Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Boy, am I the biggest chicken or what!

I still haven't told my family yet, about my ADD, or my blog spot. It's been a really tough week. I've been having problems at work, my sitter decides not to be a full time sitter anymore. I've been an absolute basketcase. Poor hubbie doesn't know what to do with me except make sure I take my anti-anxiety meds and put me to bed.

Yeah, work's been hard, my boss has found some mistakes I made pre-ADD-meds and boy it just makes me feel awful. I would remember that I would need to do the things breifly, then it would just float back out into the fog and be forgotten. I wouldn't write down what I would need to do, or some other coping thing and that would be that. Nikki in trouble. Don't know what's gonna happen for sure. That's the way of the job I'm in.

About the sitter, had to get hubbie to do all the calls to find replacement, I was crying so much, couldn't carry on much of a conversation. That's where the anti-anxiety and putting me to bed thing came in and he went and talked to a couple we know who can help us out for the time being. Thank God!

Well, enough of my terrible start to my new year, hey, at least it can only get better!

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