. So, he's now on the Rankin Red Devil Junior High Football Team. Go Devils!

This is going to be a real learning experience for me. I wasn't involved in sports during school, even though I wanted to. Our school was just to big and just too many kids, so when they had the tryouts at the first of the school year, of course, I wasn't in the best of shape after a summer of lounging by the pool. So, of course, didn't get picked for Athletics. Even though, later during the spring, I matched the fastest time in the world, this was back in 1984, of 10.6 in the 100 meter dash. My gym teacher just gawked at me and asked why hadn't I been in her Athletics Class. It was already to late in the year for me to switch and the next year I was going to High School.

So, I keep telling my son how great an opportunity this is for him. There are so few boys in his class, the coach just wants male bodies he can train for the team. So, the coach was very happy to see Nathan show up for the first practice. Nathan is just built like a football player, which means he's not really built like his daddy's side of the family but more like the guys on my side. To tell the truth, he really reminds me a lot of my dad. I wish I had some pictures of when my dad was Nathan's age and I think I would see a lot of resemblance.

Well, we'll see how practice keeps coming along, how well Sonya gets back in the swing of things with school, and all that good stuff in the coming weeks, so I'll keep ya posted!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

Let's see, first want to say Thank You to my mother for having me! I was the oddball who decided to jump into this world feet first. My mom used to tell the story of her ob/gyn coming in to check on my progress, said "I see a foot", and then she doesn't remember anything until she woke up and asked if I was a boy or a girl! Oh, how times have changed in the Labor and Delivery field-thank goodness! Also, thanks for all the gifts by mail. Love my goodies, and kids love their back to school outfits. And of course William has been "sharing" his stuff with Sonya every chance she gets to sneak into his office and get one! He doesn't know how generous he really is!

Today for my birthday I've certainly "gotten" a lot, like:

I got to do the dishes and the laundry.
I got to vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors.
I got to clean out the litter box and feed the kitties, so the little pests can fill the liter boxes back up again.
I got my computer desk area finally all set up the way I like, without all the wires here and there cause I used the cable ties to make it all look nice and neat.
I got to get the kids ready to go back to school tomorrow!

And to top it all off, I got to make my own Birthday dinner and Birthday cake!

Oh, goodness, what can I say. My hubbie is a pumper with an oil and gas company out here and he only gets every other Friday thru Sunday off, and this is his weekend to work. So, maybe I'll get the "Birthday Girl" treatment next weekend, but I'm not going to hold my breath!

One present I really enjoyed and made me get all teary-eyed was from my BFF Mabunny over at Ables Antics, she did a special post about me and her and our 24 year friendship titled MY BFF NIKKI. She's so sweet and I hate that I don't get to see or talk to her as often as I'd like, but thank goodness for emails and blogs so I know some of the highlights of what goes on with her and her family. Thanks Mabunny for all the memories!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whoo Hoo, I did it!

Remember a few posts back, when I blogged about the Pagoda in Midland? Remember when I said I should do something about it at the end of my post, well, that night I did! I looked on the NewsWest 9 site (my favorite local news station, they did the Under West Texas Skies and actually pay attention to our little town 52 miles south of Midland) and I found an email address that you use to send story ideas to and I sent them a little email about the Pagoda and how it was just being allowed to fall apart etc. Sort of a mini version of my blog post without all the pictures.

And guess what? Today, I came home and hubbie said there was a message from someone talking about the Pagoda and she left a phone number for me to call her back! It was a reporter from News West 9 who had been researching the story behind the Pagoda and what Midland is going to do about it's terrible condition! So, I called her back, to bad it was already after 5pm, and she said that they had already done the 5pm part of the story, which was just the little one, but that at 6pm they were doing the long story and thanks for the idea for the story to begin with!

Cool huh! It was the lead story at 6pm and the reporter I talked to was actually at the Pagoda site reporting from it LIVE! So, here is the link to the news story titled Midland Pagoda Restoration. I'm so excited! But, since my co-workers don't know about my blog-they know about my ADD, just not my blog-I can't really tell them I had something to do with the news story without spilling the beans on my blog. Oh well, at least I can let ya'll know!

As you can tell from article, the reporter really did some research and dug into why something so precious has been allowed to get in such a state. I hate seeing things like that just being allowed to go to waste, guess it's the former Architecture student in me. Old buildings are pretty fascinating to me too, I love to see good renovations on old buildings.

Fort Worth is one town that works really hard to keep the buildings that helped make it what it is today, like the old Train Depot and Sundance Square. Dallas, on the other hand, tends to tear down the old and replace with brand spanking new, but I have to admit, just before we moved to Rankin, I think they were finally realizing how important their old buildings were and that they needed to take care of them. The Old Red Courthouse is one example of a building that they were trying to save. Hope there were many more.

Well, I hope you enjoy the news story, but just remember, I gave them idea! He, He!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tagged for a meme!

I was tagged for a meme by Mabunny at AblesAntics! I've never done one of these before, so should be interesting!

The rules are as follows:

1. Link the person who tagged you

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Okey Dokey, here are 6 UN-spectacular things about me...

1. Well, I have ADD, but I think of it more as a plus than a minus, most of the time!

2. I don't call people as often as I should, I prefer talking to people in person. I'm a very visual person, so when I get on the phone, it's hard for me to think about what I actually wanted to talk about. But...

3. I love to write emails to family and friends! Only problem is I don't get a whole lot back :( So, I usually just send out big emails once a week, wait on some replies, send out another a few days later. Or just write it out in my blog.

4. I'm terrible about taking pictures! Then when I do, I don't print them out, or don't download them on the computer, or back them up. Then my computer crashes and I lose them all! Ugh! I need to just download my pictures onto a disc then my next ADD Dr. appointment, I can get prints at Wal-Greens while I'm waiting for my prescriptions! Hey, I think I can remember to do that!

5. I have to associate things to each other or I'll forget them. Like number 4. above, now I'll remember to download my pictures and take them to Odessa with me!

6. I write notes to myself on my hand. Now, I know I'm not the only one who does this, but as mentioned before, I'm visual and if I don't associate something to something else, then I have to find another way to remember it, and seeing the note on my hand, several times a day, all day, really helps. And even if I write it down, I either forget the note, leave it at work, or lose it.

Now, my only problem is, I don't know 6 people to put one here, who haven't already done this!

Oh, well, I tried!


And as an addendum, today should have been Monday, part II! I came to work in the car, only coming up here on the bike every other day until I can make it up the hill without a break, and when I closed the driver door, the window shattered! OMG! Couldn't believe it! I was so shocked, had to look around to see if someone had thrown something at me, check to see if something had been sticking out of the car and the window had hit it, just had no clue what happened!

Anyway, I called hubbie, who called the dealership, who said that there was a recall on our car from a couple months back that was in regards to just that problem. So, to make long story short, after several calls back and forth from hubbie to dealership, dealership to hubbie, then finally ME to dealership General Manager, the parts have been ordered and I have his assurance they should be in in about a week and he will call and we will get an appointment set up to have window replaced at no charge. Just had to do the "This is my only car, we live in Rankin, school starts on Monday-I CAN NOT BE WITHOUT A CAR FOR A WEEK!" tone of voice on him to get things rolling.

Whoever hubbie talked to had told him, (imagine someone like Jeff Foxworthy saying all this and it'll make more since) Weelllll, if'n ya bring it in Saturday mornin', I'll take a look at it and measure it ta see what parts ya need, then it will take a coupla days to get the parts ha're, then after they do get ha're, bring it in and since I'm kind of backed-up, it'll probably be about 4 days a'fore we can get it all done. Hence, my phone call to the dealership G.M.

In the meantime, Thank God I have a carport, since we might have some more rain later tonight!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New News on People with ADD/ADHD

Ok, with Michael Phelps big Gold Medal Win number 8 under his Speedo Laser Swimsuit, (well, I can't use the phrase "under his belt", cause the man doesn't wear one when he's swimming), I thought I would bring attention to the fact that he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9 years old (to find him and other celebrities, like Ty Pennington-with ADD/ADHD-click here).

I think my nephew was diagnosed a year or so earlier than that, and since we were all reading books to find out more about ADD/ADHD to try all we could to help him (we've always been a family of readers), it was at that time that I found a book by Dr. Lynn Weiss (can't remember which one, she has so many) that talked about a 3rd type of ADD called, at the time, Inattentive ADD. And I realized, she was talking about me!

It was then, I checked out all her books at the library and bought her book about adults and ADD in the workplace. Boy, that book really helped me learn how to deal with my ADD and what I could do to help myself. I think I need to order another copy, might help me get myself more organized at work and since it seems as women get older and start having chemical changes in their bodies, ADD can get worse. At least that's what my doctor says! And I know he's right!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Odessa's own Stonehenge!

As promised, our World Tour of the Permian Basin continues with pictures of Odessa's own Stonehenge on the campus of the University of Texas at the Permian Basin!

Here's a little History of Stonehenge, and some of the Geology as well as some of the Art and Architecture further down, if you can read that little bitty print. Maybe save the picture then enlarge on your computer if you like.

It's really a nice structure and I think they tried to make it look like Stonehenge does now, but of course the stones in Odessa still aren't as aged as the ones in England. This arch is probably about 20 feet tall and is just huge! I wish I had had the kids with me, that way they could have posed with it to give a little perspective on how large these stones really are.

(This view here is through where the Heel stone shadow would go during the summer solstice.)

If you look directly in the center of this picture to the right, you can see the day-glow orange of the Home Depot and I think if you look to the far left of the picture you can just make out the Golden Arches. You couldn't mistake this Stonehenge for the one in England, that's for sure!

I think this Odessa Stonehenge would have been a much better experiment for the geologists, astronomers and anthropologists if they had created it to replicate what the English Stonehenge looked like when it was just completed. Just having this big brand new "ruin" out in the middle of a field, is just kind of odd. But, enjoy the pictures anyway, and if you ever are in Odessa, go by the UTPB campus and take a look. It's still an impressive work of architecture that can be enjoyed by all for years to come.

This last picture on the bottom shows the view from the Heel Stone, where on the Summer Solstice, it's shadow will stretch across the steet, through the gateway, and end up on the altar (the brightest, lightest colored stone) in the middle.

I don't know if Druids show up here at the Summer or Winter Solstices like they do in England, but since they engineered it to do exactly the same thing here in Odessa like Stonehenge does in England, I guess if they find themselves on this side of the world at that time of year...well, ya never know!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Need a new Job or Career?

Then come to wonderful, little Rankin in Upton County! Our Sheriff's Office would like a few more good men and women, our Mayor just resigned, and our Hospital District is driving out our one and only doctor. OH THE DRAMA!

Let's see, with the Sheriff's Office, the county is having a hard time matching the amount of money that the oil field companies are paying, so some of our Deputies don't stay Deputies very long. The oil field money is just too tempting! So, even if you don't want to go into law enforcement, there is lots of money to be made working for the oil companies, not just on rigs, but driving tanker trucks, supply trucks, etc., or just if you can service any type of equipment used for any of the above, then Rankin is the place for you.

Or maybe you like politics! Regarding our Mayor, well, the election was just a few months ago , so you would have thought she just wouldn't have run if she wasn't going to complete her next 4 year term. But, she did run, and her opponenent only lost by 19 votes, so now we just have a Mayor Pro Tem until they can get a new election set-up, whenever that will be.

Or maybe you work in the Medical Field? Our poor Doctor, he's one of the best doctor's I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with and because of certain people playing politics and just wanting to throw their power around, he is going to leave. He is such a good Doctor that he hasn't even officially left yet, but has already had many job offers from the surrounding communities. So, it looks like since we won't have a doctor, our hospital may end up closing, which in the end, since some of the poeple playing the politics will then be out of the job, it's going to come back and bite them in the butt. I don't think they actually thought that far in advance, but it's perfectly logical, no doctor, no hospital doctor, and no hospital=no hospital staff. So, maybe we might be accepting applications for a new doctor (hopefully not) or for new hospital staff. Personally, I think hospital staff and Administrators are a dime a dozen, GREAT Doctors are PRICELESS!

They had the Hospital Board Meeting last night regarding the above issue and my favorite station, NEWS WEST 9, was there, so they had a story about it on the news last night, with a link HERE. And for the record, our doctor is a recovering alcoholic, is monitored by the State and does EVERYTHING he is supposed to by law to maintain his license. There are probably thousands of doctors in the state who are also considered recovering alcoholics or even drug addicts and I'm sure they don't have to put up with as much in their communities as our poor doctor does here. Like I said earlier, it's just Small TOWN POLITICS!

Oh, something else-would you like to start your own business? Rankin has an Economic Development Board who would love to give out money to people to start new businesses, but I never even knew they existed until a few months ago, and I've lived here just over 3 1/2 years. Never heard of it! But, maybe that's part of why the mayor is resigning, maybe with some new blood running the town, we'll get some new ideas and maybe someone can work out some new things to get people to come to Rankin.

Speaking of new businesses, there is a farm in the upper northeast part of the county, closer to Midland actually, that is going to have a BIG fall festival. This is the debut year for Fiddlesticks Farms and I always thought that this area would be a great place for some type of Daytrip or "Weekend Getaway" spot for a lot of the people in the big cities around here and I'm so glad that someone finally read my mind! Especially now with gas so much, people are looking for places that are closer to home where they can go and have fun for a day or weekend.

Believe me, I love Rankin, and I see so much potential in my little town and it's such a shame that there are some people who are so stuck in their ways and who like to play politics that it makes it impossible for the community to prosper. If things keep going how they are, this little town will just turn into another West Texas Ghost Town, and since I've bought a house here and my kids are going to the wonderful school that's here. I don't want to see that happen!

To finish on an upbeat, I have my next ADD Dr. appointment tomorrow, so to continue my little series of Odd things out here in the middle of big fields, I'll get some pictures of Odessa's own Stone Henge! Like angie's spot mentioned in her comment on my post Midland's Own Part of China!, if you can't get to China, or England for that matter, come on out to West Texas, we've got something for everyone!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Midland's Own Part of China!

In honor of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, I decided to post some pictures of something that I stumbled upon in Midland one day a few years ago. At the time I was curious as to why in the world this structure was sitting out in the middle of a big field not more than a 1/2 mile from a major freeway. So, next time I finally remembered to bring my digital camera, I took a bunch of pictures and then did a little research about it.

From what I can find out, it was a gift to the city of Midland from it's sister city Dongying in China. Now that I've seen more of China and it's architecture (especially during the cycling event today) I've really noticed how neat this little Pagoda really is, but also how shamefully vandals have treated this once beautiful little piece of China. This top picture is from the website of the Architects who designed Beal Park, where the Pagoda is located. From what I figure, the picture was taken shortly after it was installed at it's current site because it is just beautiful!

But now, the beautiful scroll work all around it along the bottom and around the base of the roof have just been practically destroyed. I am so glad that people can't reach any higher than that because it would be such a shame for something so pretty to be treated so badly.

Hopefully my pictures show how pretty the majority of the structure still is. I had heard some rumors that the City of Midland was going to either try to move it to a more secure place and refurbish it or just try to fix it up where it's at, but couldn't find anything online confirming that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy a little of our own piece of China in the middle of the flat plains of Texas!

To the left, you see my little ones posing with the Pagoda back in January of this year. In that picture and the one below you can see the damage to all that intricate woodwork on the railings and the scrollwork around the base of the roof, but the kids are sure cute!

At least the vandals haven't been able to mess with the cool detail work on the roof and inside the roof of the Pagoda! I love that gold color of the tiles and those cool dragon heads on the end. Since my decor is leaning to an Asian influence, I might have to find some paint that is close to that color for my family room. I've already painted some of my kitchen that Chinese Red color, believe me it's not as bright as you think. I've got white cabinets and white appliances, so there really isn't much red in there!

And this shows the beautiful paintings that are all around the Pagoda and the minute little details, even going so far as to imprint symbols into the ends of the ceramic tiles on the roof. Just amazing how much artistry is just being allowed to waste away. I might just have to try to do something about it.

that's an idea!

Well, till next time, enjoy the pictures and the Olympics. Have to say "WAY TO GO MICHAEL PHELPS! Just won his first Gold Medal at these Olympic Games, and "Good Luck!" to all of our Olympians!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday! And all kinds of Stuff!

Friday's finally here! Yea! What a crazy week, just been busy, busy, busy! But now the boss is out taking care of family, and I get a minute to relax. Then, I've got to get busy, busy, busy, again cause I just have SO MUCH work to do. I'll probably end up coming up here this weekend, when it's quiet, no interuptions, no phone ringing, and I can finally get a lot of work done.

But on with the rest of my news! First got to shout out-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER! I feel awful cause I think I missed it on Tuesday, or is his birthday today? Oh, I must be getting old, my mind's just hasn't been all here this week. Had busy work day on Tuesday and got LOTS of paperwork to enter into my computer system and then file it all away. Mainly, it's the entering into my computer that takes so long. It's nice to have it in there, cause if someone calls about something, I can just look it up on my computer, instead of having to go pull the folder. But, it's almost double work, can't just put it in the folder and file it away. Then, I wouldn't have all these piles on my desk!

Oh, well, at least there is the Olympic Opening Ceremony to look forward to tonight! I've always loved the Olympics and when I was a little girl, I'd watch figure skating and would try to do all the jumps and spins in socks on my parents linoleum floor, thank goodness I never broke any bones or anything else around me! In the summer, I'd go swimming and pretend to be a freestyle competitor and go as fast as I could. Or, since I would ride my bike to the pool, I'd ride as fast as I could and try to get there in a shorter amount of time then the day before. Oh, and now they have the biking around this cool track, at least I hope it's an event this year. In Frisco, Texas, they built a wonderful biking facility and if I hadn't already been married, with 2 kids, and the baby fat still firmly in place on me, I would have loved to check all that out.

But, I think I mentioned I bought me a new bike, it's so pretty! Here's a picture of it! I got it from WalMart and it's just a plain old fashioned cruiser bike, no gears to shift, no hand brakes, just a cute old fashioned fun bike. I've decided that since the kids both have bikes too, in the morning, we'll ride to the sitters (only 2 blocks and 1 house away). I'll drop them off there, then I ride on to work (only about 10 more blocks away, not very far), but the hill to get up to the Courthouse-that's the kicker! I made it about 1/2 way up today, which is my first day riding my bike to work, and ended up having to get off and walk with it about 1/2 a block till it evened out. Then got back on and there I was at work. So, 2 good things, not using gas and putting more wear and tear on my car and I'm getting some good exercise at the same time. A big Win-Win if you ask me!

Oh and one more thing, Mabunny, I've got your spa goodies that you won for the NAME THAT MOVIE! contest and I'll try to get them in the mail Monday, like I said earlier, rode bike to work, couldn't carry my stuff, kids stuff, my lunch, and the box with all your goodies in the basket I added on front, and the post office is closed on Saturday, so, I'll send it out on Monday. Whew! Think that's it, until next time!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Mabunny from Ables Antics has won my first NAME THAT MOVIE! contest and a prize package of Simply Be Well bath goodies! Congratulations and I'll get with you soon about which products you want!

Here's the list of songs I had on My Soundtrack, see if some of them take you down memory lane to maybe a first date or a night out with the girls!

Loved by the Sun - Legend (with a very young Tom Cruise)
As the World Falls Down - Labyrinth
Footloose - Footloose (that's a gimme)
The Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
Danger Zone - Top Gun
Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron - Spirit .....
Hot Patootie Bless My Soul - Rocky Horror Picture Show
Come What May - Moulin Rouge
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman - Don Juan de Marco
Elephant Love Medley - Moulin Rouge
Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia (another gimme)
Rainbow Connection - The Muppet Movie
One Day I'll Fly Away - Moulin Rouge
If You Leave - Pretty in Pink
You've Lost That Loving Feeling - Top Gun
XFiles - XFiles (freebie #3)
Into the West - Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
May it Be - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Until - Kate & Leopold
Evenstar - Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Big Empty - The Crow
Love Song for a Vampire - Bram Stoker's Dracula
Ever Ever After - Enchanted
Forever May Not Be Long Enough - The Mummy II
My Heart Will Go On - Titanic
Exile - L. A. Story
Hymn to the Sea - Titanic
Angel - City of Angels
Real Gone - Cars
The Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana: The Best of Both Worlds
Don't You Forget About Me - Breakfast Club
We're All In This Together - High School Musical
American Woman - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Well, I hope you had fun listening to some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite movies. Come back again later this month and enter my next NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. This month's prize is a set of 2 Pear Flat Candle Co. hand poured, wonderfully scented Made in Texas Candles. I'll get a list of scents from the saleslady and post that later this week. That way you can start daydreaming about maybe, Texas Sage Flower or Bluebonnets or, if you're like me, Leather. Believe me, it smells like walking into a Western Wear store!

So, congratulations again to Mabunny and once she let's me know what this month's theme will be, I'll get started and put some new music on My Soundtrack!

Friday, August 1, 2008

New site about AD/HD..

Well, I haven't touched on it in a while, but I went back and looked at some of my first blogs and realized, I haven't really mentioned my ADD in a while, but I guess I haven't mentioned it lately, because it's really been controlled very well with the medications my doctor has prescribed for me. So, I decided to find one of the lists of symptoms of ADHD in adults that I used to to check my symptoms when I first decided I needed to see a doctor because I just couldn't keep it all together. So, I found it again and here it is Symptoms of ADHD in Adults.

When I first looked this list over, I couldn't believe that I had had these symptoms my whole life and never realized what it was. I was never a "normal" person, and I knew it! I wasn't dumb, I didn't mean to be forgetful, not pay attention, or stay up past midnight reading. I just couldn't really help it! Same with the impulsiveness, how impulsive is going to get a tattoo with your big sister! I had thought about it for a while, but one afternoon we just did it.

It was eye opening for me and maybe it will for you. You may not have ADHD, but maybe if you read the symptoms, you might recogonize someone you know in those words and maybe it will help you to deal with that person and understand them a little better.

Now on to my NAME THAT MOVIE! last hint, this is for 3 of the songs, so here goes. These songs are from a recent non-animated musical that takes place in the City of Lights, at a very famous place of entertainment, that has something to do with a Windmill on it. The actual location in that city has had a resurgence of sorts because of the popularity of the movie, and now draws tourists in droves!

So, this is your last chance to enter, get those guesses in and I'll be doing the judging tomorrow arfternoon. Good Luck!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Simply Be Well!

As you can tell from the picture, I just bought, for myself, some of the Simply Be Well Bath goodies I'm giving away as the prize for my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest, and boy are they awesome! I bought the Pomegranate Body Butter and Body Wash, a fragrance free Moisturizing Body Bar for my hubbie, as well as some Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm and finally a bottle of Rosemary Mint Moisturizing Hand Wash.

I'm really glad I bought the Hand Wash, because after I brought my stuff in the house during my lunch hour, with my kitties right behind me for their lunch too, I started smelling something not so sweet. So as I went from cat to cat, sniffing them each in turn, I finally found the culprit and carried her by the scruff of the neck, back outside. Seems like Nipper has a thing for playing with skunks. Now she didn't REALLY smell like she was actually sprayed, just like she went over for a visit. The two of them probably had a cat to polecat chat for a while and then she came back home. Kind of like when you go to visit someone who smokes and when you leave, you end up smelling like you did too, that sort of thing.

Anyway, Rosemary is supposed to cut the smell of a skunk when you either put some of the essential oil into some shampoo, or use something already made with it, like my new Rosemary Mint Hand Wash! Happy coincidence there! And when I washed her a bit ago, only a faint trace of skunk stink was left.
Thank Goodness!

Oh, and I've found the next items for next months contest, some wonderful Texan made candles! The name of the company is Pear Flat Candle Co., they are Made in Texas, and have wonderful Texas scents. I just bought the "leather" one, OMG, I had burned it for only 15 minutes and I swear it smelled like I had just walked into Bag and Baggage. I used to work at a mall and every time I went to lunch I'd walk down to the food court, but I'd walk real slow past that store and just take a big whiff of that wonderful leather smell! I'll post a list of some of the scents before I start next months NAME THAT MOVIE! contest so that everyone who enters can start daydreaming about the TWO candle jars they will get to pick out if they win!

Keep those answers coming for my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest, and good luck!

Question on NAME THAT MOVIE! contest

First, let me say thanks to everyone who's visited , hope you've enjoyed some of my favorite movie songs and I hope you enter my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. I've got a great box full of Organic spa goodies for whoever gets the most song = movie match-ups!

All ya have to do is listen to the songs on my playlist and just guess what movie the song is from. Say ya hear "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins and think, oh yeah, Footloose the movie. So, there's answer number 1. Then perhaps you saw Mamma Mia this weekend and hear Meryle Streep belting out the tune and say, I know that one too! Or maybe you hear "Let's do the Timewarp" and say, Oh I saw the clip for that on Mabunny's site when she posted something about, um, virgins (not what you think, the link will take you right to that post), so, that makes answer number 3.

Now to enter, just send me a comment with something like;
Footloose = Footloose
Mamma Mia = Mamma Mia
Timewarp = ???? , etc.

To listen to a lot of songs, just minimize my blog while continuing to do your things and it'll keep playing! I always have to have some type music going on while I work, part of my Attention Defecit Disorder, but that's how I came up with the NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. Actually Playlist is a cool site, I log in to my playlist in the morning, pop it out to my MediaPlayer, and it will play my music all day from there. That way I don't have to be online all day and even better-IT'S FREE!

Well, on to some more hints, let's see, OH here's a good one, 2 of the 3 famous actors I mentioned in my previous post, have been in several of the movies on my list, with one movie that they were both in, for a total of 4 of the movies on my list. And since I've given y'all 3 answers already in this one little post. That's it for today!

So, good luck, keep those answers coming!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Big Thank You and More Hints...

First I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mabunny over at AblesAntics for my first blogger award! It's just too cute and since you know I'm a big Disney fan, I absolutely love the picture and of course thank you for such a sweet comment to go with it. Made my day! Thank you!

So, here's my first award to share with everyone, along with Mabunny's quote:

To Nikki-my dear , sweet, loving BFF. and since it shows Mickey/Minnie walking and holding hands like friends, I think its pretty self explanatory. And yes, a post will be coming soon detailing our 20+ yrs of friendship.

And since this award shows some characters from Disney, I guess my next NAME THAT MOVIE! hint is in regards to a recent movie from that company with it's song being sung by an artist who was critiqued by a cranky Brit. That should be enough for that hint and if you haven't seen the movie, it's really cute and my 6 year old daughter loves it!

Staying with the Disney theme, the company that created this next NAME THAT MOVIE! was bought by Disney several years ago, but this movie was made long before that transaction took place. And for an extra little hint, I guess I can also mention that this was the first movie for the singer of this song even though said singer had been doing Public Television for many years before that.

Now, put those thinking caps on and get those comments in, if you only know a few of them at this point, go ahead and send in your comment and if you think of some more after you see a few more hints, send those in too and I'll add them all up on Sunday to get your total.

Don't forget, the person with the most correct answers is going to get a bunch of cool, Organic Bath goodies in either Natural (which would be good for guys) or Pomegranate scent. You will get several different spa quality items, I'll have to go look again for specific names, but I know that Teddy J's had things like body butter, lip balm, bath bubbles etc. all that good stuff. I think I'll have to buy some for myself tomorrow and post some pictures of what I buy so y'all will have a better idea of the treat that you will be in for if you win!

Oh and one more thing, the winner of this contest, will get to pick a theme for the next contest! The next contest will start on Saturday, August 30th and run through the next Saturday, with judging taking place on Sunday September 2nd. Ideas for themes are movies like Chic Flicks, Sci-fi, Animated, Oscar Award Winning, Musicals, or maybe have one famous star in common, like Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, Meg Ryan, or something like that. I love to research stuff, and it would just be fun! So, send those answers and Good Luck!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's a couple of hints....and fond farewells.

Hints first for my NAME THAT MOVIE! contest. First, we all know Bryan Adams creates great songs for some awesome movies. So, only goes to show that of course he shows up twice on my list. And for one of them, well, if you look at the playlist, you'll see what it's from, has something to do with horses. The other is a little harder, but here's the hint-the lead actor in this movie, from many years ago, has recently had a lot of practice parading around as a 1/2 drunk, but brilliant pirate.

And for your second clue, that 1/2 drunk pirate, ran around with someone else on the pirate ship who previously performed in 3 other movies that have several songs on my playlist, too. When you send me your answers, make sure you're very clear as to which specific movie of the trilogy the song went with. Those in the know will know what I'm talking about.

So far, Mabunny is in the lead with 13 right out of 14 answers, sorry, but you didn't get that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tough one my hubbie came up with. He was the one with that soundtrack, if that gives you a hint. ;)

To enter, go to my NAME THAT MOVIE! post and enter your answers in a comment. I'll keep moderating those comments and reply to you and let you know how you're doing. The contest ends on Saturday, August 2nd, and all comments will be posted on Sunday. My Sunday post will also announce the winner! The prize will be a gift pack of organic bath spa goodies, in either a Natural scent for those with sensitive skin, or fruit juicy Pomegranate (those plants are EVERYWHERE out here, must of been a Johnny Pomegranate instead of Appleseed who came through Rankin).

Now on to other matters-MY NEPHEW IS GOING TO THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS-YEAH! OK, just had to get that out, I'm so excited for him, he is going to do so well there. GOOD LUCK JUSTIN AND CONGRATULATIONS!

I do have to confess though, I've been borrowing one of his graduation presents for a little while before I send it to him, so I could read it. Now I'm really glad I did because-and I'm going to spill the beans on this part, but I'll keep my nephew wondering on the rest of his present-I got all the graduates on my list The Last Lecture and now Professor Randy Pausch has died. His book is awesome and I feel privileged that I can pass this information on to the next generation and I hope that it will inspire those who have received and will receive this book.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and students, as well as with all of those whose lives he touched with his wonderful works and accomplishments, even while he faced his own tragic future of terminal pancreatic cancer. Thank you Professor Pausch for showing us how to live!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another contest...

But not mine, check out the adorable pink and leopard print button to the right of my blog entries and you'll see the logo for the ladies at The Secret Is In The Sauce who are having a last Six Weeks of Summer contest for an Apple Nano. Those things are so cool! What would I do if I could down load 1000 songs? Wow, the possibilities are endless!

Of course, I'd have to download all my Playlist songs. Oh and how are you doing on figuring out some of those movies? Yeah, I know some are pretty easy, but I hope I have ya stumped on some of those older ones where the movie, at the time, was considered a flop. Now, though, a few of those flops are cult favorites, kind of like the movie mentioned by my BFF over at Ables Antics. Now if that's not a big hint, don't know what is!

I know, I've been shamelessly plugging other blogs, but just need to plug one more, my hubbies over at Anime and Manga Toons. He's just starting out in the blogging world, so give him all the support and comments you can. His blog's all about Anime etc., so some of you ladies might pass the info. on to your spouses, brothers, boyfriends or significant other who might enjoy reading and yaking about all those cool animated shows.

I remember watching Voltron in the afternoons after school and then my best friend Chris and I would act out what happened later. He was usually the bad guy, and all the other male Voltron cast members, and I was the girl who seemed to always get in trouble, like getting kidnapped, trapped somewhere, etc.
Well, better get going, keep working on those movie titles and I'll give more hints to them and to what all will be included in your West Texas prize package later this week! Got to go visit our different shops that carry cool locally made things, like candles, soaps and the cool wind chimes, rings and other jewelry my neighbor makes. So, until next time, keep those comments coming!


Well, as you can hear (if you have speakers on your computer) I have a new playlist of songs! I've actually started 2 different play lists, but the one on right now is all actually Soundtrack Songs. So, for a little contest, let's play NAME THAT MOVIE!

Now some of the songs are very famous and kind of gimmes, but if you can figure out some of the really obscure songs, then you really know your movies! Leave a post with the Name of the Song and the Title of the Movie in my comments and I will review all the comments on Sunday (I've hidden them for now, so there will be no peaking at other peoples answers). Whoever has the most correct answers-WINS! If there is a tie, I'll have my husband be Judge on who correctly identified the most of the Obscure Movies. The contest ends Saturday, and I'll review the comments and post the WINNER, and what all they've won, along with a list of the songs and the movies they go with.

The winner will get a box full of West Texas Goodies, I'll work on rounding them up this week. Maybe it'll be an original work of wearable art from my neighbor, or maybe a gift box full of Texas themed spa goodies. Hmm, I'll have to get looking, we've got all kinds of neat things out here!

So, try to figure out the songs without scanning through my playlist and start guessing! Have fun and enjoy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The clips are there!

Yea! They finally got the clips on the News West 9 site, so everyone check my previous entry for the website and go to UNDER WEST TEXAS SKIES and there are all the clips for my little town of Rankin. Especially check out the "Ice Cream Contest" and "Ice Cream Contest Winner" since my son won! His little sister was just to his right during the contest and you can just make her out trying to spoon into that wonderful Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Now if you don't get Blue Bell in your town, I'm so, so , so, sorry. Good thing you don't know what you're missing cause it is the absolute best commercial Ice Cream you can buy. Now, it's not as good as my Dad's blue ribbon winning homemade ice cream (mentioned in a previous blog about Barbados) but it's the next best thing. Right now I'm daydreaming about the 1/2 gallon of the new Candy Jar flavor I have in my freezer. I bought it yesterday morning, but since I got to have my son's leftovers after the contest, I didn't get to try it, but it's getting dug into tonight.

The one bad thing about living in a town that's over 1/2 an hour away from the rest of civilization-your ice cream melts on the way home, but we are blessed that Blue Bell is carried at our local Rankin Drive In. And Judy will ask the delivery person for a specific flavor for you if you have a craving for it. That's how I got my Candy Jar flavor. I saw her Monday evening, the Blue Bell truck comes on Tuesday and I had my new treat Wednesday morning. Works for us! Can't wait, getting hungry just thinking about it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Under West Texas Skies!

Well, we had a lot of fun at the Under West Texas Skies shindig thing, but Nathan had the most by winning the ice cream eating contest! So, I just checked and they haven't put his interview up there yet, but they are probably not even back at their studio yet. Takes about an hour to get to Midland from here, and since they hadn't left when we did (which was about 7pm), unless they drive like maniacs, they probably aren't there by now. But here is the link where they should add Nathan's interview: News West 9 (and Mom as you can tell Nathan's shirt fits and comes in handy when you see him in the background of other interviews).

If there is an interview with a guy about a corn patch maze etc., if you look real close behind them, you see a woman with auburn hair, a brown sleeveless shirt and a litttle tattoo on her right shoulder, you have really good eyes and you're looking at me! We bought some of his popcorn and its really good, don't know why he says something about mushroom corn, tastes like old fashioned kettle corn to me! Maybe I just haven't eaten enough yet to get the full effect ;)) lol

We didn't get the full 6pm news, our satellite lost their signal, so didn't get to see what all they showed, but FYI Sonya is wearing a pink sundress and a hot pink headband and was mostly playing on the big slide during the 6pm news and I saw the camera pan her way a few times. So, she might be there. Nathan is easy to see in his white and red stripe shirt with the black doodles all over it (Nathan loves it by the way mom!) William is wearing his usual drab black shirt with jeans and he was sitting most of the time with his broke foot propped up on something. Might get glimpses of us here and there.

Some of the interviews I saw of people I know are: Donna Bell and the Rankin Museum, Abel Armendarez and Frank Abalos about the train depot, Dot Sullivan and her dolls (I was right behind her booth when they did her interview so I might be seen there) and Don Bell with Tricia Bells Chimes, they are my across the street neighbors, so when I went to buy a set of his chimes, I got the neighbor discount. I also know the winner of the Ugliest Dog, poor little Mack the scotty hasn't been to the doggie stylist in a while, so Glenda decided to enter him, and sure enough he won. She said she's getting him an appointment as soon as she can cause he's really a cute little dog normally.

All in all, it was pretty cool having all the newspeople there running around, some were kind of snooty, but most of them were pretty cool and down to earth. And they kept saying just how friendly everyone was and how it seemed like a great place to raise a family or to retire after your done raising them! So, after I get the camera all hooked up and am not quite so tuckered out, I'll download the pictures I took and put them on here for everyone to see!

Till, next time!

My baby girl's Birthday!

My Sonya is 6 today! Can't believe it, she's getting so big and tall! And now that she's lost that 2nd bottom tooth, she looks so cute! Well, she was just absolutely adorable before, but she's even cuter missing those 2 front teeth.

Yesterday I sent an email to our local channel 2 news telling them that today was Sonya's birthday and I attached a picture. They have a little segment at the end of their program announcing people's birthday, if you email the info to them in time. So, I kept it on channel 2 and was nonchalantly ironing when they got ready to announce birthday's and guess who was first, my little baby. The young weather guy even said what a cute picture. So, here's the picture and I'll try to poke around online when I get a chance and try to see if they have the segment on their site and I can add a link or something. (Need to get with Mabunny at AblesAntics and ask how she gets the videos on her blog.)
Sonya was so surprised! She just gasped and said "IT'S ME!" and then just started bouncing about the room she was so excited. I had set up our satellite thing to record the program, that way Daddy will be able to see her little Happy Birthday wish from the News Station.
Nathan is hoping to get on the news tonight for News West 9's Under West Texas Skies program that they are having here in Rankin this afternoon. They are going to broadcast their 5pm and 6pm news from Rankin and they have all kinds of things for families and kids. Nathan wants to win the hot dog eating contest, and if he does, they'll interview him on the news. So, maybe I'll have both kids on the news on the same day, that'd be cool!
Here's a link to News West 9 who is doing the program and they have all kinds of little clips up and interviews about the towns they have visited, usually they put them up shortly after they do the program. I'll let everyone know if they put anything up with one of the kids or someone I'm acquainted with. that way everyone can get to know my new little town.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 4th and Beyond...

We had a great 4th of July hope everyone else did too! Since the 4th is the day that my son came home from the hospital, it's kind of like a second birthday around our house, so we went to the Big Sky Drive-In in Midland to celebrate. This one is actually only a few years old and I had heard great things about it, so off we went Friday evening to see Wall-E and Kung-Fu Panda. It was as fun as I remembered!

We took a couple of boom boxes, stocked them full of new batteries since this theater broadcasts the soundtracks over the radio and parked right up front because right below the screen is a large playground for the kids. After we got parked, left hubbie to unload the chairs etc., and the kids and I hit the snack bar. Well, it's not just a snack bar, it's actually more of a diner, with burgers, fries, and all that kind of good stuff. And it's a heck of a lot cheaper then the regular theater.

So, after we got our goodies, we went back to the car and settled in to watch the movies. Sonya and Nathan wanted to play at the play ground, so off they went, but since I had bought them some little light up necklace things at the snack bar, I could see their little flashing lights running around after it started to get dark, so no worries there.

Wall-E is AWESOME, everyone needs to go see it. It was just so much cooler to see it at the drive in, since so much of it takes place in space, it was cool seeing the wide open Texas night sky behind the screen. We even saw shooting stars go by. Oh, and since the theater is only a few miles from the local Minor league Baseball team's Ballpark, they had fireworks after the game and we got to see them just a little to the left of the screen. Our little town usually lets people shoot off fireworks in the big high school parking lot under the watchful eye of our volunteer fire department, but it's been to dry, so those were the only fireworks we got to see this year.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, too bad Saturday didn't end up as nice for William. I had gone back to Midland to do all the big shopping and William called and asked me to pick up an Ace bandage for him for his ankle. He said he had stepped onto the steps heading to the carport, turned to shut the door and heard a pop and when he put his right foot down on the next step, major pain shot through it.

Well, he thought he just strained or sprained it and if he put the wrap on it,he'd be fine. Well, since he was b****ing and moaning so much about it Sunday morning, I told him to go the the hospital and have it looked at, sure enough, he broke his foot. The doctor is probably late 50 something and been in practice for a long time and he said he had never seen a break like it. From their description, a piece of bone popped out of the other part. Maybe kind of like a piece of a knot hole popping out of a piece of lumber. That's how I imagine it to be, I didn't get to see the x-ray, just going by what hubbie told me.

So, that was the 6th, and he tried to go back to work on the 10th, but said it hurt to much and hasn't been back since. I took him to his follow up appointment yesterday and the Dr. said, well, only thing is to try an orthopedic dr. and maybe go that route to help the pain, but couldn't get hubbie in until 2-3 weeks from now. So, he's still at home. No appointment with another dr. and he's about to run out of sick and vacation time.

Maybe I'll get a part-time job at the local convenience store, not just for the money, but cause he's driving me NUTS! Men are the worst patients!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well, it's been a while...

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as often as I should, it's been rather crazy out here. Kids out of school, trying to keep my garden growing, new appliances, oh goodness where to begin!

Let's see, guess I'll start with Barbados! For those not around these parts (which means pretty much everyone), Rankin has a Barbados Cookoff every year the Friday and Saturday before Memorial Day. It's a lot of fun, kind of like one BIG outdoor grill festival. There's stuff for the kids to do and parents usually spend most of their time visiting and cooking. There are usually about a dozen different types of cook-offs, from brisket, chicken and of course barbados, to bread and ice cream. I talk about them last because 2 years ago, my hubbie won First Place in the Ice Cream catagory (using my Dad's recipe which all of us in the family all knew was the best, now everyone knows it's the best) and last year I won First Place in the Bread category for my homemade Cinnamon Rolls (you take for granted your family telling you they're good, non-family saying they're good is something else!).

The kids had fun running around and eating junk food and they were even in the little Miss and Mr. Barbados contest. What's nice is that all the kids get participant trophies and then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place kids get bigger trophies! There are so many little girls in Sonya's age group, she only got one trophy, while Nathan got 3rd place out of the 4 boys in his group.

Here's one picture from Barbado:

Aren't they cute! This is before they got all dirty and dusty from running around everywhere!

What else been going on, oh yes, boy my kids seem to be losing teeth left and right. Nathan has lost 3 since he got out of school, and my Baby lost her first tooth just a couple weeks ago. I'll have to download the picture I took of her from the camera and post it later. She was actually scared to go to bed that night cause she lost her tooth while at the sitters and then actually lost it and couldn't find it. So, she thought the tooth fairy was going to be mad at her and not bring her anything. But we told her the tooth fairy always knows where lost teeth are and she knows who they belong to so she didn't need to worry. She was still a little apprehensive, but when she saw her money in the morning, she LOVED the tooth fairy.

I also did my Patriotic duty and spent my Economic Stimulus Check by buying some new appliances. Rex Appliances offers package deals on Kitchen appliances, so I got a new fridge, range, dishwasher and over-the-range microwave. My dishwasher went capute within a month after we moved into the house, so we've been handwashing dishes for the last 2 years and the oven in my range died a few weeks ago, so I really needed a new one since I love to bake (eg. prize winning cinnamon rolls).

So, needless to say, we found out our kitchen wiring was probably put in by the 3 Stooges, it's so weird, but after lots of cursing etc. from my hubbie and his brother, there is only the microwave left to install. Got to go get a few more parts from Lowe's this weekend and maybe it will all be done. It's so wonderful to have nice, matching appliances, but it makes the rest of my kitchen look a little shabby, but I think some nice bright white paint on the cabinets and trim, maybe some new handles on the cabinet doors and new pulls on the drawers to match will make things look much better. Hmm, maybe I could just do new doors on the cabinets, a nice wine rack in that odd corner by the fridge, not that I drink it, but don't know what else could go there. Maybe make it into a cookbook nook or something, it's just an odd corner in an oddly designed kitchen. Like I said, think the 3 Stooges had a hand in it's design. Oh well, just a few ideas for when I have some spare time and money someday.

Part 2...

Today at work, we had our Fourth of July Feast. We try to have some type of potluck lunch at each of the main holidays and so, since probably 1/2 of the people who work in the building will be taking off at least 1/2, if not all of tomorrow, we had our feast today and I made my mother's (and her mother's and probably her mother's) recipe for Potato Salad. When Nathan wanted a taste last night I practically had to tear the little bowl away from him so I could get at least one bite, he liked it that much. And when I went back down to get some desert, all the ladies were just oohing and aahing over how good it was. Like my Dad's ice cream, always knew it was good, just nice to have a little extra proof!

I'm also a little melancholy about the Fourth of July, that was the day my son came home from the hospital 11 years ago. He was born on June 25, 1997 at 9:04am by emergency c-section. He had breathing problems from the start. When they pried him out of me, he didn't cry. Scared me 1/2 to death, but then he squealed a bit and then he coughed, he would then kind of cry and then cough again. I knew there was a problem, but they didn't tell me until I was in recovery. His little lungs just hadn't quite developed yet and he was going to have to take CareFlite to a Fort Worth hospital NICU ward.

Only parents who have gone through that can understand the complex emotional impact that type of situation has on you. The wonderful birthing experience you had anticipated just goes out the window and you just live from moment to moment, waiting to hear if they got the breathing tube in, if the helicopter is there yet, if the helicopter arrived at the other hospital safely, what the specialist at that hospital thinks, etc. etc. You don't even stop to think about yourself and your own recovery from the c-section. You just want to hurry and get well enough to get to the other hospital so you can finally hold your little baby boy.

(Couldn't write this earlier, but wanted to add it now to help ya'll understand a little more about what happened that day. After they finally got his breathing tube in and had to give him a tranquilizer to keep him from pulling it out {to this day he has some scar tissue in his esophagus from the ordeal}, the Careflite crew brought him to my room in this huge incubator and told me where they were going, what was going to happen etc. He was just laying in there, all spread-eagle with tubes everywhere. Since I was still recovering from the c-section just a few hours ago, I couldn't move, sit up, hardly anything to get closer to him and my tears just started falling. I think the onboard nurse realized I hadn't even so much as touched my child and she asked if I would like to. Of course I said yes, and it took some maneuvering of me, my bed, the incubator and pretty much everything else in the room, but I was finally able to put my hand into the little hole on the side and put my finger in my son's little hand and feel his strong grip. To this day, when I think of that moment, I start tearing up, fighting them even now. Like I said, if you don't go through it, it's hard to understand, but maybe this might help.)

I finally got to hold him 5 days after he was born and two days after I was released from the hospital where I was at. After he was off the ventilator and on regular air, eating well and all that good stuff, he finally got to come home on the Fourth of July. Boy, my husband and I remember that night, crazy apartment neighbors were shooting off illegal fireworks, firecrackers, all that stuff, and it kept waking Nathan and us up. Think my husband got on a first name basis with the 911 operator trying to report all the bangs going off around us!

Well, this year should be much better! We're going to go watch Wall-E at the local Big Sky Drive-in Theater. With tickets being only $6 per person and kids under 5 free, and lots of good food, it should be much better than the $8.75 per person and $4 for a small coke at the regular movie theater. Can't wait! They'll even announce his birthday for us. Since we only got to do the cake and present thing on his actual birthday this year, this is his actual BIG treat. We couldn't do anything until this weekend cause his Daddy had to work last weekend, but he's off on Friday and so am I, so we should have fun! I'll have to let everyone know how it goes!

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